15 July 2008

Fashion and Men/Court Room Dramas/Brad and Angie con.

Today an American icon, Oprah, had a man talking about fashion. So it got me to thinking about what men really do like on women. Lloyd, the guru, was saying that women always look great in classics. A nice tailored white shirt, cute jeans, or a black pencil skirt. But what about all those crazy trends out there? Especially what the celebs are rocking? I love wearing some of these things, but don't know how others feel about it. I mean, I would never go around looking like a freakin' homeless person (Sorry Mary-Kate) but I think anything that Katherine Heigl wears, I would totally rock.

Ok, let me get to the basis of this point. Even though I love following what the female celebs are wearing, and totally rock some of these things, I am not a fan of what a majority of the men wear. Tight jeans and eyeliner? No thanks. Vintage but new shirts? Sometimes and it depends on the person. Call me old fashioned, but a nice polo and khakis always is great for me. And I love seeing guys in tuxedo's. But, I mean, I don't go to black tie events everyday. However, when I am rich and famous, I can be surrounded by tons of people in tuxedos. And though I do love a great pair of Wrangler's (and cowboy boots) on a guy, I am also a supporter of designer jeans for guys. Just not tight ones.

The other day I was watching Law and Order and got to thinking about how I would love to be an actress on the show. I would want to be the fabulous prosecutor who pushes the envelope. I love Law and Order. CSI, nahhh not so much. I don't like the way it is filmed. And, (DA) Fred Thompson ran for President. Can Gary Sinise boast the same feat? I think not. It is just that feeling you get when you hear bum bum. Yes, CSI, you may keep getting overall great ratings, but that is the only programming CBS survives on. Along with Law and Order (which I could watch on a 24 hour channel) I am a huge sucker for Dateline and 20/20 Investigative Reports. No, not 60 Minutes, I am just in my 20's, not 60's. But let me tell you, these great news reports can be something fun to do on a Friday night. I enjoy a good mystery when we see the soccer mom with a double life or a triple homicide and only the dog is left...who is to blame? The way they are shown adds another element all together. Stone Phillips of NBC is my favorite, his husky voice and eerie music in the background make me jump out of my skin. It also makes me realize that their are some crazies in America. However, I love hearing about all of this courtroom drama, whether it is fictional or real. Another like, which I did know before the degree, but one to add to the list.

Another thought: How are Brad and Angie going to exit (or "escape") from the hospital? My hypothesis is that they will be airlifted to another rooftop, and then escape in a row of 7 black Escalades. And, at the same time, send two decoys to different exits of to hospital to trick the paparazzi. That will teach them, and will guarantee that the $11 million pictures are indeed the real and first ones.

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