29 March 2009

QVC and March Madness

So the other day, I was watching QVC and was instantly drawn in. It was just unstoppable. I almost picked up my phone or computer to purchase some great shoes and a pink blush. However, I did manage to stop myself, seeing that I did not need either of those items. But still, I just kept watching, and it was rather entertaining. I think that I could be a great QVC saleswoman. You just talk about how wonderful that colored blouse looks on you or these jeans really make you look like you have long legs. So - QVC, if you are looking for a new, fresh face to sell your items to women across America, you know who to call.

Grey's Anatomy is going to be in a whirlwind until the season finale. Of course Izzie was safe this week - she will not die until the finale (which yes, I will cry). However, I was discussing the outcomes with a reliable source, who believes that she will make it through all of the tough surgeries, and will have complications on a routine procedure. What are your thoughts about Izzie? I just don't know if I will still be able to watch the show, seeing that she is one of my fave characters. Also - finally - after four seasons - Derek and Meredith are in LOVE and hopefully it will all work out.

I am still on the fence about Twitter - like I have said before, I will let you all know if I decide to go over. I have talked to a few others about this website since my last posting, and it is still half and half with those who love it and those who are scared to try it.

March Madness is about to be over, but it is getting to the best teams (or those who have proven themselves in the tournament) in the Final Four. While I will watch the final championship game, even though none of my teams are still in, I am still very excited about my American Idol pool! I wish I could tell all my readers, that yes, I am in the lead. However, America can make some crazy decisions, and the other 36 million who voted don't have the same opinion as I do. I am in the middle of the list, but still have time to pull out the win. Now that we are down to the best of the best in AI, I have to chose who I believe is going to be sent home. Last week, I choose Megan - and was upset when Michael went home. Even though I was not a fan of Michael, I had put him the past two weeks to go home, so I decided to change my luck. I will have to be better on guessing my pick this week. I def am a fan of Danny, Matt, and Lil Rounds - Hey gotta rep the 901!

23 March 2009


Twitter - according to the website answers the question to all of your friends - "What are you doing?" This is a topic that I have been meaning to discuss for awhile, and you may have some differing opinions than mine. I have friends that love it, friends that are very scared. I am caught in the middle. I have been sent an invitation to join, but I am just now starting to accept facebook status updates, so I believe that it may take a little bit longer for me to join this internet phenomena. However, I have done a little research about Twitter.com.
I read an article in New York magazine about the co-founders, two guys in their mid-twenties. They believe that it is the newest way for people to stay in touch, a "micro-blog". You can reach out to your friends and let them know where you are partying, who you are with, if you are running late, and to get advice on what color shirt to buy at the mall.
Chad Fulton, who is a new member in the Twitter community, joined after some friends persuaded him to do so. Chad says about the online community, "Pretty much, the easiest way to stalk someone without a picture of their weekend." I guess that you look at the actual pictures on the facebook after reading one's Tweet (the micro-blog, or post) on Twitter. (This language is more confusing then my abbrevs) Chad continued to tell me that he really does like Twitter, and said I should try it out.

However, I got to thinking more about this website. Would someone really want to know what I am doing throughout the day? I know that I have a blog, but I am not quite sure my class friend from JEM 200 would want to know that I am contemplating HHI or Charleston for the 4th of July. Also, what if I put up where I was dining and drinking this weekend - and someone that I did not want to show up, does show up! Oh goodness, Twitter could be the downfall of one's social life. But, it could also make it easier, so people do know where I will be chilling, and I will be saved one less phone call, thus saving minutes, thus making my bank account happier. It is an internal struggle, and who knows if I will succumb to the Twitter and Tweeting. One thing for sure, I do talk a lot so maybe just sticking with the old fashioned blog is the best thing.

