13 September 2008

Football Time in Tennessee! And more fabulous things!

Yes, yes. The religion of college football has once again graced the south's presence. I am thrilled that just next week I will be around 108,000 of my closest friends in Neyland Stadium. It is really a breath taking experience. If you have never been, I of course feel very sorry for you and two, think that you should go ASAP. So naturally, I had to go and buy a new outfit for the experience next week. And as I was meticulously looking around for all the orange I could find in the store, the sales girl of course wanted to help. And after trying on a few outfits, I asked her about one of them. Of course she said "Oh girl, I LOOOVEEEE it." So naturally, I bought it. And then when I got home, I put it back on and thought, this is just not what I wanted. The next day, I went in for an exchange and ended up getting another one that I liked so much better and the same girl of course commented that the dress she just loveddddd yesterday was not as cute as the new one. I mean really? This is not superfab. I mean, I love shopping. But I hate it when salespeople try to get you to buy anything. I always think about my good friend Elle and how she does not fall for the sales lady trying to sell her last year's look at this year's price.

PR was so fierce this week. We had to say good-bye to both Blayne and Terri. It was not a surprise to see both of these go - but I will miss Blayne's crazy antics. I think that next week Suede needs to go - even though he is a nutcase - he is just not one of the top designers. The highlight of this show was that Christian, last season's winner, made a guest apperance. I wish that they had shown him more though, because he is totally fabulous. I would def get him to make me some clothes if I was famous.

I went all the way down to the Love Shack last night - yes, I saw the B-52's in concert. While I do admit that I don't know any of their other songs, this band rocks out and puts on a fabulous live show, they sound exactly like they do on the radio. So it made me think, can they be lip synching? Of course they were not pulling an Ashlee Simpson, and I say that the B-52s are totally fab.

A new discovery that has brightened my life is Pandora Radio. Yes, some of you may have heard of it before, but if not you have to check it out. Just go to pandora.com and you can create your own personalized radio stations! Type in any artist, and they will play things from that artist and other's in the same genre. For example, I have a Corey Smith station to chill out to and a T.I. station to get crunk to. It is similar to Yahoo radio, but much more amazing. It will make your day bomb! And another plus - you can find artists that are up and coming. And when they become mainstream you can looks superfab when you say, Oh, I have totally been listening to them for a few years now.

Also, plese send in some things that you want me to blog about or if you want to be a guest blogger. I am always looking for new options!

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