23 December 2009

Top Eleven Things in 2009

Well, my boys the Bubs did not win The Sing-Off last night.  Teardrops on NBC.  Oh well, they are still precious and I am planning on e-mailing them to see if they are planning on touring.  If the answer is yes, I am going to give them five good reasons to make a stop in Knoxville.  The number one reason:  There concert will be featured on my blog, main post.  I know that will def get them to come here. 
Anyways... back the the main topic.  2009 has been a very fabulous year for me.  I have been blessed in many ways and have so many fun memories from this past year.  I am going to compile a list of the greatest things/events/happening/people of 2009 -- in my opinion.  Some you will agree with, some you may not.  Leave me your comments about what you think and what I missed out on. 

11. Blonde Celebs:  Kate Winslet, Lady Gaga and T. Swift all have had an amazing year.  What do they all have in common?  They are all blonde (just like me).  Kate wowed us at the Oscars, Lady Gaga made us shake our groove thang and T. Swift rocked out... plus she gets double cool points for dating Team Jacob.

10. Snuggies: If you have not jumped on the bandwagon yet, do so before 2010.  Like I posted before, it was the best $15 I have spent in a while.  I use mine everyday, and they come in great colors and patterns.

9. The Obamas: The first family has had quite the year in the White House... and Michelle dazzles everytime she is out in public with her impressive style.

8. Nike Shorts: If you don't own a pair of Nike running shorts, you MUST buy them.  They are a little pricey for the typical running short, but believe me, they are so comfortable.  And when you are at the gym, you will see them in a plethora of colors.  I can't wait to open my new navy blue/light blue ones for Christmas.

7. Champagne: Always in... great drink of choice when celebrating with friends or just having a great night out on the town... all of my celeb friends drink this on the weekends.

6. Sunscreen: Well this is always in as well, but I believe that sunscreen has become more prevelant in medicine cabinets across America.  Even if you are a nice golden brown, you must protect yourself from UVA/UVB rays.  Big shoutout to the Cullen's for making the pale look oh so IN.  Tanning beds are so out... get a spray tan for a golden glow.
5. Small Screen: Glee and Parks and Rec are my two new shows.  Glee -- I blog about it all the time so you know my love for this show about a show choir (sidenote, I am listening to the soundtrach as I blog).  Parks and Rec is MUCH funnier this season... Amy Poehler's antics as Leslie Knope make me laugh each week.

4. Muddy's Cupcakes: If you are in Memphis, you must have heard of Muddy's.  If not, get to that store now.  Muddy's Bake Shop offers an array of cupcakes, cookies, pies, and coffee.  My faves are the prozac (chocolate on chocolate) and Neopolitan (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla).  The best part?  They are $1.50.  I am still trying to find something comparable in Knoxville, but the cupcake places here are too pricey for me.

3. Words with Friends: The best new app for iPhones.  I mean iPhones are just amazing.  Download this FREE app and you can play Scrabble with all of your other friends with iPhones/iTouches... hit me up - my username is MollieMorgan.

2. Michael Jackson:  This legend left us too early.  I knew I always had a connection with MJ when I grew up dancing to all of his music and then played him in a high school skit.  You MUST see This Is It.  You will dance, laugh and cry all in one movie.

1. The Cullens:  Enough Said.

18 December 2009

So... I am basically a Cullen.

The other day I decided to go to the doctor. No reason in particular, just a basic check-up. And believe me; I was not planning on the part when they were going to draw blood. I have basically been scared of needles my entire life, so the nurse made me lie on my back while she took blood. After almost passing out twice, I made it through. Phew. So, when she called me yesterday to discuss the blood results I was not expecting to come to major conclusion about my life. The nurse informed me that I am lacking in Vitamin D - which comes from direct sunlight. I told her well I am not surprised because I wear sunscreen everywhere and avoid the sun since I have the same fair complexion of Nicole Kidman and my favorite vampire family... The Cullens. I was so afraid she was going to tell me to go to a tanning bed (I only get spray tanned) but she suggested that a multi-vitamin should do the trick. However... I was very glad to hear this, because it does make me fit in with Edward and Alice.

Do you ever feel like you are working in an episode of The Office? I do every day. Today was our Christmas party, which was a total throw down. It was complete with all characters, ornament decorating and even SNL-esque skits. I totally thought that Angela and Phyllis planned it. I believe that today I was in the lines of Kelly, because she is always the life of the party.

I am anxiously waiting for Monday to get here... finale of The Sing-Off. I have already voted 30 times for the Bubs, and have even found out more about their organization... the singing group has been around since the 1950's. I also found some vintage YouTube. Definitely check out more of these videos, you will not be disappointed.

17 December 2009

McNuggetini and GaGa

As I was perusing my twitter account this morning, I discovered some interesting postings by the New York Times Style section. One article in particular stood out in my mind. There are two women who have created a "McNuggetini". That is right, your favorite childhood treat from McDonald's combined with the sophisticated taste of a white russian martini. I almost could not stomach the article, because the two just do not mix. I mean, I don't want to mix a Krystal's burger with champagne. Yet, I kept reading and discovered that these women are wildly popular on YouTube and have even been featured on the Today Show. Watch the video below for this crazy concoction - it has been viewed of 70,000 times.

Would you stomach one of these? What really turns me off is the B-B-Q sauce around the rim of the glass - vomit. I would try this drink minus the McNugget and sauce. However, these ladies are becoming quite a hit...maybe I should post some YouTube videos about the fabulous antics of my life.