Another thing about Twitter made me think about how busy people are today. No wonder people are constantly updating, they can do it in a quick format without bothering anyone else. And we always want to know what is going on with others, but very rarely want to invest lots of time in communication. I hate it when people say "I am so busy, I just can't keep up with all these different people" or "I can't believe we have not talked in forever, my life is so crazy". Yes, yes, we all have crazy lives, but it is very simple to have a quick phone conversation or another novel idea - e-mail. It drives me crazy when people do not reply to e-mails. Everyone is busy, but an e-mail can take 10 minutes to send and is easier than a longer phone call. And with all the crazy forms of posting about our lives - we should all be more connected than ever. I am hoping that I will now have a full inbox after this post (because I love keeping up with new and old friends!), and for those of you who feel to busy to reply, I know you will be very sad when I don't invite you to my fabulous parties when I'm rich and famous.

22 March 2009

Small Screen...Big Entertainment

The newest thing that is hitting the small screen (well at least, in my penthouse) is 30 Rock. I have always watched the show on and off since it first debuted, but now that I am lucky to have DVR, I watch it each week. Tina Fey deserves all the awards that she has received and I just can't get enough of Tracy Morgan, Kenneth, and Jane Krawkowski. If you do not watch it, it is a must see. Especially since it is after one of my other favorites, The Office.

Speaking of the small screen, Grey's Anatomy is OOC. And yes, I still do watch Grey's. Though it did go through a lull in the third season, I believe that it is just as addictive as ever. The biggest thing - SPOILER ALERT - is Izzie's illness. Izzie has always been one of my favorite characters, and it is going to be the craziest ending to a season ever. It is very clear that yes, she is going to die, because her illness is terminal and Perez reported that Hegil wants off the show. George also wants to leave, I wonder what will happen to him... oh the drama of Grey's. I think after this season the show will def be downhill.

The Hills is coming back and looks better than ever, I can't wait. The drama is more intense and I just hope that Heidi and LC become besties again. You must check out the preview here, it will make you want more: http://perezhilton.com/2009-02-23-watch-it-3

Yesterday, my friend and I completed a 5k in the rain. It was very intense - runners were everywhere, water was thrown at us when we passed the mile and a half point, and I now believe that I am ready to run a marathon. I recommend getting out and doing something in the warm weather now that it is almost spring. And take a few hours for some spring cleaning, it will make you have a sunny outlook on your humble abode.

18 March 2009

Spring Love... and of course, Celebs

It's becoming warmer as the days go on and I could not be more excited. I am a warm weather girl (even though I have the palest skin in the world) and would much rather be outside on a patio with good friends enjoying some great apps and a beer. Cold weather is just not hip in my book, it just ruins everything. I think that the reason spring time = love time is because the heavy coats are being shed and more skin is revealed.

So on to a favorite topic of mine: celebs. Everyone has their favorite celebs, but today this blog will have a different approach. Celebs that I dislike and think should not be famous.
1. Jessica Biel - I just think she is terrible because A. she is always at Red Carpet events and has only been in 7th Heaven and B. was on 7th Heaven. She is not even famous, her red carpet Oscar dress was terrible and she somehow has tricked JT into dating her. Bleh.
2. Heidi Montag - If she is famous, why am I not? Though I am a huge fan of The Hills, Speidi is just ridiculous. Maybe this season she will break off her fake marriage and then reunite as besties with Lauren - ahh that would be great to see.
3. Chris Brown - used to love, now on the bad list after hurting RiRi.

I have also read that JT ( I know, I have been talking a lot about him lately but he is my number 1 celeb crush) is developing his own line/brand of tequila. Just like Puffy jumped on the vodka train. I will of course buy some of this in an attempt to become just like JT, but not at all like his terrible lady friend.

