13 July 2008

Where am I going?

After a wonderful conversation with one of my best pals, I have had a new breakthrough on the direction of my blog. My best pal is Kacey Michalke, and as she was driving today, offered some wonderful insight about what I need to do with this piece of work that I have created. Kacey, a true genius, is also a full-time puppy Mom to Lola (her adorable English bulldog) and a designer sunglasses connoisseur. As mentioned in "About Me", Kacey is the one who helped me see the light about Dunkin Donuts coffee. Now, seeing that she showed me the best coffee and gave me this direction for my blog, I owe her my sincerest gratitude and my first born. And in 2007, we ran Panhellenic. It was so amazing. See my friends, this all just started as a fun way to show you what I was doing on a day to day basis. However, I have decided to still keep this element but also go in a new direction. I have decided to have different days based around certain elements, and write reviews on restaurants, products, movies, music, nightlife, etc. I also plan to implement a profile feature, so if you are doing something cool, or know of someone, please contact me - I would love to have you. So stay posted, because each day a new surprise will be in store, and believe me, you won't want to miss out on it.

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