I have recently discovered my deep love for Lady Gaga. I have always enjoyed her top hits, but her new album is just amazing. All of her songs have the ability to make you dance and think at the same time. Yes, she has some VERY interesting style choices, but I see it as being very (in the words of Brandon Holmes, life long friend and LA-aficionado) "avant-garde". I would pay big bucks to see her in concert, and was astounded to find out that she one, is only 23 years old and two, studied at the Tisch School of the Arts. Simply Amazing. On a side note, I am currently rocking her song Speechless as I write this blog.

The Sing-Off was once again wildly entertaining last night. Though the SoCals were eliminated, I am very excited for the finalists. I am now pulling for the Beelzebubs to win the prize, I have already voted from them multiple times. Penn, who sang Sweet Caroline last night, where have you been the entire competition? Plus, their cover of The Who was astounding. These guys are going to be the BMOC in the spring semester at Tufts University.

A new discovery to entertain you throughout the work day - Grooveshark.com. Thanks to Gina Martin for giving me this tip - this website is similar to Pandora.com, but you actually create your own play lists and choose the songs you want to listen to. I am already hooked. My first play list is comprised of Lady Gaga, Jason Mraz and every song by the cast of Glee. (Hey, I have to stay connected to the show since it will not return to April...teardrops on my TV.)

16 December 2009

The Sing-Off, Pass the Bubbly and Hot Messes

I have come to a revelation. I am fixated with hot messes. Britney Spears had me glued to E! News every night once she shaved her head. The new Jersey Shore cast is unbelievable. And LaLohan... every move she makes is documented on Perez. I love her updates mainly because she is way too blonde now and she always has grammatical errors on her Twitter account. And even though my life is always glamorous, these hot messes make me feel a little more famous each time they make a move because it is just ridiculous they are well-known. Well except Britney, she totally deserves all of her fame. Her self-titled album is still on my workout playlist.

Speaking of celebs, let's get to some real ones. The Golden Globe Nominations were announced yesterday. You must check them out here. Some surprises are on the list, including Sandra Bullock for the Blind Side. As you know, the movie is based on my high school and I am actually an extra... look for me 8 minutes into the film. Autographed pictures are available, just text me. Very excited for the 'Crest to repped on the Globes. I just love this awards show because it mixes the silver screen and the small screen. So many stars, so many great outfits! I literally get more excited than a child at Christmas. I am going to be crossing my fingers extra hard for all of the Glee nominees. I wish that Amy Poehler was nominated for Parks and Rec though... that show is amazing. It is much better this season and it reminds me of my days at the Garden.

With Christmas being just over a week away, so many galas and parties have been occurring. One tip I have it so always have a blast, but if you are trying to watch your calories try this new delicious drink - Thanks to Miss Tacker for this tip - Vodka Soda. It has less calories than traditional drinks, just add some lime for more flavor. Also, champagne has less than wine, so sip some bubbly over this holiday season. But between all that socializing, be sure to give back as well. Call a local non-profit and volunteer to wrap presents, serve meals or ring the bell to help raise money for others. Giving to others will be the best gift you get this season.

Also, I hope that you all have been watching The Sing Off this past week. A Capella groups from across the country are competing this week on NBC for a record deal. I am very partial to the Beelzebubs... they are so precious. Nota is also amazing, and the SoCals holding a close third. I feel as if I need to pull for the group from TN (Voices of Lee), but not quite sure they have what it takes to win. But hey, they are reppin' the Volunteer State, and their performance of Freedom 90 was amazing last night. The only downfall to this show is the judge Nicole, from the Pussycat Dolls. She is trying to play the "Paula Abdul" angle from Idol and just sounds crazy. Girlfriend... didn't you see on Perez that Paula got axed? Good thing the legitness of another judge, Ben Folds, always over shadows her opinions. Believe me, I will be glued to my television tonight. Check out some of these bomb performances, can't wait to buy them on iTunes.

11 December 2009

HP and Holiday Shopping

So, New Moon was amazing. I know, it's been out for awhile and I have not posted. I have been busy running around shopping, attending holiday galas and also attending some body sculpting classes (more on that later). I am anxiously awaiting the release of Eclipse... hopefully Taylor and R-Patz will show up in Knoxville for that premier and invite me to the VIP after party. I already have an outfit so all I need is the invitation.

More importantly, I have discovered a link to a first look into the last HP film, HP and the Deathly Hallows. Sad new though, when I went back to find the link, it actually had been taking down (darn copyright issues)... If only I had a spell to provide you the YouTube link. It is even more important to discover things about the movie, because in fact it is actually two movies that will be released eight months a part. I can't wait to dress up like Hermione at the midnight showings for each.

Back to body sculpting... a crazy term you are probably thinking in your head right now. It is crazy, let me tell you. I have decided to join a gym in Knoxville to keep my cholesterol down and to prevent me from being a contestant on the Biggest Loser. Well, one day I was tired of the routine of lifting weights, multiple crunches, 8 mile runs*, so I decided to attend a class. Body Sculpting. I stood in the middle to back, so if I needed to make a run for it I could. However, the teacher blasted old school Usher and we did a combination of different activities. It was lots of fun, until the next morning when I woke up. My body was so sore, and I looked like an old lady as I crept down the aisles of Kroger to get the ingredients to make peanut butter cookies. I figured if I had to endure this pain, I better eat something sweet.

