27 July 2008

Celeb Sunday and more...

Ahh, get excited. It is Celeb Sunday! Sorry for the late post, but I was on a super fabulous weekend excursion. However, here are some major and minor celebrity points that have occurred since the last Sunday.

  • For those of you who know a little about reality television, I am sure that you had heard of Legally Blonde: The Search of Elle Woods on MTV. Man, I was glued to my television each Monday as 10 hopefuls vied their way to play Elle on Broadway. However, all my prayers were answered when Bailey Hanks from South Carolina was announced the winner. I mean, the girl was clearly one of the best from the beginning, and was my favorite. I do think that I could be a casting director on Broadway, I know how to pick them. Check this out on mtv.com if you missed it - quality entertainment.
  • Shia LaBeouf was arrested for a DUI - shocking. I mean, really, can a celeb just not hire a driver or at least be like the rest of us and take a taxi cab. Sources are revealing that he is going to be out of commission for an entire month! Delaying the work on Transformers 2! I sure hope that his injury is going to be fine, even though I am glad no one else was hurt. Shia is one of my faves, I do believe we will be friends when I am famous too. And then I will tell him to call a cab!
  • Miley Cyrus rocked the Today Show on Friday. LOVED her top. And her great attitude. And the thousands of fans that were there for her. So I recently read that Miley has to live at home until she is 20, according to a deal that she made with her parentals. I wonder how they convo went. Oh, sure, but then I will get my own place because I am a billionaire. I guess we will just say 20 so the media loves me. I really hope that she does not turn into a hot mess though. I like Miley too much, and don't want her to follow the likes of Britney and Lohan. Even though I do love following hot messes, I am pulling for Miley to make it on the positive side.
This past week I have heard some shocking allegations against cell phones. First from my Mom and then my Grandmother. They both told me how they read about studies that linked cell phones with brain tumors/cancer. Great. Our generation sweats like a prostitute in church if we are without them for a few hours. Well, the study said that it is not good to sleep with your cell phone under your pillow. Great, well I did that for a majority of my college career. And then my grandmother said that it is not good to talk on them. I was like, how am I supposed to keep in contact with my people? Then I will not be able to deliver on the blog! I am stuck in a mess! Well, it is also clear that many people are age do not have land lines either, so it looks as if the cell phone is here to stay - hopefully these studies prove to have some fault. But, I have started leaving my cell phone on my night stand while I get my beauty sleep.

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