12 July 2008

Abbrevs, Small Towns

Though AT&T came up with a wonderful ad campaign dealing with text messages and abbreviations (Idk, my BFF Jill?) I do believe that my friends and I were talking in abbreviations long before. So, I wanted to list some out below so a. you can understand my blog and b. you can start using them in your everyday lingo and sound just as cool as me.

abbrev- abbreviation
DC- diet coke
zza- pizza
Bomb- this just means awesome. You can also spell it out BOMB to prove more awesomeness, like Chad did once. It was simply magical when this occurred.
OOC- out of control
Lylas- love you like a sister
Tom- Tomato Head Nam- Nama sush- sushi
DFMO-dance floor make out
BOMO- black out make out
whatev- whatever
obvi- obvious
miz- miserable
hung- hungover
perf - perfect (Thanks Jenny!)
Molls- me
These are just a sampling of the language my friends and I have been using for years. Sometimes I abbrev more, but usually you can pick up what I am laying down. If not, google it.

Small towns fascinate me, and people who hail from them fascinate me even more. Never had I realized that a movie theater, a Starbuck's, a Target were such luxuries. It was not until I attended UT that I met so many people from this county or that county. I was blown away that there was just one high school per county. But, I love how everyone knows everyone and all of their business. Very Steel Magnolias. I believe that people from small towns have an aura about them, an aura that shows they are always great full, are loyal, and love friend chicken and sweet tea. And I have had some amazing times in what some big city folk may see as "foreign places". This is when I thank God that I am from the south, have friends from small towns, and most importantly, that I was born and raised where I can get a Starbuck's at any time I want. I can always visit these places, but love to hear the city hum as a night time lullaby.

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  1. I assume you were thinking about our LINCOLN COUNTY experience last summer when writing this blog, yes? That's what I immediately thought of! =)


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