(*This is definitely not my routine, just trying to sound more impressive about my gym techniques.)

Christmas time is approaching and many people are in a flutter about what to get for their loved ones. Here are some ideas that I love and that will not break the bank:
-Stationary: Snail Mail is always in (refer to earlier posts), and doing it on personalized cards makes it that much more hip. The personalized aspect makes it stand out among other gifts because you took the time to add that for your loved one.
-Magazine Subscriptions: Figure out what your boo likes to read, and then get them a year of magazines. It's the gift that keeps giving. And this is very affordable, check out their websites because many companies are doing other gifts with subscriptions as well.
-Wine Stopper: A great stocking stuffer that decorates your party loving friend will use over and over again.
-BMW convertible. Actually this is just number one on my wish list, don't you think I would look great behind the wheel? If you would like to give this to me, just email me and I will send you my address.

11 November 2009

Teardrops and Gingerbread Lattes

Well, teardrops on my blog. After all the excitement leading up to the drawing yesterday, I was extremely let down at Abuelo's (the restaurant where the New Moon drawing was held). I probably will never eat there again. Nevertheless, I was excited for two of the winners, but the third was a Dad who looked more excited to see his enchilada special than to win the tickets. I thought about going up to one of the winners who looked approachable and offer her a check and a free dinner, but my better judgment kicked in and I left the contest with grace. That is the best thing to do as a loser. I now just have to shift my focus to finding Taylor Lautner when he is in Knoxville for a secret photo op and meeting.

As I was shopping around yesterday, one thing is clear: the retailers want you to buy, buy, buy! Christmas will be here before we know it, Starbucks already has their annual red cups and are now producing gingerbread lattes at a mass volume. I have not started listening to the tunes yet though, wanting to hold off a few more weeks so I can really be in the spirit and not turn into a Scrooge after being overly bombarded by holiday propaganda. One place where I do wish it was Christmas year round is the Saks Fifth Avenue in New York. The decor makes you feel as if you are in a winter wonderland and I swear they are pumping some scent that triggers an emotion in your head to say "Just Charge It"! If I had an unlimited amount of funds or a sugar daddy, I would want to stay there year round and just buy clothes and make-up, go out to eat at fabulous restaurants and then sleep in the plush dressing rooms.

However, since I do live in Knoxville I may have to get by with a closer Christmas wonderland...Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Though I am very cultured and look down on those who drink white zinfandel, I do have a redneck secret. I love Gatlinburg. It's the only place where you can wear a fanny pack, see Dolly Parton, eat pounds of pancakes, and play a round of putt putt all in one day. The area is filled with holiday lights and decor, making you feel as if you are trapped in a snow globe.

10 November 2009

VIP Premiere

A grand event could happen tonight. I could win tickets to something my celeb friends attend all the time. What you may ask? A movie premiere. Yes, an event of epic proportions is happening in Knoxville. New Moon, the second story in this classic vampire - werewolf - human love triangle, will be flashed upon the silver screen for a select VIP audience before it is released across the entire country. And yes, I will be a member of this VIP group.

Let’s go back a little bit though. You may be thinking, Knoxville? Why are you no longer in Memphis? Well I moved. About a month ago I decided to pack up my things, work long nights filling my U-Haul and then proceed to get everything I own across the state of Tennessee in one single trip. Actually the only truth in that is the moving to Knoxville part. While I did pack up the majority of my items, I of course did the VIP thing and hired a mover and also gave many boxes to my boo for an additional trip. Upon my arrival, I just had to sit at the new house and merely direct everyone to where I would like the boxes while I just sipped some wine and relaxed. The long drive from Memphis to Knoxville will just take it out of you.

Life in Knoxville is just fabulous, as the way everyone’s life should be. I have had a wonderful time attending Tennessee Football games, eating at my favorite sushi joint and enjoying the ultimate: a Dunkin’ Donuts store where I can choose from a plethora of coffee and latte flavors each morning. The only thing that would make it that much more fabulous is being able to attend the VIP showing of New Moon. Not only would I be one of the first to watch this blockbuster, but I would also be in the presence of Team Jacob – Taylor Lautner. What…a cutie. If I do win, I will have to purchase a “Team Jacob” shirt from Nordstrom’s because it will make for excellent photo ops. Though I will be sporting this t-shirt, my heart does know my true devotion, which of course lies with Edward Cullen.

Speaking of Taylor Lautner, I am sure you are dying to know some celeb updates. Well word on the street is that Taylor is dating my other favorite Taylor…Swift that is. Taylor Squared. I highly approve of this couple, and do hope that they last through the “young stars” phase and one day adopt a ton of children just like Brad and Angie.

In other celebrity news and due to the New Moon theme to the blog, my gal pal Janna sent me this update about the movie. It is straight from Stephanie Meyer’s brother (the author, duh) who lives in Memphis:
“Just got inside scoop on New Moon.... As you know Stephanie Meyers brother goes to optometry school with Landon...Landon got the scoop on the new movie for my sister. Word is the second movie is 5,000 times better. Stephanie was disappointed with the first movie; she had a lot more input on second film and was in constant contact with the director. Also, RPatz is a douche. He didn't speak to anyone at the premiere after party. Taylor Lautner is super nice. (of course) SOOOO excited.”
-Janna Tacker

The other day I walked into Walgreen’s to pick up a card and some face wash and was stopped dead in my tracks. The entire front wall was lined with…Snuggies. I have been dying to purchase one but just keep putting up it off for one reason or another. However all of the stars were in alignment and a leopard print Snuggie ended up in my hands. It is the best $14.99 I have spent in a long time. Not only does it keep me comforted while I watch my favorite TV shows, it is also in a fashionable print. Go. Buy. One. Now.

