20 July 2008

Celeb Sunday

Hello All! Today is Sunday, and as you know, the regular round-up of all the celeb gossip of the week will now be at your fingertips. Well, the celebrities that I find useful to this world and ones that I care about. Sorry about no post yesterday, I will deliver with another one later today. My little cousin, who is 8 going on 16, is in town visiting. We were so busy having a ball yesterday that I did not have time to write. But, believe me, I now have some future ideas for other posts. I know, I know, you are on the edge of your seats. Ok, let us get into what I think is the most important celeb gossip for the week:
  • After watching the remake of Freaky Friday on TV last night, I decided to see what Lindsay Lohan is up to. So, I googled her name and found out that she is still "just friends" with DJ Samantha Ronson. Yeah, right. They are totally in L-O-V-E. Which is fine for her, but I believe that Lindsay really had a talent and a wonderful career ahead of her. Mean Girls anyone? Well, I still think that she is going to take another downward spiral and then come out of that, start dating J.C. Chasez (formerly of N'Sync and ex of Eva Longoria Parker) and star in a movie about Marilyn Monroe's life and win an Oscar. Classic. I hope that she thanks me in her speech.
  • Brad and Angie have left the building! The new proud parents left the hospital with Knox and Vivienne in unmarked white vans early in the morning on Saturday. No pictures were taken. Thank goodness, because Brad and Angie do not want to ruin their deal with People. They are now going back "home" to a chateau that they have rented in France and will continue to be fabulous with all six of their children under one roof. Then, whenever they feel like it, will return to the States and continue to be fabulous. I wonder how the other children feel about the newborns. I am sure that they just love them. Yesterday, I thought about a way that I could send my resume to them for a nanny position, but I simply could not find their contact info by a simple google.
  • The new Batman movie is breaking all kinds of records. I have personally not seen it, but have heard that it is super bomb. I am very excited about it though, and plan on seeing it this week. Heath Ledger's family was very happy with the movies. It is turning out to be a true summer blockbuster. What did you think? Leave a comment if you have seen it. FYI: This installment of Batman was actually filmed in Chicago, not on a set. Store that away for the next time you play Trivial Pursuit.
  • Jessica Simpson has gone country. Lame. I liked her in Newlyweds because she said so many dumb things. And sometimes I make comments like she did, so it always made me feel alright that I had some of the crazy thoughts like her. I mean, I was not on TV saying them. (Well now I am writing about it, but she is a little more famous than I am.) Back to the point. After she fell out of the limelight (Ashlee has always been cooler anyways) and her record sales dropped, she is trying every way to stay on People.com. So, she recorded a new country song, which is just alright. I love country music, and I don't understand pop stars who want to just turn country. I mean she is from Texas, so that does give her some insight, but she will never be truly accredited in this form of music because she used to bebop around in shorts like a teeny bopper. And it seems as if I am not the only one who shares the same feeling. A crowd boo'ed her off the stage this past weekend. She can see how Ashlee felt a few years ago.
After a conversation I had last night, I got to thinking about what this wise person told me. If you ever are feeling down about your life/situation, just turn on Maury Povich. Then you will instantly see that your problems are not that bad. Yes, you may have flat tire, but at least you may know who you Baby's Daddy is. Then I got to thinking, are these people really out there? During the broadcasts, they always ask you to call if you want to be a stripper, have a 200 pound three year-old, or if you are obsessed with sex. I mean, people possible can't call in with the intent of being filmed? Oh, wait. They do because there are tons of crazies in America. So the next time you are feeling blue, get an instant pick-me up by turning on Maury. And Mr. Povich, please thank me when your ratings have sky rocketed due to my famous blog.


  1. Batman = Bomb ass movie.

    You definitely said "After a conversation I had last night, I got to thinking about" in this blog like the eternal Carrie Bradshaw does. I love you more & more everyday, Mollie.

  2. Mollie, they filmed Batman when i lived in Chicago last year. It was awesome. The movie was really good and heath ledger and christian bale were amazing!!


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