29 February 2012

Favorite Things These Days

{A few things I am enjoying these days...

This sweet treat I found via pinterest.  I used dark chocolate instead of milk, and they have to be good for you because of the banana, right?
Indie Girl Hair Ties.  These have changed my life and are so stylish.  Plus, this brand is from Knoxville, love shopping locally.  

My new bangs!!!  Thoughts?  I texted my life partner on the way home from the salon and said "My hair looks really different."  He said, "Well when I opened the computer and saw google pulled up with Taylor Swift Bangs, I had an idea."}

27 February 2012

Oscar 2012 Red Carpet Recap

{I have been bad about blogging my favorite award show looks this season, but how could I not cover the OSCARS? The chocolate icing on the cupcake of the award shows, which by the way, some of these stars need to eat some cupcakes. Anywho... drumroll please, my picks for best and worst dressed:

Let's start with worst:

Rooney Mara

Ok, Ok. I actually just got bangs, (AH, post to come) but Mara's bangs were way too severe. Also, her half bun ponytail looked so...bleh. I mean I could have done that hair. The dress does have pretty detail, but this is a complete miss to me.

Kristen Wiig

I love her, and I hate that I am saying this, but, Kristen, Y U NO LIKE COLOR? She has been wearing nude tones this season, and I think she would look FAB in a pop of bright blue or green. I do like the skirt of this dress, but the color kills it for me.

Sandra Bullock

First, I love her and love Marchesa. The bottom of the dress start off great, but I hate the top. And that ponytail is too tight. Oh Sandra, why, why?

Best Dressed
Viola Davis

Love the natural hair, the emerald green on her skin, her skin is glowing, and her confidence is oozing. Viola looks beyond FAB in this Vera Wang gown. I was a little sad when Meryl beat her for the Oscar, but then again, it's Meryl.

Michelle Williams

When I saw this, I screamed. L-O-V-E it. I am so glad she did not wear a crazy workout headband a la the Golden Globes. The color, the peplum look, the tiered skirt, and the touch of bling...I want this Louis Vuitton for my closet.

Octavia Spencer

Girl, it was your night. No words can describe how much I love this look by Tadashi Shoji. She is glowing.  Plus, she received a standing O.

Natalie Portman

LOVED this patterend look from Dior. Yes, those are polka dots, and yes, I love it. I actually had a dress like this in high school which I rocked at a formal. Natalie and I are so hip.

Gwyneth Paltrow

OMGwyneth. She really can do no wrong. First, she is wearing a CAPE. Second, she is wearing white. Her body is perfection, and this Tom Ford gown shows that to the world. I guess I need to get into her Goop lifestyle. The only thing that bothered me was the hair...I wish that she had pulled the ponytail a bit tighter.

And my favorite look of the night:
Jessica Chastain

Jessica looked radiant in this Alexander McQueen gown. I.am.still.breathless. The bodice, the beautiful gold embroidered detail, her simple hair, and $2 million in jewels. No words.

Now, I did enjoy many of the other looks, but these were my top picks. I really thought that most of the stars got it right on the carpet.  However, I had to stick with my guns and stay with my favorites. Now, I gotta go watch The Artist.  Don't know how I feel about a silent movie... isn't there a category just for this?

Who did you enjoy last night?}

{photos via people & yahoo}
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