15 September 2008

Shock Value, The Patio and J-Mac

Shock value, not only was it the name of Timbaland's last album but it also can be referred to as words or actions that one demonstrates to shock someone else. Like last night, as I was talking to someone they proceeded to tell me that they wanted to visit every website on the Internet. And I was like "Um, that is not possible." And then they proceeded to say "I know Molls, just wanting to see what you would say!" Shock value. I think it is great to say or do crazy things in front of people sometimes, keeps them on their toes. Try it next time you are around a group of friends, or maybe some new acquaintances. Just don't do it if you are trying to one, impress your future employer or two, trying to get a shorty to come home from the bar with you.

Speaking of visiting different websites, I am recommending that you try out a new website after you visit mine each day. This new site is called The Patio, and can be found here: http://thepatio.weebly.com/ . After many phone calls between my assistant and their development director, I finally got some PR points on how to describe the website. The Patio has a variety of different options for entertainment - whether it is thoughts from the blog, being able to check out different VIP sites, getting some questions answered or just adding a smile to your day. This is going to be the next big site in connecting you where you need to go. So, just like the tagline says, "eat, drink, and tell a friend about the patio."

Last but not least I wanted to give a shout-out to my good friends Jessica - JMac - and Brandon who also got engaged this weekend. JMac was a Kappa with me at Tennessee and has always been like a big sister because she was there to provide a smile, words of advice, or a glass of wine before I was 21. (Thanks!) She is now on her way to becoming a lawyer and is one of the most promising students in her class. I am planning on going to visit her in New Orleans, so that will be something I will def blog about because it will be superfab. These pics also feature some other good friends, TO, Abby, and of course, the infamous Laura Moore.

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