10 November 2009

VIP Premiere

A grand event could happen tonight. I could win tickets to something my celeb friends attend all the time. What you may ask? A movie premiere. Yes, an event of epic proportions is happening in Knoxville. New Moon, the second story in this classic vampire - werewolf - human love triangle, will be flashed upon the silver screen for a select VIP audience before it is released across the entire country. And yes, I will be a member of this VIP group.

Let’s go back a little bit though. You may be thinking, Knoxville? Why are you no longer in Memphis? Well I moved. About a month ago I decided to pack up my things, work long nights filling my U-Haul and then proceed to get everything I own across the state of Tennessee in one single trip. Actually the only truth in that is the moving to Knoxville part. While I did pack up the majority of my items, I of course did the VIP thing and hired a mover and also gave many boxes to my boo for an additional trip. Upon my arrival, I just had to sit at the new house and merely direct everyone to where I would like the boxes while I just sipped some wine and relaxed. The long drive from Memphis to Knoxville will just take it out of you.

Life in Knoxville is just fabulous, as the way everyone’s life should be. I have had a wonderful time attending Tennessee Football games, eating at my favorite sushi joint and enjoying the ultimate: a Dunkin’ Donuts store where I can choose from a plethora of coffee and latte flavors each morning. The only thing that would make it that much more fabulous is being able to attend the VIP showing of New Moon. Not only would I be one of the first to watch this blockbuster, but I would also be in the presence of Team Jacob – Taylor Lautner. What…a cutie. If I do win, I will have to purchase a “Team Jacob” shirt from Nordstrom’s because it will make for excellent photo ops. Though I will be sporting this t-shirt, my heart does know my true devotion, which of course lies with Edward Cullen.

Speaking of Taylor Lautner, I am sure you are dying to know some celeb updates. Well word on the street is that Taylor is dating my other favorite Taylor…Swift that is. Taylor Squared. I highly approve of this couple, and do hope that they last through the “young stars” phase and one day adopt a ton of children just like Brad and Angie.

In other celebrity news and due to the New Moon theme to the blog, my gal pal Janna sent me this update about the movie. It is straight from Stephanie Meyer’s brother (the author, duh) who lives in Memphis:
“Just got inside scoop on New Moon.... As you know Stephanie Meyers brother goes to optometry school with Landon...Landon got the scoop on the new movie for my sister. Word is the second movie is 5,000 times better. Stephanie was disappointed with the first movie; she had a lot more input on second film and was in constant contact with the director. Also, RPatz is a douche. He didn't speak to anyone at the premiere after party. Taylor Lautner is super nice. (of course) SOOOO excited.”
-Janna Tacker

The other day I walked into Walgreen’s to pick up a card and some face wash and was stopped dead in my tracks. The entire front wall was lined with…Snuggies. I have been dying to purchase one but just keep putting up it off for one reason or another. However all of the stars were in alignment and a leopard print Snuggie ended up in my hands. It is the best $14.99 I have spent in a long time. Not only does it keep me comforted while I watch my favorite TV shows, it is also in a fashionable print. Go. Buy. One. Now.

Be sure to check-in tomorrow to see if I am a member of the VIP Premiere group.


  1. You are too cute! Hope you win tickets!!

  2. i knew you'd love the inside scoop. i made landon read your blog. it def wowed him. please win tickets & tell me everything i have to look forward to.


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