30 June 2009

Sushi = Artsy and The Saint

So Friday night I ventured out on an artsy experience. I love artsy experiences. I went to an opening for Janna's brother, Daniel Tacker Originals. Check out the website - he is going to be famous. We had a great time drinking wine, admiring the art work, eating dips and sushi on the hot Memphis night. I mean, you have to eat sushi whenever you do something artsy. It makes your feel like you are in the moment, and if we had switched to pizza and beer, our night would have been ruined. Basically, eating pizza and beer would make us look as if we had just come from doing donuts in a 4x4. While I am not judging those who do donuts in a 4x4(I have done this on backroads in rural Tennessee), it's just that the sushi added to the experience. Def check out the Bluefin in Memphis - wonderful experience.

As we all know, last week was not a good week to be a celeb. As you are reading, take a moment to remember you favorite moments of Ed, Farrah, Michael and Billy.

My favorite memory of Michael is not really something that he did - but a time when I was lucky enough to be chosen to play him in my high school senior skit. I had a chance to lead some dancers in Thriller - while I got to wear a hat and one white glove. If E! had seen this, I would def have been a co-host of The Daily 10 by now. What about you - did you ever dress up at Michael? I wish I could post a picture - but now worries - it is published for all to see. Well, basically all to see if you have a copy of the 2004 Saint Yearbook. However, if you truly want to see this magical memory, send me a comment, and I will arrange a meeting for us to look at that wonderful picture and then will also show you through my entire senior yearbook.
Speaking of yearbooks - how fun were those? I was really sad that UT did not have a yearbook that was as big of a deal as other schools around the south. I remember the day when they arrived, and everyone clamored to get one from the school cafeteria to see how many pages they made, AND if they actually looked decent in any of the pictures. I actually was lucky enough to be VIP for the latter years of my high school experience. If you are asking how, you are clearly mistaken on who I am - of course I was VIP. The reason being: I was a proud member of The Saint Yearbook staff for two years. Through this experience I have many fond memories, such as figuring how to get low profile people in at least 3 pages (low profile - the weird kid who did not talk to you, even during your chemistry lab), photo shoots around the Collierville Town Square, watching Steel Magnolias after a deadline and of course, the infamous yearbook camp. I know, you are probably thinking - yearbook camp is not VIP. My motto - sometimes you have got to go through the un-VIP events to make it to the real ones. And we actually learned a little too there...
Also - check out my The Germany's Blog: http://www.jgbgthegoodlife.blogspot.com/
They have just moved to Aurora, Illinois (south of Chicago) to work for K-Life. Britt and Josh are great friends, and the blog is wondrful.
Anyways, enough talk of memory lane. Tonight I am going to drink a glass of wine and then clean something with Oxi-Clean to remember all of our famous friends.

25 June 2009

LC, Nascar, Montgomery

Amidst the sweltering heat of the Memphis sun, I ventured out after work for a celebrity sighting. Yes, Lauren Conrad (LC) from the wildly popular show, The Hills, was in the 901 yesterday. If you don't know who she is, you obviously have not been reading my blog. (May I suggest that you take a scroll through the archives?)

LC has a new book out, but I don't even know the name because I would rather spend that $20 on make-up or some wine. So she was hitting the south to give fans a taste of the LA life while signing copies. However, this book signing was very different than expected. As I drove up to Davis-Kidd, I was bombarded by girls younger than me all dressed as if they wanted to go to high school in Laguna Beach. This was when I first thought - I need a cold glass of chardonnay. When I met up with my friend Alicia, we both decided that we needed to play it incognito, not let anyone there recognize us. (But wait, we are in Memphis, and each saw a handful of people we knew...) Our friend Elizabeth works for a magazine that sponsored the signing. She gave us the scoop that LC thought it was entirely too hot in Memphis, loved our cute accents and was eating dinner later at Spindini.

So after coming out fifteen minutes later than scheduled -hello you are not Brad and Angie - LC graced Memphis with her presence. I am not going to lie, she did look very pretty, had long gorgeous hair (def extensions) and was tiny. So after a few minutes of seeing her and high school girls screaming in my ear, I ran out of Davis-Kidd and straight to the bar at Old Venice. I will admit, I was excited to see a glimpse of The Hills star, but I still wish that Lo had been there - at least I could have given her the Kappa handshake.
A few weeks ago, I made a journey that I never thought I would make: I journeyed to the Nashville Speedway for a Nascar race. Let me tell you, it was like I had stepped into the world of Ricky Bobby. I of course cheered for Carl Edwards (only because my friend Cory told me to), because I was wearing his jersey. Though Carl lost, I thoroughly enjoyed my time by entertaining myself with the following activities:

- text messaging Jenny when she was sitting next to me
-spotting 5 mullets in a span of 2 minutes
And my favorite:
-obtaining VIP status because of my jersey, than having Chad convince everyone in the elevator I was Taylor Swift. It worked for half a second because of my blonde curly hair, but then as the locals whipped around to see, they just saw me. However, that half a second when people thought I was Taylor was the best time of the entire race.

