23 December 2009

Top Eleven Things in 2009

Well, my boys the Bubs did not win The Sing-Off last night.  Teardrops on NBC.  Oh well, they are still precious and I am planning on e-mailing them to see if they are planning on touring.  If the answer is yes, I am going to give them five good reasons to make a stop in Knoxville.  The number one reason:  There concert will be featured on my blog, main post.  I know that will def get them to come here. 
Anyways... back the the main topic.  2009 has been a very fabulous year for me.  I have been blessed in many ways and have so many fun memories from this past year.  I am going to compile a list of the greatest things/events/happening/people of 2009 -- in my opinion.  Some you will agree with, some you may not.  Leave me your comments about what you think and what I missed out on. 

11. Blonde Celebs:  Kate Winslet, Lady Gaga and T. Swift all have had an amazing year.  What do they all have in common?  They are all blonde (just like me).  Kate wowed us at the Oscars, Lady Gaga made us shake our groove thang and T. Swift rocked out... plus she gets double cool points for dating Team Jacob.

10. Snuggies: If you have not jumped on the bandwagon yet, do so before 2010.  Like I posted before, it was the best $15 I have spent in a while.  I use mine everyday, and they come in great colors and patterns.

9. The Obamas: The first family has had quite the year in the White House... and Michelle dazzles everytime she is out in public with her impressive style.

8. Nike Shorts: If you don't own a pair of Nike running shorts, you MUST buy them.  They are a little pricey for the typical running short, but believe me, they are so comfortable.  And when you are at the gym, you will see them in a plethora of colors.  I can't wait to open my new navy blue/light blue ones for Christmas.

7. Champagne: Always in... great drink of choice when celebrating with friends or just having a great night out on the town... all of my celeb friends drink this on the weekends.

6. Sunscreen: Well this is always in as well, but I believe that sunscreen has become more prevelant in medicine cabinets across America.  Even if you are a nice golden brown, you must protect yourself from UVA/UVB rays.  Big shoutout to the Cullen's for making the pale look oh so IN.  Tanning beds are so out... get a spray tan for a golden glow.
5. Small Screen: Glee and Parks and Rec are my two new shows.  Glee -- I blog about it all the time so you know my love for this show about a show choir (sidenote, I am listening to the soundtrach as I blog).  Parks and Rec is MUCH funnier this season... Amy Poehler's antics as Leslie Knope make me laugh each week.

4. Muddy's Cupcakes: If you are in Memphis, you must have heard of Muddy's.  If not, get to that store now.  Muddy's Bake Shop offers an array of cupcakes, cookies, pies, and coffee.  My faves are the prozac (chocolate on chocolate) and Neopolitan (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla).  The best part?  They are $1.50.  I am still trying to find something comparable in Knoxville, but the cupcake places here are too pricey for me.

3. Words with Friends: The best new app for iPhones.  I mean iPhones are just amazing.  Download this FREE app and you can play Scrabble with all of your other friends with iPhones/iTouches... hit me up - my username is MollieMorgan.

2. Michael Jackson:  This legend left us too early.  I knew I always had a connection with MJ when I grew up dancing to all of his music and then played him in a high school skit.  You MUST see This Is It.  You will dance, laugh and cry all in one movie.

1. The Cullens:  Enough Said.

18 December 2009

So... I am basically a Cullen.

The other day I decided to go to the doctor. No reason in particular, just a basic check-up. And believe me; I was not planning on the part when they were going to draw blood. I have basically been scared of needles my entire life, so the nurse made me lie on my back while she took blood. After almost passing out twice, I made it through. Phew. So, when she called me yesterday to discuss the blood results I was not expecting to come to major conclusion about my life. The nurse informed me that I am lacking in Vitamin D - which comes from direct sunlight. I told her well I am not surprised because I wear sunscreen everywhere and avoid the sun since I have the same fair complexion of Nicole Kidman and my favorite vampire family... The Cullens. I was so afraid she was going to tell me to go to a tanning bed (I only get spray tanned) but she suggested that a multi-vitamin should do the trick. However... I was very glad to hear this, because it does make me fit in with Edward and Alice.

