30 July 2008


Project Runway was fabulous, of course, last night.  And though I did not agree with who was voted off, I was thrilled that Kenlie won.  She is by far my favorite!  Her dress was so unique with a nifty vintage feel. 

Oh, snap!  Fergie has released a new shoe line.  I love Fergie!  I think that she can do anything because she can act and sing.  And her songs are so creative and catchy.  And her fiancee is sexy.  I do think that we would be friends.  She has so much advice on life and fashion that I would love to discuss over some fabulous wine.  Though her shoes were a little over the top, I will probably buy a pair just so I can feel a little more like her.

Magazine sells have been dropping, and this is something that I find very interesting, because Vogue and Teen Vogue are two titles that have suffered the most in the past year.  Will Anna Wintour's days continue at the fashion staple?  I do believe so, but I am sure that Conde Nast will try to revamp something for the advertising.  However, I do believe that Vogue should not be revamped.  It is wonderful the way it is - a staple in American newsstands.  InStyle is down too, which is sad, however, Vanity Fair is up!  I love Vanity Fair because of the gorgeous photos and poignant stories and interviews.  Hopefully Vogue will just get out of this bad year!  We can't have a fashion faux pas.

Starbucks has announced more closings.  In the metro Memphis area, I believe that there are 6-10 that are closing.  They are just plain stupid.  They have made themselves too big and are ruining the coffee empire from the inside out!  From my house alone, in a two mile radius, there are four Starbucks!  What?!?!  And two are drive-thru, so it really makes my decision hard sometimes.  But what would help simplify this decision is if a Dunkin Donuts opened!  However, there is just something about a skinny vanilla latte from Starbucks.  And I do feel bad for the people that work there sometimes.  You get people in that order crazy things (Venti Double Hot Two Shots Vanilla Sugar Free Soy Latte, with one Splenda) and tons of randoms just sitting around your restaurant.  And I am not going to lie, I used to go to Starbucks to study some.  But there are some characters in there, which does make it interesting for people watching.  And then you have my family who goes and orders four different drinks, some pumpkin bread, and Edgar is barking so loud from the backseat that the person working is probably deaf in her ear piece.  Oh well, that is what they get for wearing the precious green apron.  

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