31 October 2011

Halloween + Celeb Questions

{It's Halloween, and I did not even come up with a fun costume idea this year.  Work has been crazy lately, and this weekend my life partner and I attended the NigthinGala, an event to support the College of Nursing at UT.  And since I helped put on this event, I did not think it would be appropriate for me to show up in my sequined T. Swift ensemble.  Anywho... pictures to come because even though I was not in costume, I still was looking FAB.

I am looking forward to tonight, because we should have a plethora of trick or treaters in our neighborhood.  And I have a plethora of candy, so I hope that take it all, because goodness knows that my sweet tooth does not need to indulge (too much).  

One thing that I always look forward to on Halloween is to see what the Today Show Anchors will wear.  This year they portrayed the Royal Wedding, Dying!!!!  As you know, I was a tad obsessed with those nuptials, and I loved the reenactment by the Today Show.  

Now, onto the top two celeb questions I am dying to know the answer to:
1. How mad is Jessica Simpson since Kim K. announced her divorce the same day she announced she was preggers (duh J. Simps, we have known for awhile)?  Glad you were not just getting fat.

2.  More importantly, what is Kim going to do with that rock of a ring?  Kim, tweet me, I'll gladly take it.}

{photos via today & hollywood life}

29 October 2011

Vote on My New Hair Color...and win a Guest Blog Spot

{Cold weather is here, and I finally have a free nigh to relax and catch up on my DVR. I know, I know, the Tennessee Vols are playing, but seriously, I am about to see who wins Project Runway.  I guess I am being a fair weathered fan, but let's get one thing straight, even while I was in school, tailgating was my fave part of football season. What can I say? I am a social person.

By catching up on my fave TV shows (PR, Rachel Zoe, Real Housewives, Modern Family, etc.) a little thought has been put into my head.

Should I try a new hair color?

Confession: I don't even know my true hair color. I guess it is a light brown. Here I am circa 1988 (diva in training). 

The reason I don't know is because when I was 14 I thought it would be totally rad to buy Sun-In. I mean, what young teenage girl has not tried Sun-In? It lightened my hair and I was rocking the look. UNTIL fall came and so did my roots. My mother immediately took me to the salon to get them done. I was 14 and I remember hearing a women ask "How old is that young girl that is getting highlights??" Obvi I did not mind because I did feel like a celeb. And seriously, hasn't everyone seen Toddlers and Tiaras? Those girls are getting highlights at age 2.

Back on point, I was so thankful my Mom helped me get rid of the roots. I loved my locks, brown with a golden glint. BUT, I got bored over time. I would get highlights, and then grab a box from Walgreen's and go all over black. And this did not just happen one time... it has happened a lot. The moral of this story: I like to change up my hair color.

I have been blonde for awhile, and I really do like it. But I am itching for something new. I enjoyed being ombre, but then I lightened up again. I have been thinking about doing a dramatic change... dark brown, red, or low lights... I just can't make up my mind.

Should I go brunette?


Ombre with Peach????

OR stay blonde (I always love blonde locks, and don't blondes have more fun??? I see all the new shades, and my heart says "go", but my head says "stay the same".)

What do you think? Which one should I try out? 

Here I am now:

Remember, it needs to go with my new leopard cape. So, write your comments on what I should do or tweet me @molliemorgan. If you choose the winning color, you will DEF be mentioned/receive a guest spot in the blog.} 

{photos via pinterest}

27 October 2011

This Leopard Cape...

{...is ALL MINE!!!!  I was ecstatic to see the following email in my inbox this morning:

I was lucky enough to win this gorgeous piece of clothing from Wren in a giveaway done by the AMAHHzing fashion site Style Etoile + one of my fave bloggers, Leandra of The Man Repeller.  In my comment entry I told her that if I won, I would wear that cape all the time, even to spin class.

So no fear faithful readers, I will post that picture once I get my cape.  And no yes, I don't look this amazing when I spin.  

And I totes agree with Leandra, leopard is a NEUTRAL.  I have known this since 8th grade when I used to rock hot pink leopard print pants.  I can't wait to pair the cape with sequins.} 

23 October 2011

Am I Old Fashioned?

