10 July 2008

Life Post College

Well, life after college is not all it is cracked up to be. First, let me tell you: finding a job is super lame and hard. I believe that I have marketable skills but need to find an employer who feels the same. However, I am having a great time sleeping in till about 9 or 10. I also have had the opportunity to work at Briarcamp and teach a High School Musical dance camp, which will air next week on the Disney Channel. But, I do miss all my wonderful friends from UT, and am anxiously awaiting the day to we are united.

I have also been on a road trip across Tennessee a few times, making appearances in Nashville and Knoxville. In Nashville, I celebrated my good friend Athena's wedding! It was simply amazing and magical.

A little further east, I found fun times in good ole Rocky Top. I visited some friends who are still living the dream in college and visited my old stomping grounds such as Panhellenic, the Greve Horseshoe, and Cool Beans. I was glad to see that the last establishment was still in business seeing that I had not been in the area in about two months.

For the 4th, I headed to Savannah to celebrate our country's birthday by drinking light beer on a VIP patio, listening to fireworks during a romantic dinner, and being escorted off the stage during a rousing rendition of Rocky Top.

I have also had lots of time to think about life and my likes and dislikes during this time of unemployment. These thoughts are well crafted and only come with the knowledge obtained by a college degree. I have decided that I like:
  • to run because I can look good in all the same clothes the celeb's are wearing and so my boo and the paparazzi think I am hot.
  • g-chatting because it is is a great way to keep up with friends.
  • someecards.com Just visit. You will fall in love instantly.
  • the Tivo'ed Masterpiece Theater movies on my family's TV. These romantic stories should be shown to every high school student, and I believe that they will learn the true value of courting and that the pregnancy rate will drop in teenagers. And will also become cultured.
  • Cat Deeley. She has my dream job: host of So you Think you Can Dance. She wears fabulous dresses, hosts my favorite show, had cool hairstyles and an awesome accent.
I dislike:
  • when people give every detail about their life on a facebook status. If I really wanted to know that "you are soooooo worn out from the super fabulous weekend and ready for the next!" I a. would either have been with you in person on that super fabulous weekend or b. we are close enough that you decided to give me a late night phone call during that weekend. Short status's are acceptable in my book, but please, no life altering details.
  • bad teeth. I believe that American's are extremely lucky in that we can go to Walgreen's and purchase a plethora of teeth whitening products. When I was watching a PBS special on The Windsors (if you don't know who they are, get cultured) and was blown away that many of the members of this family have terrible teeth. However, I do LIKE that family.
  • Heidi Montag. Enough said. If she is famous, I should be.
This is what I have been up to in a nutshell since May 9. Stay posted for more updates. I promise, they are going to be bomb. (This means awesome, another post about this word plus more abbrevs if forthcoming.)


  1. mollie this blog is very you

  2. i miss g-chatting.
    keep blogging!


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