15 July 2008

Tipsy Tuesday

Well, as another result of this new blog, and my dear friend Kacey's idea, I have decided that on Tuesdays, I will discuss new drinks, fun places for cocktail hours, great drink specials, etc. As I said, I am going to start small, but I believe that this will go some place. In the wake of the recent purchase of Anheuser-Busch, I decided to ask a dear friend his opinion of the new Bud Light Lime. President Jeff Wilcox has decided that this new drink has taken full force in what he buys before lounging at the pool, or always sends his secret service to get some before a fun-filled night in Knoxville. Here is a direct quote from the President's mouth:

"I love the taste, the look, and the price. It's like Corona with lime but not! And Miller Chill doesn't even come CLOSE to Bud Lime's salavating satisfaction."

Oh, well if that does not make you want to go get one, I don't know what does. Salivating Satisfaction, my mouth is watering. I actually am more a fan of just a Corona, but I believe we can all take the advice of a President and this beer connoisseur. Thanks Mr. Wilcox!

I also had a great conversation with Janna this morning about my last post. And she thinks that this billion dollar deal is great because she pointed out that one day while we are vacationing in Europe (because our boutique has done so well) we will not have to just settle for peach vodka and wine, but will now be able to purchase a cold Bud Light. Miss Tacker promptly then added,

"I mean how in the world could I ever lay out on the beach in the south of France without a cold Bud Light?"

Maybe then, as we are sipping these tasty treats in France, we can also see the doctor who delivered Brad and Angie's babies and send a cheers his way. Someone has to give him props for delivering Hollywood royalty.

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  1. Best drink specials in Knoxville: La Costa on Market Square! Sangria Sunday ($7 for a pitcher), Margarita Monday ($3), Tequila Tuesday ($3 shots of some mighty fine tequila...this day is by far the best!), and Wine Wednesday (half price bottles). They also have an awesome happy hour every day with $3 glasses of wine!


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