Be sure to check-in tomorrow to see if I am a member of the VIP Premiere group.

14 September 2009

VMA's update and Make it Work

Well, well, well - it is now that time of year when you get enough dips, pigs in a blanket and Bud Light to go around. Yes, my friends, it is officially football season. But more importantly, September brings around the annual MTV VMAs! (Side note - I thoroughly enjoy football season, I love the VOLS. But, celebs entertain me more than Crompton's terrible 'stache.)

First, let's talk about the amazing Twilight:New Moon extended trailer. OMG. Taylor and R-Patz together on the stage. Team Jacob and Team Edward in person. I almost fell off the couch with excitement when the trailer was finished showing. And no worries, I have watched the trailer about 10 times again today at work. If you are not a Twilight fan, get on the bandwagon. I will admit, HP is much better, BUT these actors are way better looking. Well minus Bella Swan aka Kristin Stewart because her haircut looks like a mullet that could be spotted in Gatlinburg. I also proceeded to look up facts about each of the actors and feel a little guilty for having a crush on Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black) because I found out that he is only 17. Let me restate - I only feel a little guilty. You must watch it below:

As you all know, Kanye West tried to ruin Taylor Swift's night, but let's talk about what Taylor was wearing. Before she changed into the cute red dress - she was stunning in a silver sequined number. I looked up the dress online, and found out that it was only a few thousand dollars, so I decided not to purchase one for this award season. Maybe the designer would like to send me one for free since I am blogging about it? Hey, a girl can dream.

I would def say that SEQUINS were the main thing to the outfits last night. Leighton looked amazing, Pink and Shakira in the same dress, and Beyonce's performance leotard all had this wonderful fabric. I believe that sequins are always in, maybe this is because I grew up in dance costumes and red lipstick. Whenever I am in a store and I see them shining underneath the lights, I am drawn to that item and then usually have to purchase the article of clothing.
Talking about fabric leads me to another reason I am glad that fall is here - the new season of Project Runway is here. Oh Tim Gunn, I have missed your wonderful style advice. Heidi, how do you get your hair so shiny? Michael and Nina, your judging is always impeccable. The show has only been on for a few weeks, so there is not clear cut favorite yet, but I have been partial to the cute southern Carol Hannah and the blonde blonde blonde Althea. However, there are many challenges to go, so I do believe that we have not seen the best of the best yet. This season is being filmed in LA, compared to the last 5 which have been done in NYC, and sources have revealed that it has been much easier to get celeb judges each week. I can't wait to see what this Thursday has in store.

Another great new TV spot - Glee. This show reminds me of the wonderful days I spent in my high school choir. If you ever want to see tapes or pictures, please contact me via e-mail. Anyways, back to Glee. This quirky show has fun, fun, fun musical performances and I love how they remixed RiRi's hit song "Take a Bow" last week. If you are looking for a new show - I would def recommend this one.

30 June 2009

Sushi = Artsy and The Saint

So Friday night I ventured out on an artsy experience. I love artsy experiences. I went to an opening for Janna's brother, Daniel Tacker Originals. Check out the website - he is going to be famous. We had a great time drinking wine, admiring the art work, eating dips and sushi on the hot Memphis night. I mean, you have to eat sushi whenever you do something artsy. It makes your feel like you are in the moment, and if we had switched to pizza and beer, our night would have been ruined. Basically, eating pizza and beer would make us look as if we had just come from doing donuts in a 4x4. While I am not judging those who do donuts in a 4x4(I have done this on backroads in rural Tennessee), it's just that the sushi added to the experience. Def check out the Bluefin in Memphis - wonderful experience.

As we all know, last week was not a good week to be a celeb. As you are reading, take a moment to remember you favorite moments of Ed, Farrah, Michael and Billy.

My favorite memory of Michael is not really something that he did - but a time when I was lucky enough to be chosen to play him in my high school senior skit. I had a chance to lead some dancers in Thriller - while I got to wear a hat and one white glove. If E! had seen this, I would def have been a co-host of The Daily 10 by now. What about you - did you ever dress up at Michael? I wish I could post a picture - but now worries - it is published for all to see. Well, basically all to see if you have a copy of the 2004 Saint Yearbook. However, if you truly want to see this magical memory, send me a comment, and I will arrange a meeting for us to look at that wonderful picture and then will also show you through my entire senior yearbook.
Speaking of yearbooks - how fun were those? I was really sad that UT did not have a yearbook that was as big of a deal as other schools around the south. I remember the day when they arrived, and everyone clamored to get one from the school cafeteria to see how many pages they made, AND if they actually looked decent in any of the pictures. I actually was lucky enough to be VIP for the latter years of my high school experience. If you are asking how, you are clearly mistaken on who I am - of course I was VIP. The reason being: I was a proud member of The Saint Yearbook staff for two years. Through this experience I have many fond memories, such as figuring how to get low profile people in at least 3 pages (low profile - the weird kid who did not talk to you, even during your chemistry lab), photo shoots around the Collierville Town Square, watching Steel Magnolias after a deadline and of course, the infamous yearbook camp. I know, you are probably thinking - yearbook camp is not VIP. My motto - sometimes you have got to go through the un-VIP events to make it to the real ones. And we actually learned a little too there...
Also - check out my The Germany's Blog: http://www.jgbgthegoodlife.blogspot.com/
They have just moved to Aurora, Illinois (south of Chicago) to work for K-Life. Britt and Josh are great friends, and the blog is wondrful.
Anyways, enough talk of memory lane. Tonight I am going to drink a glass of wine and then clean something with Oxi-Clean to remember all of our famous friends.

