15 September 2008


I wanted to let everyone know that there have been a few updates to the blog. You can now click on the icon at the bottom of each post with the arrow in the envelope. And with this one magical click, you can e-mail posts to friends. I know, it is just like Cnn.com and People.com - BOMB!

It is now also easier to leave comments on your favorite posts - you don't have to create an ID, so feel free to post comments away!!!

So, now you can send and post till your heart is content.

Shock Value, The Patio and J-Mac

Shock value, not only was it the name of Timbaland's last album but it also can be referred to as words or actions that one demonstrates to shock someone else. Like last night, as I was talking to someone they proceeded to tell me that they wanted to visit every website on the Internet. And I was like "Um, that is not possible." And then they proceeded to say "I know Molls, just wanting to see what you would say!" Shock value. I think it is great to say or do crazy things in front of people sometimes, keeps them on their toes. Try it next time you are around a group of friends, or maybe some new acquaintances. Just don't do it if you are trying to one, impress your future employer or two, trying to get a shorty to come home from the bar with you.

Speaking of visiting different websites, I am recommending that you try out a new website after you visit mine each day. This new site is called The Patio, and can be found here: http://thepatio.weebly.com/ . After many phone calls between my assistant and their development director, I finally got some PR points on how to describe the website. The Patio has a variety of different options for entertainment - whether it is thoughts from the blog, being able to check out different VIP sites, getting some questions answered or just adding a smile to your day. This is going to be the next big site in connecting you where you need to go. So, just like the tagline says, "eat, drink, and tell a friend about the patio."

Last but not least I wanted to give a shout-out to my good friends Jessica - JMac - and Brandon who also got engaged this weekend. JMac was a Kappa with me at Tennessee and has always been like a big sister because she was there to provide a smile, words of advice, or a glass of wine before I was 21. (Thanks!) She is now on her way to becoming a lawyer and is one of the most promising students in her class. I am planning on going to visit her in New Orleans, so that will be something I will def blog about because it will be superfab. These pics also feature some other good friends, TO, Abby, and of course, the infamous Laura Moore.

14 September 2008

Do you have the new facebook? And more Fab things...

Yes, our beloved website (and hopefully your second fave after of course, my blog) has changed its layout yet again. I have noticed groups that are in protest and have talked to friends that were trying to hold on to the "old" version until the powers above changed their user options. Well, I just love the new layout and think it is very up to date and fab. As you know, I was one of the first people to advertise the new layout about a month ago. I have been hooked even more now with the clean lines and easy user features. So, if you are upset about trying to learn something new, just remember that the new facebook is what all the celebs are using - even Lo on The Hills has a profile! And you can proudly say, Yes, I have the new facebook!

Last night I went to a chic place with a good friend from undergrad, LBK. We really don't know how we met at UT, but became good friends through long hours at the Panhellenic building and even later nights at the Bean. LBK is on her way to being a lawyer and also looks to Elle Woods as a mentor because they are both blonde and smart. So, to take a break from studying, I decided we should be superfab and try a restaurant/lounge called Mollie Fontaine's. And yes, it is spelled just like mine, with an IE. (That is half the reason I really wanted to go.) Located in an old Victorian house, there are comfortable chairs located throughout with different tables to make it a more intimate atmosphere. Later on in the evening, this place is hopping, with people all around and live piano player. It makes you feel as if you have stepped back into time, and totally fabulous! And when you go - you have to try the mac and cheese, it is to die for.

I also want to add a personal note to this post -- Congratulations to my dear friend Anna Green on her engagement to Stephen!!! I am so excited for the two of them. Anna and I have been friends since 7th grade - yes, we have known each other in our not so fab hair days. But, we of course have remained close through these years and I am so happy for her and Stephen.

Celeb Sunday

Whatever happens to celebs when they step away from the limelight? I am not talking about the B or C listers that are on every reality show possible, but the huge celebs like J. Lo. I mean she was on top of the world - what is she doing now? Boyz 2 Men? Punky Brewster?

Well, while these celebs try to live somewhat normal lives, the other ones that are always in the news have been of course, making news and smiling for the paparazzi this week.
  • Kanye West has a new single and I think that it is super bomb. Her performed it last week on the VMA's. It is called Love Lockdown and it is different from his past music, but is very Kanye because it is very original. I think it is going to def be a club hit. Here is the YouTube of the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcjkkBtXgIc
  • Brad and Angie have of course, had to top something bigger than having their twins. So, how do you do that? Donate money from their foundation (Jolie-Pitt Foundation) to a clinic in Ethiopia. These two never cease to amaze me.
  • Britney and Jamie Lynn shared the joy of both being mothers this past weekend when they reunited for a play date with their children. I am just so glad to see that Britney is turning her life back around. Go Britney!!!

