18 December 2009

So... I am basically a Cullen.

The other day I decided to go to the doctor. No reason in particular, just a basic check-up. And believe me; I was not planning on the part when they were going to draw blood. I have basically been scared of needles my entire life, so the nurse made me lie on my back while she took blood. After almost passing out twice, I made it through. Phew. So, when she called me yesterday to discuss the blood results I was not expecting to come to major conclusion about my life. The nurse informed me that I am lacking in Vitamin D - which comes from direct sunlight. I told her well I am not surprised because I wear sunscreen everywhere and avoid the sun since I have the same fair complexion of Nicole Kidman and my favorite vampire family... The Cullens. I was so afraid she was going to tell me to go to a tanning bed (I only get spray tanned) but she suggested that a multi-vitamin should do the trick. However... I was very glad to hear this, because it does make me fit in with Edward and Alice.

Do you ever feel like you are working in an episode of The Office? I do every day. Today was our Christmas party, which was a total throw down. It was complete with all characters, ornament decorating and even SNL-esque skits. I totally thought that Angela and Phyllis planned it. I believe that today I was in the lines of Kelly, because she is always the life of the party.

I am anxiously waiting for Monday to get here... finale of The Sing-Off. I have already voted 30 times for the Bubs, and have even found out more about their organization... the singing group has been around since the 1950's. I also found some vintage YouTube. Definitely check out more of these videos, you will not be disappointed.

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