25 June 2009

LC, Nascar, Montgomery

Amidst the sweltering heat of the Memphis sun, I ventured out after work for a celebrity sighting. Yes, Lauren Conrad (LC) from the wildly popular show, The Hills, was in the 901 yesterday. If you don't know who she is, you obviously have not been reading my blog. (May I suggest that you take a scroll through the archives?)

LC has a new book out, but I don't even know the name because I would rather spend that $20 on make-up or some wine. So she was hitting the south to give fans a taste of the LA life while signing copies. However, this book signing was very different than expected. As I drove up to Davis-Kidd, I was bombarded by girls younger than me all dressed as if they wanted to go to high school in Laguna Beach. This was when I first thought - I need a cold glass of chardonnay. When I met up with my friend Alicia, we both decided that we needed to play it incognito, not let anyone there recognize us. (But wait, we are in Memphis, and each saw a handful of people we knew...) Our friend Elizabeth works for a magazine that sponsored the signing. She gave us the scoop that LC thought it was entirely too hot in Memphis, loved our cute accents and was eating dinner later at Spindini.

So after coming out fifteen minutes later than scheduled -hello you are not Brad and Angie - LC graced Memphis with her presence. I am not going to lie, she did look very pretty, had long gorgeous hair (def extensions) and was tiny. So after a few minutes of seeing her and high school girls screaming in my ear, I ran out of Davis-Kidd and straight to the bar at Old Venice. I will admit, I was excited to see a glimpse of The Hills star, but I still wish that Lo had been there - at least I could have given her the Kappa handshake.
A few weeks ago, I made a journey that I never thought I would make: I journeyed to the Nashville Speedway for a Nascar race. Let me tell you, it was like I had stepped into the world of Ricky Bobby. I of course cheered for Carl Edwards (only because my friend Cory told me to), because I was wearing his jersey. Though Carl lost, I thoroughly enjoyed my time by entertaining myself with the following activities:

- text messaging Jenny when she was sitting next to me
-spotting 5 mullets in a span of 2 minutes
And my favorite:
-obtaining VIP status because of my jersey, than having Chad convince everyone in the elevator I was Taylor Swift. It worked for half a second because of my blonde curly hair, but then as the locals whipped around to see, they just saw me. However, that half a second when people thought I was Taylor was the best time of the entire race.

Last weekend, I woke up to find myself in Montgomery, Alabama. Why, you may ask? Well, yes, it is the capital of Alabama and my hotel had a rooftop pool. But the real reason I was in the state was to celebrate the nuptials of Anna and Stephen. It was truly a magical weekend of dancing, great food, and good times. And though I really wanted to request Rocky Top from the band, I knew that all of the Roll Tide Roller's would have kicked me out. So I was content to dancing to the ultimate wedding favorite: Shout!

Stay tuned for more adventures... this weekend I am going to a VIP art show where I just have a feeling that I am going to run into someone famous. If not, then you can find me at Spindini asking my server to bring me whatever LC had.

04 June 2009

Meant to be on a Magazine Cover

My iPhone is simply amazing. The only downfall is that it needs to be charged every night and if I happen to be stranded somewhere, but phone will die. But no need to fear, I now own three chargers so I am always reachable. FYI: If you try to reach me and my phone is off I am either on an airplane, have been kidnapped, or I just am really ignoring you.

Any who, reason #89 I am in love with my phone: the app iSuperstar. It has been a dream since I could walk around the supermarket and touch the faces of celebs on People, that one day, my face would grace the cover. Well, seeing that they still have not done an article on an up and coming blogger (HELLO - Call me! I will NOT ignore you!) I had to come up with a way to satisfy this dream temporarily. Below are the pictures that will grace the covers one day, and the stories that will accompany them:

This cover is what was published when people found out I had a boo. I know, hearts were broken, but my PR person told me I had to do it. It has since decreased some fan mail, but I'm ok with it.

This is my fave
cover. Leaving a party, don't
want the flashing lights to see
us heading for Krystal's.

Our next life calling...ESP. We actually just opened a new business - palm reading and tarot cards.

This is when my
publicist got mad at
me for the bottle, but I told her that
Rocky Top makes me dance.

Here is my new fave celeb couple: Amanda Seyfred and Dominic Cooper. they will of course last, because a. they are good looking, b. they both can sing (Hello - see Mamma Mia) and c. she was in Mean Girls, d. he was in the PBS special of Sense and Sensibility (if you don't' know what the references B and D mean - get cultured).
Well TGIF - and let me know if you want to be on the cover, I will send you one and you will be instantly famous.

