14 September 2008

Do you have the new facebook? And more Fab things...

Yes, our beloved website (and hopefully your second fave after of course, my blog) has changed its layout yet again. I have noticed groups that are in protest and have talked to friends that were trying to hold on to the "old" version until the powers above changed their user options. Well, I just love the new layout and think it is very up to date and fab. As you know, I was one of the first people to advertise the new layout about a month ago. I have been hooked even more now with the clean lines and easy user features. So, if you are upset about trying to learn something new, just remember that the new facebook is what all the celebs are using - even Lo on The Hills has a profile! And you can proudly say, Yes, I have the new facebook!

Last night I went to a chic place with a good friend from undergrad, LBK. We really don't know how we met at UT, but became good friends through long hours at the Panhellenic building and even later nights at the Bean. LBK is on her way to being a lawyer and also looks to Elle Woods as a mentor because they are both blonde and smart. So, to take a break from studying, I decided we should be superfab and try a restaurant/lounge called Mollie Fontaine's. And yes, it is spelled just like mine, with an IE. (That is half the reason I really wanted to go.) Located in an old Victorian house, there are comfortable chairs located throughout with different tables to make it a more intimate atmosphere. Later on in the evening, this place is hopping, with people all around and live piano player. It makes you feel as if you have stepped back into time, and totally fabulous! And when you go - you have to try the mac and cheese, it is to die for.

I also want to add a personal note to this post -- Congratulations to my dear friend Anna Green on her engagement to Stephen!!! I am so excited for the two of them. Anna and I have been friends since 7th grade - yes, we have known each other in our not so fab hair days. But, we of course have remained close through these years and I am so happy for her and Stephen.

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