Do you ever feel like you are working in an episode of The Office? I do every day. Today was our Christmas party, which was a total throw down. It was complete with all characters, ornament decorating and even SNL-esque skits. I totally thought that Angela and Phyllis planned it. I believe that today I was in the lines of Kelly, because she is always the life of the party.

I am anxiously waiting for Monday to get here... finale of The Sing-Off. I have already voted 30 times for the Bubs, and have even found out more about their organization... the singing group has been around since the 1950's. I also found some vintage YouTube. Definitely check out more of these videos, you will not be disappointed.

17 December 2009

McNuggetini and GaGa

As I was perusing my twitter account this morning, I discovered some interesting postings by the New York Times Style section. One article in particular stood out in my mind. There are two women who have created a "McNuggetini". That is right, your favorite childhood treat from McDonald's combined with the sophisticated taste of a white russian martini. I almost could not stomach the article, because the two just do not mix. I mean, I don't want to mix a Krystal's burger with champagne. Yet, I kept reading and discovered that these women are wildly popular on YouTube and have even been featured on the Today Show. Watch the video below for this crazy concoction - it has been viewed of 70,000 times.

Would you stomach one of these? What really turns me off is the B-B-Q sauce around the rim of the glass - vomit. I would try this drink minus the McNugget and sauce. However, these ladies are becoming quite a hit...maybe I should post some YouTube videos about the fabulous antics of my life.

I have recently discovered my deep love for Lady Gaga. I have always enjoyed her top hits, but her new album is just amazing. All of her songs have the ability to make you dance and think at the same time. Yes, she has some VERY interesting style choices, but I see it as being very (in the words of Brandon Holmes, life long friend and LA-aficionado) "avant-garde". I would pay big bucks to see her in concert, and was astounded to find out that she one, is only 23 years old and two, studied at the Tisch School of the Arts. Simply Amazing. On a side note, I am currently rocking her song Speechless as I write this blog.

The Sing-Off was once again wildly entertaining last night. Though the SoCals were eliminated, I am very excited for the finalists. I am now pulling for the Beelzebubs to win the prize, I have already voted from them multiple times. Penn, who sang Sweet Caroline last night, where have you been the entire competition? Plus, their cover of The Who was astounding. These guys are going to be the BMOC in the spring semester at Tufts University.

A new discovery to entertain you throughout the work day - Grooveshark.com. Thanks to Gina Martin for giving me this tip - this website is similar to Pandora.com, but you actually create your own play lists and choose the songs you want to listen to. I am already hooked. My first play list is comprised of Lady Gaga, Jason Mraz and every song by the cast of Glee. (Hey, I have to stay connected to the show since it will not return to April...teardrops on my TV.)

16 December 2009

The Sing-Off, Pass the Bubbly and Hot Messes

I have come to a revelation. I am fixated with hot messes. Britney Spears had me glued to E! News every night once she shaved her head. The new Jersey Shore cast is unbelievable. And LaLohan... every move she makes is documented on Perez. I love her updates mainly because she is way too blonde now and she always has grammatical errors on her Twitter account. And even though my life is always glamorous, these hot messes make me feel a little more famous each time they make a move because it is just ridiculous they are well-known. Well except Britney, she totally deserves all of her fame. Her self-titled album is still on my workout playlist.

Speaking of celebs, let's get to some real ones. The Golden Globe Nominations were announced yesterday. You must check them out here. Some surprises are on the list, including Sandra Bullock for the Blind Side. As you know, the movie is based on my high school and I am actually an extra... look for me 8 minutes into the film. Autographed pictures are available, just text me. Very excited for the 'Crest to repped on the Globes. I just love this awards show because it mixes the silver screen and the small screen. So many stars, so many great outfits! I literally get more excited than a child at Christmas. I am going to be crossing my fingers extra hard for all of the Glee nominees. I wish that Amy Poehler was nominated for Parks and Rec though... that show is amazing. It is much better this season and it reminds me of my days at the Garden.