03 June 2009

Tweet Tweet

So, yes, even after blogging about how much I was protesting this website, I have joined twitter. And deep breath, yes, I do enjoy it. At first I thought it was silly, but then I got to thinking, who doesn't want to know what I am doing at every minute of everyday? So - check it out:

One person that I love who I am following - the one and only Perez Hilton. My goal for the month of June is to become someone that Perez follows - got it? Well I am also planning on getting super toned Michelle Obama esque arms, but wanted a real goal, so Perez - add me. I am not quite sure though if he will though, seeing that he never e-mailed me back when I told him I was starting a blog to be just like him.

The other day I was at Italian Fest in Memphis, where Ellison and I ate four dollar slices of pizza and drank three dollar cokes and I came to this wonderful conclusion: I believe that couples look like one another. And if they don't, then they will probably break up. I came to this conclusion after I have closely observed couples in public and then also googled some. For example, I saw this couple sitting very closely to me at the Italian Fest: they both were chain smoking Marlboro Reds, had matching tattoos, cut off jean shorts, two kids, and looked so happy in love. Then right across the table to the other side, I saw a couple in their mid-forties, eating some pizza and sipping on wine, looking very preppy. I am including pictures as fact for this conclusion. (Some pictures also show where couples do NOT go together...sorry for your fate.)

This cougar and her boo def do not go together - She is a little TOO old, and plus, he's not even listening.

Together forever - look closely - she is smoking a cig and he has a cold one, so we both know they like to party. And she is smoking the cig with a bun in the oven and they already have a house. Match made in heaven.

Ummm - we all know how this turned out. One beautiful+one Not = break up. Lindsay - go back to your Mean Girls day. It was classic.

And here - classic: Two beautiful = a power couple. Viva Brad and Angie!

Taylor Swift -can I please have a ticket to your Fearless tour? Why did you not come to Memphis? I think that we would be best friends. I loved your Dateline special, and would love to work for you - I am a great Personal Assistant. Side note, I do not have previous work as an assistant, but know I am qualified. (I am going to post this on her twitter page - because of course, I am def a follower.)

Download: Dancing Shoes by Gavin Degraw
Read: My Sister's Keeper
Buy: Neutrogena Sunscreen, SPF 30

29 April 2009

Mall Madness

As you all know, spring has approached and is in full force, especially at my place of work, the Memphis Botanic Garden. Over the past few weeks, I have been running around planting and selling flowers, teaching kids about pollen, and of course, eating some of the great tomato soup.

During my free time though, I had a chance to relive the classic board game - Mall Madness - with my two great friends Alicia and Elizabeth. As we drove to the other side of the world aka the world of Wolfchase, we knew that we were embarking on a journey. So, as a tribute to this journey and to my favorite show, What Not to Wear, Alicia is modeling some things that are so NOT in this season.

One, ponchos. I am sorry, but this trend was here for a hot second when Jessica Simpson paraded around in them on Newlyweds. Well, we saw how that relationship ended and also how ponchos did.

Two, short short shorts. I am not knocking a good pair of shorts, they are a staple for the summer. But please do not be a victim of the way short shorts. I mean, no one wants to see that. Go to JCrew and invest in some that will last for a few seasons. And if JCrew is a little pricey (after all, we are in a recession) Target always has great looks.

However, a great accessory that makes any outfit feel springy is a fun, colorful scarf, just as our model, Alicia, is always wearing in the pictures. The bright colors make you want to go sit on a porch after work and drink some Bud Light.

Now on to something that has made my Monday nights better since the sun has gotten warmer - The Hills. First off, this season is more fake than ever, and I love it. The best part about the season opener was how Heidi could not just leave LC's party, because of course, it was on a boat. I want to give the producer who thought of that idea a high five. And now, gasp, the season finale is already ruined for Hills fanatics. E News reported on Sunday that Heidi and Spencer were truly married this past weekend. Well great, now we all know that they are not going to break up and that their therapy really worked. However, I am anxious to see how it is diced and spliced together...more to come.
My favorite celebs, Brad and Angie, have recently been spotted grocery shopping -- yes you read that right -- GROCERY SHOPPING. I thought that people like them would have at least three nannies to do this for them. If I were that famous, I would also have a famous nanny, then another one to send out to throw off the paparazzi. It seems as if the Jolie-Pitt Clan has settled into a neighborhood in upstate New York, just trying to be regular citizens like the rest of us. For some reason, I don't believe that the recession has hit this family, but maybe they are all budgeting like the rest of us.

This weekend I am going to head across the great state of Tennessee - and end up in my other home, Knoxville. While here I hope to relive some of my great college days and of course, eat some great sushi at Nama...

29 March 2009

QVC and March Madness

So the other day, I was watching QVC and was instantly drawn in. It was just unstoppable. I almost picked up my phone or computer to purchase some great shoes and a pink blush. However, I did manage to stop myself, seeing that I did not need either of those items. But still, I just kept watching, and it was rather entertaining. I think that I could be a great QVC saleswoman. You just talk about how wonderful that colored blouse looks on you or these jeans really make you look like you have long legs. So - QVC, if you are looking for a new, fresh face to sell your items to women across America, you know who to call.

Grey's Anatomy is going to be in a whirlwind until the season finale. Of course Izzie was safe this week - she will not die until the finale (which yes, I will cry). However, I was discussing the outcomes with a reliable source, who believes that she will make it through all of the tough surgeries, and will have complications on a routine procedure. What are your thoughts about Izzie? I just don't know if I will still be able to watch the show, seeing that she is one of my fave characters. Also - finally - after four seasons - Derek and Meredith are in LOVE and hopefully it will all work out.

