16 July 2008

Warhol on a Wednesday/ Crazy Ladies

Today is another scorcher in Memphis, but luckily, I was fortunate enough to spend the morning in a cultural experience. Yes my friends, I spent the morning at the Brooks Museum of Art. This is one of my favorite venues in Memphis because of the beautiful architecture and galleries and I feel so super fabulous when I visit. Today I went to the special Andy Warhol exhibit. Warhol happens to be one of my favorite modern artists, so it was indeed a treat to see his print collection. And then it got me to thinking, what is it about these crazy pictures that we view as art. I do enjoy modern work, even though Impressionists are my favorite, but do not get when a splattered portrait is called visionary. Seriously, I am sure some of my work circa 2nd grade is just the same. And it always seems that these artists have crazy personal lives, I mean Van Gogh cut off the lobe of his left ear. Yet these people are hailed as visionary because of their work. Well, when I am super fabulous and people know my name, it is not going to be because I cut off an ear. It will be because I am just super fabulous. And then I will be able to own my own copy of Warhol's Chanel Screen Print and a Degas.
(If some of these names are not familiar, get cultured. Join a museum. It is a little investment with a life-long guarantee of being superfab. And smart.)

Yet, as I was out on my venture today, I discovered another dislike: screaming children and babies. Well, I knew that this was a dislike, but decided to vent. I mean, I totally understand that children are not always going to be perfect angels, but if they are at that terrible age when all they do is cry, dear goodness, leave them at home or get a baby-sitter. (Call me, I need money for my social and hair expenses) Stay cultured without the annoyance of your child to yourself, and especially to others. It makes you look that much "un-classy", and you would not want to have that faux pas at the Brooks.

This morning, as I was having my morning ritual of breakfast, coffee, and the Today Show, an interesting clip came on. A L.A. judge sentenced two ladies in their 70s to life in prison with no parole after they were accused of befriending two homeless men, getting the men to take out life insurance policies, and then arranging that the men were killed in a hit and run accident. What?!?! This is like finding out your grandmother has been involved in a drug deal. First off, how do you find homeless men and then convince them what life insurance does? Well, at least they have already lived the main portion of their lives outside of prison. This just is a sad story. It gives me the same sad feeling in my stomach just like when I found out that Paula Deen drinks Bud Heavy, smokes Marlboro Reds, curses all the time and can be mean. Ah, Paula, I thought you were just a sweet old lady who ate too much butter and drank White Zinfandel Franzia. The way some people appear in the media. When I am famous, I will be just the same. I will look superfab on TV and in People, and when people meet me they will see I am just the same. And I will drink my Bud Light proudly for all to see.


  1. Mollie, this post is hilarious. i agree about the kids in the museum thing...that is why i always take my ipod!

  2. learning about the true paula dean made me sad too! thanks for making work more interesting!


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