With Christmas being just over a week away, so many galas and parties have been occurring. One tip I have it so always have a blast, but if you are trying to watch your calories try this new delicious drink - Thanks to Miss Tacker for this tip - Vodka Soda. It has less calories than traditional drinks, just add some lime for more flavor. Also, champagne has less than wine, so sip some bubbly over this holiday season. But between all that socializing, be sure to give back as well. Call a local non-profit and volunteer to wrap presents, serve meals or ring the bell to help raise money for others. Giving to others will be the best gift you get this season.

Also, I hope that you all have been watching The Sing Off this past week. A Capella groups from across the country are competing this week on NBC for a record deal. I am very partial to the Beelzebubs... they are so precious. Nota is also amazing, and the SoCals holding a close third. I feel as if I need to pull for the group from TN (Voices of Lee), but not quite sure they have what it takes to win. But hey, they are reppin' the Volunteer State, and their performance of Freedom 90 was amazing last night. The only downfall to this show is the judge Nicole, from the Pussycat Dolls. She is trying to play the "Paula Abdul" angle from Idol and just sounds crazy. Girlfriend... didn't you see on Perez that Paula got axed? Good thing the legitness of another judge, Ben Folds, always over shadows her opinions. Believe me, I will be glued to my television tonight. Check out some of these bomb performances, can't wait to buy them on iTunes.

11 December 2009

HP and Holiday Shopping

So, New Moon was amazing. I know, it's been out for awhile and I have not posted. I have been busy running around shopping, attending holiday galas and also attending some body sculpting classes (more on that later). I am anxiously awaiting the release of Eclipse... hopefully Taylor and R-Patz will show up in Knoxville for that premier and invite me to the VIP after party. I already have an outfit so all I need is the invitation.

More importantly, I have discovered a link to a first look into the last HP film, HP and the Deathly Hallows. Sad new though, when I went back to find the link, it actually had been taking down (darn copyright issues)... If only I had a spell to provide you the YouTube link. It is even more important to discover things about the movie, because in fact it is actually two movies that will be released eight months a part. I can't wait to dress up like Hermione at the midnight showings for each.

Back to body sculpting... a crazy term you are probably thinking in your head right now. It is crazy, let me tell you. I have decided to join a gym in Knoxville to keep my cholesterol down and to prevent me from being a contestant on the Biggest Loser. Well, one day I was tired of the routine of lifting weights, multiple crunches, 8 mile runs*, so I decided to attend a class. Body Sculpting. I stood in the middle to back, so if I needed to make a run for it I could. However, the teacher blasted old school Usher and we did a combination of different activities. It was lots of fun, until the next morning when I woke up. My body was so sore, and I looked like an old lady as I crept down the aisles of Kroger to get the ingredients to make peanut butter cookies. I figured if I had to endure this pain, I better eat something sweet.

(*This is definitely not my routine, just trying to sound more impressive about my gym techniques.)

Christmas time is approaching and many people are in a flutter about what to get for their loved ones. Here are some ideas that I love and that will not break the bank:
-Stationary: Snail Mail is always in (refer to earlier posts), and doing it on personalized cards makes it that much more hip. The personalized aspect makes it stand out among other gifts because you took the time to add that for your loved one.
-Magazine Subscriptions: Figure out what your boo likes to read, and then get them a year of magazines. It's the gift that keeps giving. And this is very affordable, check out their websites because many companies are doing other gifts with subscriptions as well.
-Wine Stopper: A great stocking stuffer that decorates your party loving friend will use over and over again.
-BMW convertible. Actually this is just number one on my wish list, don't you think I would look great behind the wheel? If you would like to give this to me, just email me and I will send you my address.
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