I am still on the fence about Twitter - like I have said before, I will let you all know if I decide to go over. I have talked to a few others about this website since my last posting, and it is still half and half with those who love it and those who are scared to try it.

March Madness is about to be over, but it is getting to the best teams (or those who have proven themselves in the tournament) in the Final Four. While I will watch the final championship game, even though none of my teams are still in, I am still very excited about my American Idol pool! I wish I could tell all my readers, that yes, I am in the lead. However, America can make some crazy decisions, and the other 36 million who voted don't have the same opinion as I do. I am in the middle of the list, but still have time to pull out the win. Now that we are down to the best of the best in AI, I have to chose who I believe is going to be sent home. Last week, I choose Megan - and was upset when Michael went home. Even though I was not a fan of Michael, I had put him the past two weeks to go home, so I decided to change my luck. I will have to be better on guessing my pick this week. I def am a fan of Danny, Matt, and Lil Rounds - Hey gotta rep the 901!

23 March 2009


Twitter - according to the website answers the question to all of your friends - "What are you doing?" This is a topic that I have been meaning to discuss for awhile, and you may have some differing opinions than mine. I have friends that love it, friends that are very scared. I am caught in the middle. I have been sent an invitation to join, but I am just now starting to accept facebook status updates, so I believe that it may take a little bit longer for me to join this internet phenomena. However, I have done a little research about Twitter.com.
I read an article in New York magazine about the co-founders, two guys in their mid-twenties. They believe that it is the newest way for people to stay in touch, a "micro-blog". You can reach out to your friends and let them know where you are partying, who you are with, if you are running late, and to get advice on what color shirt to buy at the mall.
Chad Fulton, who is a new member in the Twitter community, joined after some friends persuaded him to do so. Chad says about the online community, "Pretty much, the easiest way to stalk someone without a picture of their weekend." I guess that you look at the actual pictures on the facebook after reading one's Tweet (the micro-blog, or post) on Twitter. (This language is more confusing then my abbrevs) Chad continued to tell me that he really does like Twitter, and said I should try it out.

However, I got to thinking more about this website. Would someone really want to know what I am doing throughout the day? I know that I have a blog, but I am not quite sure my class friend from JEM 200 would want to know that I am contemplating HHI or Charleston for the 4th of July. Also, what if I put up where I was dining and drinking this weekend - and someone that I did not want to show up, does show up! Oh goodness, Twitter could be the downfall of one's social life. But, it could also make it easier, so people do know where I will be chilling, and I will be saved one less phone call, thus saving minutes, thus making my bank account happier. It is an internal struggle, and who knows if I will succumb to the Twitter and Tweeting. One thing for sure, I do talk a lot so maybe just sticking with the old fashioned blog is the best thing.

Another thing about Twitter made me think about how busy people are today. No wonder people are constantly updating, they can do it in a quick format without bothering anyone else. And we always want to know what is going on with others, but very rarely want to invest lots of time in communication. I hate it when people say "I am so busy, I just can't keep up with all these different people" or "I can't believe we have not talked in forever, my life is so crazy". Yes, yes, we all have crazy lives, but it is very simple to have a quick phone conversation or another novel idea - e-mail. It drives me crazy when people do not reply to e-mails. Everyone is busy, but an e-mail can take 10 minutes to send and is easier than a longer phone call. And with all the crazy forms of posting about our lives - we should all be more connected than ever. I am hoping that I will now have a full inbox after this post (because I love keeping up with new and old friends!), and for those of you who feel to busy to reply, I know you will be very sad when I don't invite you to my fabulous parties when I'm rich and famous.

22 March 2009

Small Screen...Big Entertainment

The newest thing that is hitting the small screen (well at least, in my penthouse) is 30 Rock. I have always watched the show on and off since it first debuted, but now that I am lucky to have DVR, I watch it each week. Tina Fey deserves all the awards that she has received and I just can't get enough of Tracy Morgan, Kenneth, and Jane Krawkowski. If you do not watch it, it is a must see. Especially since it is after one of my other favorites, The Office.

Speaking of the small screen, Grey's Anatomy is OOC. And yes, I still do watch Grey's. Though it did go through a lull in the third season, I believe that it is just as addictive as ever. The biggest thing - SPOILER ALERT - is Izzie's illness. Izzie has always been one of my favorite characters, and it is going to be the craziest ending to a season ever. It is very clear that yes, she is going to die, because her illness is terminal and Perez reported that Hegil wants off the show. George also wants to leave, I wonder what will happen to him... oh the drama of Grey's. I think after this season the show will def be downhill.

The Hills is coming back and looks better than ever, I can't wait. The drama is more intense and I just hope that Heidi and LC become besties again. You must check out the preview here, it will make you want more: http://perezhilton.com/2009-02-23-watch-it-3

Yesterday, my friend and I completed a 5k in the rain. It was very intense - runners were everywhere, water was thrown at us when we passed the mile and a half point, and I now believe that I am ready to run a marathon. I recommend getting out and doing something in the warm weather now that it is almost spring. And take a few hours for some spring cleaning, it will make you have a sunny outlook on your humble abode.