13 September 2008

Editorial Correction

I wanted to correct that from my previous post on the VMAs that Taylor Swift is dating Joe Jonas, not Nick. Thanks Randon for letting me know. I know, sometimes I even get my celeb details wrong. But when you know as much as me, I guess a few names can get jumbled. So, please correct this detail in your celeb knowledge so you can accurately tell others who is dating who and you can win that extra point in Trivial Pursuit.

Football Time in Tennessee! And more fabulous things!

Yes, yes. The religion of college football has once again graced the south's presence. I am thrilled that just next week I will be around 108,000 of my closest friends in Neyland Stadium. It is really a breath taking experience. If you have never been, I of course feel very sorry for you and two, think that you should go ASAP. So naturally, I had to go and buy a new outfit for the experience next week. And as I was meticulously looking around for all the orange I could find in the store, the sales girl of course wanted to help. And after trying on a few outfits, I asked her about one of them. Of course she said "Oh girl, I LOOOVEEEE it." So naturally, I bought it. And then when I got home, I put it back on and thought, this is just not what I wanted. The next day, I went in for an exchange and ended up getting another one that I liked so much better and the same girl of course commented that the dress she just loveddddd yesterday was not as cute as the new one. I mean really? This is not superfab. I mean, I love shopping. But I hate it when salespeople try to get you to buy anything. I always think about my good friend Elle and how she does not fall for the sales lady trying to sell her last year's look at this year's price.

PR was so fierce this week. We had to say good-bye to both Blayne and Terri. It was not a surprise to see both of these go - but I will miss Blayne's crazy antics. I think that next week Suede needs to go - even though he is a nutcase - he is just not one of the top designers. The highlight of this show was that Christian, last season's winner, made a guest apperance. I wish that they had shown him more though, because he is totally fabulous. I would def get him to make me some clothes if I was famous.

I went all the way down to the Love Shack last night - yes, I saw the B-52's in concert. While I do admit that I don't know any of their other songs, this band rocks out and puts on a fabulous live show, they sound exactly like they do on the radio. So it made me think, can they be lip synching? Of course they were not pulling an Ashlee Simpson, and I say that the B-52s are totally fab.

A new discovery that has brightened my life is Pandora Radio. Yes, some of you may have heard of it before, but if not you have to check it out. Just go to pandora.com and you can create your own personalized radio stations! Type in any artist, and they will play things from that artist and other's in the same genre. For example, I have a Corey Smith station to chill out to and a T.I. station to get crunk to. It is similar to Yahoo radio, but much more amazing. It will make your day bomb! And another plus - you can find artists that are up and coming. And when they become mainstream you can looks superfab when you say, Oh, I have totally been listening to them for a few years now.

Also, plese send in some things that you want me to blog about or if you want to be a guest blogger. I am always looking for new options!

11 September 2008

Tipsy Thursday and Stylish First Ladies

So, yes, I have decided to create a new day: Tipsy Thursday. And today I am going to reccommend a new wine that I sampled the other day. It is called HobNob and it is wonderful and very well priced. The wine is made in California, but is made like a French wine. I mean, I really don't know how they do that, but that is what the man told me. And the reason that I know all this information is because the wine salesmen came to work to get us to buy some HobNow to serve at events. I know, wine tasting is part of my job description and that you are super jealous. So, if you want a great wine to pair with your next romantic dinner (or just some to drink to help you get crunk on a Friday night, or any night of the week) I strongly recommend HobNob. It is what all the local celebs in Memphis are drinking.

As America is torn in half by the political race that is happening right now, I think that we should take a few minutes to take a look at the two potential First Ladies. And not about all their wonderful accomplishments and abilities, but at their fashion choices during the time they are supporting their husbands's bid for the White House. I was thrilled a few weeks ago when I opened to the style section of the Sunday paper and an article talking about how both Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain have been sporting pearls throughout the race. Which I find to be the classiest piece of jewelry and very American. I do believe that their choice of wearing pearls refelcts both of their inner Jackie-O (who is always going to be the most stylish First Lady). So, I decided to pick out my two favorite outfits worn by each during the race. First, McCain could not have gone wrong in her vintage green dress that she wore when Palin spoke to the delegates at the RNC. The way it draped in the back made added drama and her jewelry and hair were styled just right. I love that McCain has bleach blonde hair, it makes her sooooo American. And yes, I do believe that she has had some work done on her face, but who cares? I would be doing that too if my husband were running for President and the cameras were always on me. I believe that botox and blonde hair done right can make you look superfab, and that is what McCain has done in this look. Obama has a little more of a youthful look, and wears bright colors while sometimes flashing some skin. I enjoy this purple dress with a belt - the color really makes her pop which I think is great with her personality. I also think that some of her style are comparable to Carrie Bradshaw (as the picture shows) but with a more Presidential taste.

