25 July 2008

Good-bye Will, Hello Harry

A travesty has happened in the world of reality television. My favorite dancer, Will, was kicked off from So You Think You Can Dance. As you are reading, this is where you will take your moment of silence. If you have been watching I am sure that you agree with me that Will was the best dancer in the entire competition. If not, just take my opinion. America, you need to learn to pick out a good dancer when you see one. Needless to say, I went to bed very sad last night. And I do believe that Will and Courtney, another dancer, had a thing. I came up with this hypothesis after the two were paired together, and I could just something was up by the way they looked at each other.

However, in good news, I had a sushi roll called the Harry Potter last night! It was nothing less than perfect, I loved it. When I first saw it I barely could contain my excitement at the table and did not even look to see what was in it and ordered it! Thank goodness I liked it. As many of you know, one of my likes is Harry Potter. And I discovered this one without a college degree. Universal is planning to open a theme park dedicated to the amazing stories by Rowling in 2009. The website declares it to be "a theme park within a theme park", and Rowling says that fans will not be disappointed. I can't wait. I fully plan on taking a trip during the year that it opens. Of course I do not want to be there on opening day, or the few months that follow. It will be packed with sweaty people and screaming kids. I want to wait and go when it is in the range of December-February, because the temperatures will be down but still comfortable and the lines will be shorter. The place I want to go most is Hogwarts! Check out the website, you can even take a poll about where you would want to get a snack in Hogsmeade. I choose Honeydukes, but I still hope that they create a butterbeer concoction.

I have had a few concerns about the blog seeing that my fabulous life is taking a new turn. Yes, I have taken a job and am very excited about it. However, there is not a bleak future for the blog. There is actually a bright light! Now, I will have more money to do even more fabulous things and will have stories of my employment for future posts! I thought about hiring a personal assistant, but that was a little overkill right now. I mean, I am just doing an entry-level job. Whatever, that will come one day. But hold tight, I will continue to make posts! Some days maybe later than others as I am getting acquainted into my new schedule, but they will be up! Janna and I are still planning on opening a boutique, so if there are any donors out there, we can just skip the first job part and open our wonderful store.

Brad and Angie have the lock down on high at their chateau. Two paparazzi who were dressed in camouflage were found by the couple's guards and were beaten. Wow. I love how famous they are.

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  1. Girl..that Harry Potter roll was to die for. I'm so glad I got to see you last night!


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