18 March 2009

Spring Love... and of course, Celebs

It's becoming warmer as the days go on and I could not be more excited. I am a warm weather girl (even though I have the palest skin in the world) and would much rather be outside on a patio with good friends enjoying some great apps and a beer. Cold weather is just not hip in my book, it just ruins everything. I think that the reason spring time = love time is because the heavy coats are being shed and more skin is revealed.

So on to a favorite topic of mine: celebs. Everyone has their favorite celebs, but today this blog will have a different approach. Celebs that I dislike and think should not be famous.
1. Jessica Biel - I just think she is terrible because A. she is always at Red Carpet events and has only been in 7th Heaven and B. was on 7th Heaven. She is not even famous, her red carpet Oscar dress was terrible and she somehow has tricked JT into dating her. Bleh.
2. Heidi Montag - If she is famous, why am I not? Though I am a huge fan of The Hills, Speidi is just ridiculous. Maybe this season she will break off her fake marriage and then reunite as besties with Lauren - ahh that would be great to see.
3. Chris Brown - used to love, now on the bad list after hurting RiRi.

I have also read that JT ( I know, I have been talking a lot about him lately but he is my number 1 celeb crush) is developing his own line/brand of tequila. Just like Puffy jumped on the vodka train. I will of course buy some of this in an attempt to become just like JT, but not at all like his terrible lady friend.

Thought I think that Miley Cyrus is a country cutie - I was very sad to see her new trailer at the movies a few weeks ago. When I was anxiously awaiting for "Confessions of a Shopaholic" to come on the screen - the preview of Hannah Montana came one. It shows her being very glam in Hollywood, and then comes "home" to Tennessee. However, Tennessee is portrayed as being in the middle of no where and everyone is a country bumpkin. I was rather saddened by this because I love the state of Tennessee. It's just going to make people in LA think that all of us have three teeth and want to date our second cousin. Oh Miley - just remember - you are from here too. And if you need a publicist, I am available.

16 March 2009

JT and Hoops

So, it has been a quiet winter, and I had gone into hibernation in my "blog world". Anyways, it's back. No, not panchos in fashion (I do admit, I jumped on that bandwagon in high school and had a pink one) but molliemorganrobinson.blogspot.com. Anyways, many "bloggable" things have happened since I have been away.

"Bloggable" - an experience in my life or the others around me that is worthy enough of making the page.

Anyways, many bloggable things have been occurring in my life on a more regular basis, so I took it as a sign that I should return. Anyways, enough of the blah blah because I know you are excited to hear what is happening in my fabulous life and what fabulous things you should be doing.

I would love to share with you what has happened over the past few months, but these stories are too numerous for one post, and I have decided that I should spread them out over upcoming posts, i.e. stay tuned. The last adventure that I have taken place in was in the ATL. Yes, yes, home of T.I., Usher, the Marta, and One Midtown Kitchen ( a bomb restaurant - go if you are there: http://www.onemidtownkitchen.com/index-home.htm). Anyways, I departed from Memphis on my Airtran flight, which is something that I must elaborate on. Airtran was one of the best flying experiences I have had in a while (and I have been globetrotting a lot recently so I consider myself a knowledgeable traveler). Not only did I find a great rate with their specials, everyone was courteous and I was given a free drink and pretzels. Plus, the seats were roomy, and XM radio was provided. I of course played with my iPhone, but hey, I still thought that was great.
After surviving the Atlanta airport and Marta, I quickly found myself stationed in a seat where I would spend a lot of time over the next four days - the Georgia Dome. I was so lucky to have the chance to spend my time in ATL at the ACC Hoops Championships - and my team - came away victorious. (If you were looking for me, I was easy to spot - I was the one wearing blue). After many shots at the net, lets just say I was ready to take some shots too, just in the liquid form. And I did have some shots, of wine that is. I also recommend trying TWO urban licks - great restaurant where I had a great time. Anyways, the trip proved to be successful because I saw many celebs of the athletic kind. Too bad my boo knew more about them than I did. I literally was a foot from a former NBA baller where all the guys we were with were giddy and I did not know who he was. I guess I understand how guys feel now when they listen to me say I would literally just die if Justin Timberlake walked into the Memphis Botanic Garden. (Side note, he probably will never do that but I did hear talk from the Hort Center that someone might be helping do the plants/grounds for JT's new golf course in Millington. I of course volunteered as an ambassador for the Garden for all the swanky PR events and openings.)

I also had the chance to see Legally Blonde at the Orpheum (thanks JB!) where I saw Elle Woods live onstage. Many of my dreams were fulfilled. The shocker in this one is that Elle can sing and dance while winning her way into Harvard Law. I was very pleased to hear many of my favorite lines from the movie. I recommend this as a light-hearted evening. Guys may not enjoy it as much, the majority of men I saw looked as if they were dragged there by a significant other or just really, really like pink.

So, spring is upon us and while many of my friends are taking spring break trips, I am stuck working. I believe that every office should give a paid spring break along with vacation days...hey one can dream. Anyways, a little fashion talk for a minute. Yes, some warm days have come upon us, but don't break out the white linen yet. And with this warm weather I am reminiscing last year when I was rolling through the ocean with my girlfriends enjoying the last few days of freedom...

... At least I can look forward to the new episodes of Gossip Girl, flip flops very soon, my American Idol pool at work (yes, it's true and yes I paid $10 to enter. And no, we don't have a March Madness bracket to coincide), and dreaming about JT entering the Garden.
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