Well, no matter what the election outcome is in November, we all know one thing: the next First Lady is going to be very sylish and a fashion icon for our country. I know, I know, this has nothing to do with any of the issues, but hey, it's an added bonus for our country!

08 September 2008


Though I do enjoy celebs at all times, I am deeply saddened to say that I think that the VMA's were very lackluster this year, especially seeing that it was the 25th birthday of the awards. The only thing that is true from the show is: BRITNEY'S BACK.

Ok, other than the fact that I am thrilled to see Britney getting her life back together (the silver dress was bomb) I think there were some interesting parts of the award show. The performances are always my favorite part of these awards. Here are my faves:
1. Christina Aguilera - X Tina is back. I have always loved her. She can sing and always has amazing and unique songs and beats. The rendition of Genie was great, and I am beyond thrilled about the new CD.
2. Jonas Brothers - I know, I know, I am way too old for this. But I am not afraid to say that I like them. They are just so cute and love their style. However, I think their style only looks cool because they are famous. I would not like it if my boo walked into Cool Beans wearing such tight pants. Call me old fashioned or a southern conformist, but a good polo and jeans/khakis work for me. Well, other than fashion, I think these brothers are so cute and talented. And Nick (the middle and hottest) is def dating Taylor Swift, they were sitting by each other at the show. Remember when Britney and Justin "came out" as a couple by sitting by each other at the VMAs? Exactly my point.
3. Kanye West. I loved the new jam, it was slower but a great beat. And I loved his light up heart pin. The special effects added to the coolness of what is Kanye and what his performance had to offer.
4. Lil Wayne with Leona Lewis and T-Pain. First, anything that T-Pain adds his hand to has become a hit in the past year. And Leona Lewis is not just a total hottie, but has a beautiful voice. I liked the blend of jazz, slower rap, and then the true beats of the second song. However, Lil Wayne should have had a shirt on and smaller pants. I know, I know, he is reppin' but I mean, come on now.
Though these performances were bomb, I miss the old school ones. Remember when N'Sync and Britney teamed up? I do, it was amazing. Or when Chris Brown did the awesome performance last year? I think next year Usher and JT should do a colloboration and have a dance off. And then Michael Jackson has to come out of the celiling and show how to really tear up the floor. I would cry.

The only thing that would have redeemed the awards would have been if Britney had performed. I truly thought she was going to come out and perform, but I am also liking how she is using her PR and taking baby steps. Britney, you go girl!

The Hills has been such a whirlwind these past two days. Thank goodnes we did not have to wait long after the crazy fiasco of last nights episode to see what happened the next day in Vegas. First off, I want to go to Vegas now, they always stay in the most bomb rooms. However, I do not want to spend five hours in a casino jail. That club looked so bomb and chic at the same time. And then tonight ended with Lauren and Audrina crying and becoming best friends again (whew, I could not deal with another Heidi episode). Speaking of Heidi, she is kind of growing on me again. And by kind of I mean like by like 3%. Her b/f is terrible. I am not even mentioning his name because the fact that they are more famous as a couple than as my blog makes me want to vomit. Another show that I love to watch is Gossip Girl. It is just like the OC but in NYC, which I find way more bomb. And the fashion is out of control. These shows add drama into my life because there is just not any.

06 September 2008

Concert on Beale

So, last night I met Corey Smith and had the chance to go on his tour bus. We then proceeded to take shots of Patron and throw a dance party. No, I am lying, but I did see Corey Smith in concert last night, and it was super fab. Mr. Smith did an excellent job, especially a wonderful rendition of "What Happened?", "Wishing I was 21..." and of course, "If I could do it again. Janna was with me on this adventure, and we ended up leaving the concert with the renewed sense that we could be VIP because one, we met and chatted with the opening act and two, the bartender gave us free drinks throughout the night. (Thanks Janna for being a good looking friend). The only complaints for the entire night were that a. the beer line was way too long, b. tons of high schoolers were around having BOMOs. However, it was entertaining wathcing the BOMO's and thinking "Oh girl, you are going to regret that at your locker tomorrow." I was about to take a picture to post one to illustrate my abbrev on my blog, but thought that was crossing the line and a bit tacky. So, you can just use your imagination or pull stories out of your own head from those you have seen at the Bean enjoying a good ole BOMO before closing time.

A word that I heard this weekend that I think is amazing is "bromance". While I had heard it before, I was reading about it in a magazine while getting rid of my headache from the free drinks from Corey Smith. I do believe that this word is amazing because it is showing that guys are totally ok with being open about their friendships. I think that movies like Superbad have displayed the power of this word on the full screen, and I am anxious to see more of it. I think it is a great splice of words to illustrate an even funnier point.
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