08 September 2008


Though I do enjoy celebs at all times, I am deeply saddened to say that I think that the VMA's were very lackluster this year, especially seeing that it was the 25th birthday of the awards. The only thing that is true from the show is: BRITNEY'S BACK.

Ok, other than the fact that I am thrilled to see Britney getting her life back together (the silver dress was bomb) I think there were some interesting parts of the award show. The performances are always my favorite part of these awards. Here are my faves:
1. Christina Aguilera - X Tina is back. I have always loved her. She can sing and always has amazing and unique songs and beats. The rendition of Genie was great, and I am beyond thrilled about the new CD.
2. Jonas Brothers - I know, I know, I am way too old for this. But I am not afraid to say that I like them. They are just so cute and love their style. However, I think their style only looks cool because they are famous. I would not like it if my boo walked into Cool Beans wearing such tight pants. Call me old fashioned or a southern conformist, but a good polo and jeans/khakis work for me. Well, other than fashion, I think these brothers are so cute and talented. And Nick (the middle and hottest) is def dating Taylor Swift, they were sitting by each other at the show. Remember when Britney and Justin "came out" as a couple by sitting by each other at the VMAs? Exactly my point.
3. Kanye West. I loved the new jam, it was slower but a great beat. And I loved his light up heart pin. The special effects added to the coolness of what is Kanye and what his performance had to offer.
4. Lil Wayne with Leona Lewis and T-Pain. First, anything that T-Pain adds his hand to has become a hit in the past year. And Leona Lewis is not just a total hottie, but has a beautiful voice. I liked the blend of jazz, slower rap, and then the true beats of the second song. However, Lil Wayne should have had a shirt on and smaller pants. I know, I know, he is reppin' but I mean, come on now.
Though these performances were bomb, I miss the old school ones. Remember when N'Sync and Britney teamed up? I do, it was amazing. Or when Chris Brown did the awesome performance last year? I think next year Usher and JT should do a colloboration and have a dance off. And then Michael Jackson has to come out of the celiling and show how to really tear up the floor. I would cry.

The only thing that would have redeemed the awards would have been if Britney had performed. I truly thought she was going to come out and perform, but I am also liking how she is using her PR and taking baby steps. Britney, you go girl!

The Hills has been such a whirlwind these past two days. Thank goodnes we did not have to wait long after the crazy fiasco of last nights episode to see what happened the next day in Vegas. First off, I want to go to Vegas now, they always stay in the most bomb rooms. However, I do not want to spend five hours in a casino jail. That club looked so bomb and chic at the same time. And then tonight ended with Lauren and Audrina crying and becoming best friends again (whew, I could not deal with another Heidi episode). Speaking of Heidi, she is kind of growing on me again. And by kind of I mean like by like 3%. Her b/f is terrible. I am not even mentioning his name because the fact that they are more famous as a couple than as my blog makes me want to vomit. Another show that I love to watch is Gossip Girl. It is just like the OC but in NYC, which I find way more bomb. And the fashion is out of control. These shows add drama into my life because there is just not any.

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  1. I can't believe I know this, but Taylor Swift is dating Joe Jonas, not Nick Jonas. (I read it in the new People mag last night.)


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