14 July 2008

Makeover Monday and the Hollywood Royalty Twins

So, in response to my new direction of the blog, I decided to aptly try some different ideas out on each day. During this time of trial and error, I believe I can make the perfect recipe for adding different elements to the blog.

Today is Makeover Monday, and I am not talking about a new hair-do and outfit. This will go out to everyone, and will include tips on how to add a little something extra to your life at little cost. Just like how my role model Elle Woods and I love to get a fresh set of highlights to brighten our moods, everyone loves a little boost in confidence every now and then. And why not learn about it from me and I can give you a variety of ideas! The tips for today include:
  • Add something new to your bedroom. We all know that this is "our" room, and as the celeb's on MTV cribs say "It's where the magic happens." Just by adding something new, rearranging furniture, or even cleaning out the closet, you can actually have a new release on life and feel better each morning when you wake up. Some tips that I like to use include:
      1. Update your pictures. I believe that photos are the number one item that make a room more personal. And keep them updated! They will remind you of all the fun times you have been having recently with your fabulous friends. And use ones that you look super hot in to serve as a confidence booster. As you replace the old ones, put those in an album that you can easily access to take a trip down memory lane.
      2. Check out garage sales and thrift stores for interesting pieces of furniture and art. You always find deals and steals, and these unique pieces can add that special touch to your room.
  • Find a new hobby! Let me tell you, I did start this blog as a fluke, but it has really turned into something that I do enjoy writing. Find something that you love doing, and then do it with a purpose. It could be planting a garden, taking a salsa dance class, or joining a recreational sports team. This will boost your confidence because it is something that you will enjoy doing and will also get you involved with other people with the same hobby.

Now, let us go on to a different topic that I briefly touched on yesterday. The twins whose birth rocked the earth. Brad and Angies's two five pound bundles of joy. This morning as I was drinking my daily cup of coffee, I was watching the Today show and there was a special segment dedicated to both Knox and Vivienne. These babies are some of the most famous babies ever. Brad and Angie have four private suites at the hospital which overlooks the breath-taking French Riveria. And of course, along with the Today correspondent, the paprazzi was staked out at every entrance. They all want "that picture". However, Brad and Angie have already said that they are going to sell photos to People Magazine (if it is in People, it is def true) for $11 million. WHAT?!?! I mean, I just wonder how much money I could get by selling pictures of me as a baby, because I was very cute. Well after the doctors fixed my bout with jaundice, it was terrifying, I have still not recovered. However, Brad and Angie of course are dedicating that money to charity, which makes me love Team Jolie even more.

Like I said before, I think that it is super fabulous that the babies were born in France. Another point for Team Jolie. These babies should be eternally happy because they were born with some of the best DNA ever and born into a glamorous lifestyle. However, I feel sorry for their future boyfriends and girlfriends, can you imagine going home to meet the Jolie-Pitts? I can't. I would love to babysit for them. Wow, I am sure that would be a handful with six kids. Congratulations to the new proud parents.

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