11 July 2008

Memories and Movies

So, I am glad to see the blog has had a wonderful response. I am glad people are interested in what goes on in my head and life daily. It is truly remarkable. I have already had some people ask to be "guest bloggers" and I think that I will allow this to happen soon. If you are interested, please contact me. I think it would be a good way to get other ideas out there. I also think that I am going to do "bio blogs" on my friends who are just as cool as I am so you can see what is going on in there life. Remember, birds of a the same feather flock together, aka I only hang out with cool people.
Today, I started to unpack and repack some items from my college years. I just needed to organize things. So, it got me to thinking about some of the best mems of my four years in Knoxville. Though some are hazy, I have composed a list of some of the best times. I am going to present it in Top 10 Style, just like Dave does.
10. Living on Massey. Though I did live there for three years (I know, I deserve an award) my sophomore year was the most bomb. From waking up with Jimmers next to you to crazy Thursday nights, or just always being in Katie/Kacey's room, it was a blast. All Kappa events included here.
9. The Cube. It was so amazing in its short existence. If you never had the chance to go, I am sorry. One, I met my hairdresser there and two, it had a smoke machine. And three, GAMMA CHI week. Enough said.
8. Would you rather? (If you don't get it, then don't worry, you were not a part of it.)
7. Ambassador Gatlinburg Night Out. We went to a bar that asked "Got Crabs?", saw two divorce parties, and I had a wooden dog named Minnie as a mascot.
6. Trotline Nights. Whether it was at RT's, in Atlanta for the SEC championship (can you play apple bottom jeans) or at late night band parties, this country cover band always proved to be a fun time.
5. Sigma Nu Fowl Fest 2006. Though our team did not win overall, I voted us "Most Fun Team".
4. SB2kRobinson. HHI Spring Break, Freshman/Sophomore year.
3. Summer of 2006 - Orientation. Playing Topanga in the issues skit probably would have earned me a Tony nomination, Yolanda, ripping t-shirts off at SROW(what?), and the infamous Tybee.
2. Spring Semester 2008. Craziness. I am glad I passed and graduated. From Chalet2k8, Cruising (even though now I hate cruise ships), Cancuns, late nights in the horseshoe, Connect, all day drinking Saturday's, and of course, a bomb grad party.
1. Classy Party 2k6. Probably one of the best weekends of my life.
So, those are a conglomerate of memories that I have. Of course, there are many more, but these are some of top ones.

Another thought. Who would you have play you in a movie about your life? I would have Scarlett Johansson or Katherine Heigl for the younger years, and Kate Winslet for later. All great actresses who I think could handle the challenge of playing me. They would def win an Oscar.


  1. Would you rather? bahaha

  2. #6: not only did we rip our shirts off, we ripped them up in order to wear them..


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