18 July 2008


As I was g-chatting with a great friend, Thomas O'Connor, this morning, we were discussing one of our dreams jobs: to be e-card designers. Thomas and I are friends from UT, and he has the most soothing voice I have ever heard. Just think, we could sit around all day and think of funny sayings to put on these cards. Our office would be equipped with a bar (plus someone to serve us) and a balcony. Off the balcony, we could, as Thomas said, "We could watch all the other people working for the 9-5 man." Our day of course would begin around 10ish and end around 3. I think that is how all jobs should really be. If you are working hard, then you should be paid for the work ethic you put in, not just the hours. And then we could all have about a month for vacay in the summer. And, if we all enjoyed our jobs, we would want to go to work everyday, and not cry on the weeknights if it was not Friday.

For those who decided to take my wonderful advice and turn into "So You Think You Can Dance" were probably just as shocked as I was at the results last night. Comfort stays, but Kherington goes. My sister and I literally screamed out loud. America, what are you thinking? Get out there and vote for someone who has talent. Gev also went home, which is sad, because I like him. Oh well, it is a competition so they all knew what they were getting themselves into.

I have also found another like in my life: volunteering. While I have done this charitable act before, I always find each time that my entire self is renewed when I give back. I believe that every student should be required to volunteer before they graduate college. A mere 20-30 hours a semester would not only open our generation's eyes to helping but will also instill the value of giving back. I had a wonderful time serving dinner at my church last night for a group of students that were participating in a Habitat for Humanity-like project. So, get out there and volunteer. It only makes your look more fabulous. Afterwards, you can really go celebrate at the chicest restaurant with a Cosmo.

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