{I like to think of myself as a hip chica, but this weekend a bit of grandmother like tendencies begin to sneak in my thoughts.  The thought being, "Why are women still wearing skirts or dresses without tights or hose?  It is the middle of October!"  I know, I know, it has not been the coolest month yet and I do live in the south.

BUT, a little bit of me cringes when I see girls walking around in short dresses with no tights/hose.  Maybe it's because Kate has been seen wearing pantyhose on multiple occasions, maybe it's because I have Cullen-esque white skin, or maybe, just maybe it is the simple fact that I love tights/hose/leggings because I grew up dancing and wearing them all the time.  So, if you are like me, and love tights - be sure to check out Hue, an amazing brand.  I also love the leggings made by LOFT.  

 And if by chance you are ever have a Marilyn Monroe moment like Kate, you will be glad that you had on a pair of tights.  However, if I had her body I would move to the Windy City and wear tights and that dress everyday.

Life really is not fair - she becomes a Royal and has not a trace of cellulite?!?!
*Please note that no way does cringing mean judging, I merely am just aging and like to talk about products I can't live without.*}

{photos via pinterest}

18 October 2011

Sophia Grace and Rosie

{I am sure some of you have seen the precious duo comprised of Sophia Grace and Rosie, two young Brits that have become YouTube sensations over night.  The two girls are cousins who put on a rousing edition of Nicki Minaj's Super Bass.  So rousing, in fact, they were featured on Ellen.  You must watch all of the videos below.  My life partner and I were literally rolling on the floor with laughter last night while watching them.  

Once you start to watch, you will see that Sophia Grace is all attitude and diva, while Rosie is the sweet sidekick.  I am was def a Sophia Grace when I was little.  And the thing that scares me the most?  I will probably have a child just like her one day.  Hopefully, I will be able to turn her into a YouTube sensation as well.  That way, she can take me to the Academy Awards one day and say "I brought my beautiful mother as my date", we can sip champagne, laugh with other famous people...

Whoa... way to much in the future, I guess I should not reveal all my thoughts to you.  Congratulations, you got a little sneak peek into my brain.  AH Hahahaha!  Anyways, before I start rambling on about how much I would give for a pair of all sequined pants and a full length leopard print faux fur coat, just watch the videos.  I promise, you will not be disappointed.}

17 October 2011

All About Scarves

{I have always loved scarves, so I just had to share this video below.  I wear them all the time now that the weather is cooler.  Of course, this is to keep warm, but also for fashion purposes.  

I also have a collection of vintage scarves from my late Grandmother.  Wearing those pieces not only add an accent to my outfit, but always help me remember her.  She was a fashionable southern belle.  What accessory do you love to sport during fall and winter?}

Also, celebs are all the time wearing scarves.  Here are some of my fave looks below:}

Kourtney Kardashian

Rachel Bilson

 Jessica Alba

Sofia Vergara

{photos via the vogue diaries and pinterest}

11 October 2011

Teardrops on My Lucky Mag

{Loyal Readers... tearfully I wanted to say that I was not asked to move forward in the Lucky Editor contest.  Thanks for your support and votes, it meant so much to me.  Nothing a little wine can't fix... oh and this email below.

How MAJOR is that?!?!  I almost screamed when I saw it in my inbox.}

04 October 2011

A Fur Fall

{While summer is my favorite time of the year (hello, my birthday, sundresses, wedge sandals) I do love the beginning of fall. Now, I wish it would stay around the 50's and 60's, and not dip down around freezing. And with the temperatures dropping, one thing is starting to stand out in my closet...my faux fur vests. So, when I logged on to piperlime.com I almost FELL OUT OF MY CHAIR. An entire section of fabulous fur. Below are some of my favorites. OMG. Now, who wants to make a donation to the "Buy Mollie all of these pieces Fund"?}


{photos via piperlime.com}

03 October 2011

I know I have said this before... BUT

{...I am obsessed with Adele.  I can't get enough of this song below.  And yes, I know, it has been in rotation for awhile.  She truly has a gift. 

I will blog more soon... this weekend I was busy celebrating our one year anniversary!  Go marriage!}

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