30 July 2008

Better Late then Never!

So sorry about the tardiness of the post!  But I did give fair warning that I am getting used to my new schedule, thus, we all have to ignore a few glitches.  It has begun, I have entered the work world, and it is pretty fabulous.  Though there are sometimes when I am just like what is going on, I am thoroughly enjoying my new position.  Where else do you get to ride around on golf carts, eat some organic foods, and taste wine?  Well, not all at the same time, but yes, these are some perks of my fabulous new career.  Though today, I did make a strike according to a co-worker.  I was inquiring about a band that is playing at a live series the garden holds, and said I had never heard of them.  Then there it was, everyone was like "Oh Mollie!"  Well I officially did it, proved to everyone that I am the youngest one the in office.  However, I think they have some great things to learn from me, like about blogging, abbrevs, and Brad&Angie.

As I was leaving the gym tonight, my father and I stopped at the grocery to pick up a few things.  He also decided to get some ice cream which is perfect for these scorching temperatures.  However, we both decided to eat some when we got home, which perfectly defeated the reason we even went to the gym.  Oh well.  And speaking of the gym, I have learned that many people you see there are like class friends.  What are class friends, you ask?  Well, these are people that you see in your classes/majors/etc. all the time.  You may have done a group project or just joked about how your lame the teacher is with the back corner.  If you are "better" class friends, you may be Facebook friends, or gasp! have a phone number.  Well, at the gym, there are the same people you see all the time.  You may have held the door open or stood by them at the water fountain.  People like the gym folks or class friends are a true mystery.  You know who they are, they know who you are, but nothing really about you.  However, if you were to run into them at Krogers, would you say hello?  Probably not.  Probably just a smile.  But if you were in line for the bathroom at Cool Beans, you would instantly be best friends, bonding over that terrible test, your likeness for the same mixed drink, and how much you loooooovvvveeee their outfit.  

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