23 August 2011

Finally... The Help Movie

{...I saw The Help.  MGB and I ventured out to a 10:10 showing on a work night.  Rebels, I know.  I had to convince him, as we are usually asleep by this time.  Scratch that, I am asleep.  Anywho - the movie definitely lived up to my expectations.  Of course, the book was better (When is it not?  Well in the case of the Notebook, but that could be another entire post...), and the only reason I say that is because the book went into more depth.  I thought the screenplay was an excellent adaptation - I laughed, cried, and felt like the characters were truly my friends

I do hope that some of the actresses are nominated for a Globe or an Oscar.  My three picks:
1. Viola Davis as Aibileen

2. Bryce Dallas Howard as Hilly Holbrook

3. Jessica Chastain as Celia Foote

Of course, I loved all the actresses in the movie, but these three performances that stood out to me.  I believe that I loved Jessica Chastain's portrayl of Celia the most.  Her acting on the screen was just as I imagined while reading the book.  And while I still cringed during the scene in which she wears the tight pink dress to the Jr. League benefit, my heart was warmed when she opened up to Minny about a dark secret she carries with her.

I could talk about each character... but don't want to bore you, so go see The Help... Two Thumbs Up!}  

16 August 2011

Suri Cruise - Best New Blogger

{As you know, I have a fascination with celebs.  And I love me some Suri Cruise.  Not only did she trot around NYC in high heels at the age of two, she is always pictured wearing fabulous designers that she probably can't even pronounce.    

"Suri" has a new blog titled Suri's Burn Book.  It.is.legit.the.best.new.blog.out.there.  Suri writes from the point of view on her fabulousness (I hear ya sister!) and how other celeb children are just not up to par with her lifestyle.  Sometimes her parents even get burned too.  Few celebs remain unscathed, but she really digs those claws into Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and the Afleck girls.  Celeb lovers - if you want a fall out your seat read, add this blog to your google reader.  Oh, of course, you should add mine too.} 

{photos via pinterest}

15 August 2011


{Last week, I turned 26.  Wow, it seems like yesterday I was moving into Humes Hall and then celebrating my 21st with all of my friends.  Time does fly, but I am excited about this upcoming year.  A lot happened when I was 24 and 25 - I moved, started a new job, got engaged (and married!) and bought a new home.  Phew!

If you had asked me during my senior year of high school what I would be doing at 26, I would have said living far away from the south, doing something fabulous, and would not have been married.  Well, let's fast forward to now, one out of three ain't bad.  I am still fabulous, but am in the south (thank goodness, I am def a southern belle). I also am so blessed by having MGB in my life.  It is amazing the things that God has in store for our lives that we could never have imagined.

Speaking of memories... my sister just moved into her dorm at UT.  I can't believe that she is a freshmen and that it has been seven years since I moved into my dorm.  This is a week of celebrations indeed.} 

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09 August 2011


{I recently read that Michael Kors went to obtain a wedding license so that he can wed his longtime boyfriend, Lance LePere.  He did note that there will not be a blowout celebration, just a private ceremony.  I think he should celebrate with a dinner party after the ceremony.  MK, may I come over and plan?  Congratulations!}

{photos via wwd and pinterest}

08 August 2011

Movie Home : Father of the Bride

{Father of the Bride and Father of the Bride Part 2 are two of my favorite movies.  So, when I saw that this gorgeous home just sold, I just had to reminisce on the movies.  I would love a house like this one day, especially the open foyer.  And since my life partner and I recently purchased our first home together (YAY) I have had houses on the brain.  What are some of your favorite movie houses?}

{Images via pinterest and realtor.com}
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