11 December 2009

HP and Holiday Shopping

So, New Moon was amazing. I know, it's been out for awhile and I have not posted. I have been busy running around shopping, attending holiday galas and also attending some body sculpting classes (more on that later). I am anxiously awaiting the release of Eclipse... hopefully Taylor and R-Patz will show up in Knoxville for that premier and invite me to the VIP after party. I already have an outfit so all I need is the invitation.

More importantly, I have discovered a link to a first look into the last HP film, HP and the Deathly Hallows. Sad new though, when I went back to find the link, it actually had been taking down (darn copyright issues)... If only I had a spell to provide you the YouTube link. It is even more important to discover things about the movie, because in fact it is actually two movies that will be released eight months a part. I can't wait to dress up like Hermione at the midnight showings for each.

Back to body sculpting... a crazy term you are probably thinking in your head right now. It is crazy, let me tell you. I have decided to join a gym in Knoxville to keep my cholesterol down and to prevent me from being a contestant on the Biggest Loser. Well, one day I was tired of the routine of lifting weights, multiple crunches, 8 mile runs*, so I decided to attend a class. Body Sculpting. I stood in the middle to back, so if I needed to make a run for it I could. However, the teacher blasted old school Usher and we did a combination of different activities. It was lots of fun, until the next morning when I woke up. My body was so sore, and I looked like an old lady as I crept down the aisles of Kroger to get the ingredients to make peanut butter cookies. I figured if I had to endure this pain, I better eat something sweet.

(*This is definitely not my routine, just trying to sound more impressive about my gym techniques.)

Christmas time is approaching and many people are in a flutter about what to get for their loved ones. Here are some ideas that I love and that will not break the bank:
-Stationary: Snail Mail is always in (refer to earlier posts), and doing it on personalized cards makes it that much more hip. The personalized aspect makes it stand out among other gifts because you took the time to add that for your loved one.
-Magazine Subscriptions: Figure out what your boo likes to read, and then get them a year of magazines. It's the gift that keeps giving. And this is very affordable, check out their websites because many companies are doing other gifts with subscriptions as well.
-Wine Stopper: A great stocking stuffer that decorates your party loving friend will use over and over again.
-BMW convertible. Actually this is just number one on my wish list, don't you think I would look great behind the wheel? If you would like to give this to me, just email me and I will send you my address.

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