17 December 2009

McNuggetini and GaGa

As I was perusing my twitter account this morning, I discovered some interesting postings by the New York Times Style section. One article in particular stood out in my mind. There are two women who have created a "McNuggetini". That is right, your favorite childhood treat from McDonald's combined with the sophisticated taste of a white russian martini. I almost could not stomach the article, because the two just do not mix. I mean, I don't want to mix a Krystal's burger with champagne. Yet, I kept reading and discovered that these women are wildly popular on YouTube and have even been featured on the Today Show. Watch the video below for this crazy concoction - it has been viewed of 70,000 times.

Would you stomach one of these? What really turns me off is the B-B-Q sauce around the rim of the glass - vomit. I would try this drink minus the McNugget and sauce. However, these ladies are becoming quite a hit...maybe I should post some YouTube videos about the fabulous antics of my life.

I have recently discovered my deep love for Lady Gaga. I have always enjoyed her top hits, but her new album is just amazing. All of her songs have the ability to make you dance and think at the same time. Yes, she has some VERY interesting style choices, but I see it as being very (in the words of Brandon Holmes, life long friend and LA-aficionado) "avant-garde". I would pay big bucks to see her in concert, and was astounded to find out that she one, is only 23 years old and two, studied at the Tisch School of the Arts. Simply Amazing. On a side note, I am currently rocking her song Speechless as I write this blog.

The Sing-Off was once again wildly entertaining last night. Though the SoCals were eliminated, I am very excited for the finalists. I am now pulling for the Beelzebubs to win the prize, I have already voted from them multiple times. Penn, who sang Sweet Caroline last night, where have you been the entire competition? Plus, their cover of The Who was astounding. These guys are going to be the BMOC in the spring semester at Tufts University.

A new discovery to entertain you throughout the work day - Grooveshark.com. Thanks to Gina Martin for giving me this tip - this website is similar to Pandora.com, but you actually create your own play lists and choose the songs you want to listen to. I am already hooked. My first play list is comprised of Lady Gaga, Jason Mraz and every song by the cast of Glee. (Hey, I have to stay connected to the show since it will not return to April...teardrops on my TV.)

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