21 July 2008

Makeover Monday and An American Girl

Well, yes, it is Monday again, and time for a new tip to help makeover your life! Whether you are looking to be more fabulous or want to add some "oomph" to your step, these tips will help add that little something to your everyday activities. Today's tip is one that can, and should be, made into a habit that you do. Handwritten letters! Yes, we do live in the day of e-mail where you can send anything at the click of a button. And while I do love to send e-mails and keep up with people via technology, you can't put a price on a handwritten letter. They can be for various occasions such as birthday, thinking of you, thank-yous, or a simple hello. Once you take the time to write these, you will not only be satisfied with the final product but also the recipient will have a much brighter day. I am a big proponent for handwritten notes. Some say it maybe a dying art, and I do think this. Let's go back in time when the post was the only way of communication. It could take weeks to get a letter to your loved ones. My favorite are the love letters couples sent to each other during these times. Here are some tips to help shape you into a fabulous writer of notes:
  • Collect all of your friend's addresses. This can be done via e-mail, and takes no time at all. You can either store them in a handwritten book or on your computer.
  • Always have note cards. You can either get personalized ones or pick some up a Target. These are easy to find. And if you always have some handy you are going to be more prone to sit down and write.
  • Send notes with your true feelings. Whether you want to thank a friend for having your over for dinner and drinks or sending your significant other a love note, it will truly get your point across. Sometimes I like to do a rough draft before I send a note, just to make sure I get the wording right and my point across.
So, take a few minutes and write some letters! It is always refreshing to receive "snail mail" amidst all the technology we have at our fingertips. You will then be even more fabulous to those who receive them! I love getting these in the mail, and believe that handwritten notes have the power to be life changing.

I was pleased to read that a few of you had seen The Dark Knight and just loved it. My good friend Sarah Smith commented about how it was filmed in Chicago and that while she was living there last year she saw them filming it! Wow! And while I do plan on seeing this movie very soon, I am also looking forward to Mamma Mia. Meryl Streep is just iconic. But, I did have a chance to hit the box office up this weekend, where I took in a showing of Kit Kittredge: An American Girl. While this may have not been my first choice of a movie (my cousin is visiting) it turned out to be of the best movies I have seen in awhile. Based on one of the American Girl Dolls (If you don't know this your are probably a guy, so just google it) Kit and her family are living in the middle of The Great Depression. She is also an aspiring journalist (I did feel a connection) and helps to solve a crime in her neighborhood. This movie had it all, big names, laughing, crying, and Julia Roberts even helped produce it. Quality theater, right there- the kind we really don't see enough of these days. I give it five stars. I truly hope that they make more American Girl movies in the future. I am keeping my fingers crossed for Molly, because she is the one I had and my favorite. Yes, we do share the same name so that is probably the main reason I wanted her when I was younger, but she also liked to tap dance and collect stickers, which I thought was just great when I was her age.


  1. Classy suggestion, friend! Let's be pen-pals.

  2. Mollie i sort of feel like a celebrity since you mentioned me in your blog - i am a movie nerd to say the least, but i wanted to let you know linnae and i just saw mamma mia and you, like us, i'm SURE, are going to feel like you missed your calling. That movie made me want to be in movies. You will LOVE it! it is so over the top, it's brilliant. that meryl streep, hello, can i be her!


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