27 July 2008

MM, etc., etc.

As I am starting my first job today - whoa! Glad college was over in a blink - I am reminded that First Impressions are always so important. Remember when you first met your best friend, significant other, or the terrible person in your English class who turned out to be your friend? Yes, yes, you always remember the first time you met someone, well most of the time. Therefore, you should always be presentable. When first meeting someone, stand with confidence and look them straight in they eye. Give a firm handshake and say your name with meaning. I mean, you do own it. And remember, you can't get this back. So make yourself memorable. Aka, sell yourself in a way, but not like in a hooker way. Duh, we are classy here people. I believe that first impressions make a bold impact, and always try to take a deep breath before meeting someone new or going on a new adventure. Just remember, everyone else has been in your footsteps too, and they now what it is like to be new! A good first impression will leave you as a memorable, fabulous person and will give you a boost of confidence!

Another tip on the Makeover Monday is to spoil yourself. But, do not over indulge. I am talking about doing something within your budget each month that makes your feel fabulous. If you are just starting work, you may have to start small. But as those paychecks keep having zeros added, you can go a little bigger. Buy a new shirt, get some highlights, or get a fabulous entertainment center. Whenever you use this new purchase, it will make you feel just fabulous and proud of all the hard work you have accomplished that month. But, let it be a token of your hard work to remind you to keep up the good work next month!

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