11 November 2009

Teardrops and Gingerbread Lattes

Well, teardrops on my blog. After all the excitement leading up to the drawing yesterday, I was extremely let down at Abuelo's (the restaurant where the New Moon drawing was held). I probably will never eat there again. Nevertheless, I was excited for two of the winners, but the third was a Dad who looked more excited to see his enchilada special than to win the tickets. I thought about going up to one of the winners who looked approachable and offer her a check and a free dinner, but my better judgment kicked in and I left the contest with grace. That is the best thing to do as a loser. I now just have to shift my focus to finding Taylor Lautner when he is in Knoxville for a secret photo op and meeting.

As I was shopping around yesterday, one thing is clear: the retailers want you to buy, buy, buy! Christmas will be here before we know it, Starbucks already has their annual red cups and are now producing gingerbread lattes at a mass volume. I have not started listening to the tunes yet though, wanting to hold off a few more weeks so I can really be in the spirit and not turn into a Scrooge after being overly bombarded by holiday propaganda. One place where I do wish it was Christmas year round is the Saks Fifth Avenue in New York. The decor makes you feel as if you are in a winter wonderland and I swear they are pumping some scent that triggers an emotion in your head to say "Just Charge It"! If I had an unlimited amount of funds or a sugar daddy, I would want to stay there year round and just buy clothes and make-up, go out to eat at fabulous restaurants and then sleep in the plush dressing rooms.

However, since I do live in Knoxville I may have to get by with a closer Christmas wonderland...Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Though I am very cultured and look down on those who drink white zinfandel, I do have a redneck secret. I love Gatlinburg. It's the only place where you can wear a fanny pack, see Dolly Parton, eat pounds of pancakes, and play a round of putt putt all in one day. The area is filled with holiday lights and decor, making you feel as if you are trapped in a snow globe.

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