16 December 2009

The Sing-Off, Pass the Bubbly and Hot Messes

I have come to a revelation. I am fixated with hot messes. Britney Spears had me glued to E! News every night once she shaved her head. The new Jersey Shore cast is unbelievable. And LaLohan... every move she makes is documented on Perez. I love her updates mainly because she is way too blonde now and she always has grammatical errors on her Twitter account. And even though my life is always glamorous, these hot messes make me feel a little more famous each time they make a move because it is just ridiculous they are well-known. Well except Britney, she totally deserves all of her fame. Her self-titled album is still on my workout playlist.

Speaking of celebs, let's get to some real ones. The Golden Globe Nominations were announced yesterday. You must check them out here. Some surprises are on the list, including Sandra Bullock for the Blind Side. As you know, the movie is based on my high school and I am actually an extra... look for me 8 minutes into the film. Autographed pictures are available, just text me. Very excited for the 'Crest to repped on the Globes. I just love this awards show because it mixes the silver screen and the small screen. So many stars, so many great outfits! I literally get more excited than a child at Christmas. I am going to be crossing my fingers extra hard for all of the Glee nominees. I wish that Amy Poehler was nominated for Parks and Rec though... that show is amazing. It is much better this season and it reminds me of my days at the Garden.

With Christmas being just over a week away, so many galas and parties have been occurring. One tip I have it so always have a blast, but if you are trying to watch your calories try this new delicious drink - Thanks to Miss Tacker for this tip - Vodka Soda. It has less calories than traditional drinks, just add some lime for more flavor. Also, champagne has less than wine, so sip some bubbly over this holiday season. But between all that socializing, be sure to give back as well. Call a local non-profit and volunteer to wrap presents, serve meals or ring the bell to help raise money for others. Giving to others will be the best gift you get this season.

Also, I hope that you all have been watching The Sing Off this past week. A Capella groups from across the country are competing this week on NBC for a record deal. I am very partial to the Beelzebubs... they are so precious. Nota is also amazing, and the SoCals holding a close third. I feel as if I need to pull for the group from TN (Voices of Lee), but not quite sure they have what it takes to win. But hey, they are reppin' the Volunteer State, and their performance of Freedom 90 was amazing last night. The only downfall to this show is the judge Nicole, from the Pussycat Dolls. She is trying to play the "Paula Abdul" angle from Idol and just sounds crazy. Girlfriend... didn't you see on Perez that Paula got axed? Good thing the legitness of another judge, Ben Folds, always over shadows her opinions. Believe me, I will be glued to my television tonight. Check out some of these bomb performances, can't wait to buy them on iTunes.

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