13 July 2008

Celeb Sunday

So, as many of you do know, I am a big fan of celebrities. It is actually quite frightening how much I know about some of them. Oh, so and so was seen wearing this at that club and then got a DUI. Really, I need to get a life. But wait, I already do have one, so I just put this off as a hobby/vice. Whatev. We all have them. It was brought to my attention that I should write all I know about celebrities in my blog. And while this is an amazing idea, other people have monopolized this (i.e. perez, people.com, tmz, etc.) Therefore, I am going to appoint Sundays as "Celeb Sunday". Get excited. So whether you are recovering from a long night or resting after a big Sunday dinner, you can catch up on what I think are the most prevalent stories in the celeb world for the week. Peppered with my opinions, of course.
  • Brad and Angie have twins! A boy and a girl named: Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline. Wonderful, I think these names are brilliant. They are unique, not out there. I mean, why would you name a baby Apple? (Sorry Gwyneth.) What is even more fabulous is that the twins were born in France, which is basically Brad and Angie saying, "Sorry, we are too famous to have our twins in America." These babies are going to be gorgeous, I mean look at their parents. I have always been on Team Jolie. Though some may see her as a "homewrecker" I like to look past that in seeing that she is a brilliant actress, a philanthropist, and just seems so cool. And Jennifer Aniston seems boring. I also love how she named her new son, Knox. because of course, I love Knoxville.
  • Miley Cyrus is in more scantily clad photos. Are they real? Are they fake? Who cares, she is Hannah Montana, and I love her. Yes, she is a role model but also is a teenager. Her new song is on the top of the itunes charts, and she is a billionaire and is 15. Wow. So what she did a racy photo shoot? It was with Annie Leibowitz(if you don't know her, get cultured and buy a Vanity Fair), it was artsy, and her dad used to have a mullet.

  • Katherine Heigl (one of my favorite actresses) is rumored to maybe being kicked off Grey's. What?!?! Dr. Izzie Stevens is one of my favorites. She did say that she felt she should not be nominated for an Emmy because her role was not as strong this past season on the show. Which probably would make the writers mad, but who cares? She has a divaishness to her and I love it. I think that Katherine and I would be great friends because we both love Sephorah, sunless tanner, southern boys, and being blonde. However, she is a chain smoker, which is not healthy, so I believe that is one big difference between us. I agree with her in that her role was lame this season, but don't kick her off. She is racy and we have to see if she gets preggers with Alex's baby next season!
Well, there are some of the most interesting stories for the week. Ah, celebrities. How I wish I was one, but in my own mind, I really think I am one so that is just wonderful too.

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