Last weekend, I woke up to find myself in Montgomery, Alabama. Why, you may ask? Well, yes, it is the capital of Alabama and my hotel had a rooftop pool. But the real reason I was in the state was to celebrate the nuptials of Anna and Stephen. It was truly a magical weekend of dancing, great food, and good times. And though I really wanted to request Rocky Top from the band, I knew that all of the Roll Tide Roller's would have kicked me out. So I was content to dancing to the ultimate wedding favorite: Shout!

Stay tuned for more adventures... this weekend I am going to a VIP art show where I just have a feeling that I am going to run into someone famous. If not, then you can find me at Spindini asking my server to bring me whatever LC had.

04 June 2009

Meant to be on a Magazine Cover

My iPhone is simply amazing. The only downfall is that it needs to be charged every night and if I happen to be stranded somewhere, but phone will die. But no need to fear, I now own three chargers so I am always reachable. FYI: If you try to reach me and my phone is off I am either on an airplane, have been kidnapped, or I just am really ignoring you.

Any who, reason #89 I am in love with my phone: the app iSuperstar. It has been a dream since I could walk around the supermarket and touch the faces of celebs on People, that one day, my face would grace the cover. Well, seeing that they still have not done an article on an up and coming blogger (HELLO - Call me! I will NOT ignore you!) I had to come up with a way to satisfy this dream temporarily. Below are the pictures that will grace the covers one day, and the stories that will accompany them:

This cover is what was published when people found out I had a boo. I know, hearts were broken, but my PR person told me I had to do it. It has since decreased some fan mail, but I'm ok with it.

This is my fave
cover. Leaving a party, don't
want the flashing lights to see
us heading for Krystal's.

Our next life calling...ESP. We actually just opened a new business - palm reading and tarot cards.

This is when my
publicist got mad at
me for the bottle, but I told her that
Rocky Top makes me dance.

Here is my new fave celeb couple: Amanda Seyfred and Dominic Cooper. they will of course last, because a. they are good looking, b. they both can sing (Hello - see Mamma Mia) and c. she was in Mean Girls, d. he was in the PBS special of Sense and Sensibility (if you don't' know what the references B and D mean - get cultured).
Well TGIF - and let me know if you want to be on the cover, I will send you one and you will be instantly famous.

03 June 2009

Tweet Tweet

So, yes, even after blogging about how much I was protesting this website, I have joined twitter. And deep breath, yes, I do enjoy it. At first I thought it was silly, but then I got to thinking, who doesn't want to know what I am doing at every minute of everyday? So - check it out:

One person that I love who I am following - the one and only Perez Hilton. My goal for the month of June is to become someone that Perez follows - got it? Well I am also planning on getting super toned Michelle Obama esque arms, but wanted a real goal, so Perez - add me. I am not quite sure though if he will though, seeing that he never e-mailed me back when I told him I was starting a blog to be just like him.

The other day I was at Italian Fest in Memphis, where Ellison and I ate four dollar slices of pizza and drank three dollar cokes and I came to this wonderful conclusion: I believe that couples look like one another. And if they don't, then they will probably break up. I came to this conclusion after I have closely observed couples in public and then also googled some. For example, I saw this couple sitting very closely to me at the Italian Fest: they both were chain smoking Marlboro Reds, had matching tattoos, cut off jean shorts, two kids, and looked so happy in love. Then right across the table to the other side, I saw a couple in their mid-forties, eating some pizza and sipping on wine, looking very preppy. I am including pictures as fact for this conclusion. (Some pictures also show where couples do NOT go together...sorry for your fate.)

This cougar and her boo def do not go together - She is a little TOO old, and plus, he's not even listening.

Together forever - look closely - she is smoking a cig and he has a cold one, so we both know they like to party. And she is smoking the cig with a bun in the oven and they already have a house. Match made in heaven.

Ummm - we all know how this turned out. One beautiful+one Not = break up. Lindsay - go back to your Mean Girls day. It was classic.

And here - classic: Two beautiful = a power couple. Viva Brad and Angie!

Taylor Swift -can I please have a ticket to your Fearless tour? Why did you not come to Memphis? I think that we would be best friends. I loved your Dateline special, and would love to work for you - I am a great Personal Assistant. Side note, I do not have previous work as an assistant, but know I am qualified. (I am going to post this on her twitter page - because of course, I am def a follower.)

Download: Dancing Shoes by Gavin Degraw
Read: My Sister's Keeper
Buy: Neutrogena Sunscreen, SPF 30
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