14 July 2008

Bud Light is not owned by the USA anymore!

Yes, it is a sad day. Today, Anheuser-Busch was bought out by InBev for $52 billion. I bet those Clydesdale horses are really happy about their brand new pad. Well, I actually did not read that anywhere, but with that money, the world famous horses deserve a new place. I have seen their crib before, it is just mediocre. I mean, these are the Budweiser Horses, not just your regular pony out in the country in your grandmother's backyard. But, it is a little disheartening to think that someone is Belgium owns the right to our beloved Bud Light. I mean, this is the All-American beer. It does not matter how much or little you make each year, a cold Bud Light after a hard day at work, at the baseball field, or out bumping and grinding on the dance floor makes everyone feel a little more patriotic with each sip. (And let me tell you, for a long time all I drank was Miller. Which is still good, but I am glad that I am back to the classic.) And now the people that own that feeling aren't even residents of our country. I believe that even George Washington would have enjoyed a crisp cold one. Yum, this makes me want to put on Lee Greenwood's classic, put my feet in a plastic kiddie pool and have a few cold ones before our beloved company goes into the hands of a foreigner.

The only redeeming factor about this is that InBev has promised to keep the same great products we have grown to love, whether it is plain Budweiser, Bud Light, or Natty and will produce it with the same quality. And InBev makes Stella Artois, my favorite import. But that still will not erase the thought that a little bit of our heritage has been lost today. This post was written while listening to Lee Greenwood. Here is the youtube link, if you listen to is while you read it adds more of an effect: http://youtube.com/watch?v=RssIN3ustUw
And for all the real details on the deal, here is the AP article:

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