Thought I think that Miley Cyrus is a country cutie - I was very sad to see her new trailer at the movies a few weeks ago. When I was anxiously awaiting for "Confessions of a Shopaholic" to come on the screen - the preview of Hannah Montana came one. It shows her being very glam in Hollywood, and then comes "home" to Tennessee. However, Tennessee is portrayed as being in the middle of no where and everyone is a country bumpkin. I was rather saddened by this because I love the state of Tennessee. It's just going to make people in LA think that all of us have three teeth and want to date our second cousin. Oh Miley - just remember - you are from here too. And if you need a publicist, I am available.

16 March 2009

JT and Hoops

So, it has been a quiet winter, and I had gone into hibernation in my "blog world". Anyways, it's back. No, not panchos in fashion (I do admit, I jumped on that bandwagon in high school and had a pink one) but molliemorganrobinson.blogspot.com. Anyways, many "bloggable" things have happened since I have been away.

"Bloggable" - an experience in my life or the others around me that is worthy enough of making the page.

Anyways, many bloggable things have been occurring in my life on a more regular basis, so I took it as a sign that I should return. Anyways, enough of the blah blah because I know you are excited to hear what is happening in my fabulous life and what fabulous things you should be doing.

I would love to share with you what has happened over the past few months, but these stories are too numerous for one post, and I have decided that I should spread them out over upcoming posts, i.e. stay tuned. The last adventure that I have taken place in was in the ATL. Yes, yes, home of T.I., Usher, the Marta, and One Midtown Kitchen ( a bomb restaurant - go if you are there: http://www.onemidtownkitchen.com/index-home.htm). Anyways, I departed from Memphis on my Airtran flight, which is something that I must elaborate on. Airtran was one of the best flying experiences I have had in a while (and I have been globetrotting a lot recently so I consider myself a knowledgeable traveler). Not only did I find a great rate with their specials, everyone was courteous and I was given a free drink and pretzels. Plus, the seats were roomy, and XM radio was provided. I of course played with my iPhone, but hey, I still thought that was great.
After surviving the Atlanta airport and Marta, I quickly found myself stationed in a seat where I would spend a lot of time over the next four days - the Georgia Dome. I was so lucky to have the chance to spend my time in ATL at the ACC Hoops Championships - and my team - came away victorious. (If you were looking for me, I was easy to spot - I was the one wearing blue). After many shots at the net, lets just say I was ready to take some shots too, just in the liquid form. And I did have some shots, of wine that is. I also recommend trying TWO urban licks - great restaurant where I had a great time. Anyways, the trip proved to be successful because I saw many celebs of the athletic kind. Too bad my boo knew more about them than I did. I literally was a foot from a former NBA baller where all the guys we were with were giddy and I did not know who he was. I guess I understand how guys feel now when they listen to me say I would literally just die if Justin Timberlake walked into the Memphis Botanic Garden. (Side note, he probably will never do that but I did hear talk from the Hort Center that someone might be helping do the plants/grounds for JT's new golf course in Millington. I of course volunteered as an ambassador for the Garden for all the swanky PR events and openings.)

I also had the chance to see Legally Blonde at the Orpheum (thanks JB!) where I saw Elle Woods live onstage. Many of my dreams were fulfilled. The shocker in this one is that Elle can sing and dance while winning her way into Harvard Law. I was very pleased to hear many of my favorite lines from the movie. I recommend this as a light-hearted evening. Guys may not enjoy it as much, the majority of men I saw looked as if they were dragged there by a significant other or just really, really like pink.

So, spring is upon us and while many of my friends are taking spring break trips, I am stuck working. I believe that every office should give a paid spring break along with vacation days...hey one can dream. Anyways, a little fashion talk for a minute. Yes, some warm days have come upon us, but don't break out the white linen yet. And with this warm weather I am reminiscing last year when I was rolling through the ocean with my girlfriends enjoying the last few days of freedom...

... At least I can look forward to the new episodes of Gossip Girl, flip flops very soon, my American Idol pool at work (yes, it's true and yes I paid $10 to enter. And no, we don't have a March Madness bracket to coincide), and dreaming about JT entering the Garden.
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