29 April 2011

{Longer post to come, just had to put this one picture up during lunch.  I did get up at 5:15 a.m. to watch the entire ceremony.  Breathtaking, fabulous, royal...}

{photo via people}

26 April 2011

{All about Kate Middleton's style.  Dying to see her dress on Friday!  I wonder who is the lucky designer?}
{OH MY GOSH.  Royal Wedding Frenzy is in full effect.  My life partner asked me if I was truly going to get up early this Friday morning.  I mean, hello!  I can't wait to get up and watch with my fave Today show anchors.  

Since I did not receive an invite (teardrops) I decided to put together some outfits that I would wear if I was attending the nuptials.  What would you wear if you were going?}

{I included an array of outfits for the entire weekend from some of my favorite designers.  Luncheons, rehearsals, receptions, after parties...dressed to the nines in tibi, jason wu, david yurman, christian louboutin, alice + olivia, nicole miller}

{photos via saks, tibi, sephora}

17 April 2011

{It's officially sandal season, so naturally, I just had to go get a pedicure this afternoon.  I decided a pretty lavendar color would do, as it is still spring and this weather is fickle.  I will def have to get some hot pink on my toes the next time.}


{I have been watching American Idol off and on this season, because I am really not impressed by the talent.  I did like Pia and Paul, but they have packed their bags and left Hollywood.  I also think that I am missing Simon's funny remarks.  One thing that I am impressed with: Jennifer Lopez.  Thought her remarks are sometimes silly, she is always looking FABULOUS.  I have loved her sequined dresses and am dying, I repeat, dying for her glowy skin.  So, I have been using some old + new products to get the JLo glow.  Check them out below.}

{I first start with Rodan + Fields Microderm Paste to get rid of dry skin and to reveal the new, glowy skin.}

{I follow up with my R+F Soothe Treatment, which helps take away redness and adds moisture to my skin.  You must moisturize when going for the JLo look.}

{Mix in some L'Oreal Sublime Bronze with the Soothe treatment.  This sunless tanner + bronzer adds shimmer.  When I use this, I can go without my mineral foundation.}

{The Nars Multiple in South Beach is really where the luminous skin starts to show.  I apply this on the apples of my cheeks and on the area of my upper nose and lower forehead.}

{When you are about to walk out the door, sweep some of this Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc in Pink Mosaic over the Nars, and you will have achieved...

... the JLo glow!}

15 April 2011

{14 Days and Counting till the Royal Wedding is upon us.  You.MUST.watch.this.video.  This is my dream.  Best line, "I want you baby, you might be the one.  The only problem, you're Kate Middleton."  Royals + Gaga.  I think I may have just had a small heart attack due to my love of both these celebs.}

14 April 2011

{As if you don't already know, I love this song and her new album.  I am also obsessed with PS22 Chorus.  Please check out this video.  My heart is skipping with happiness.}

13 April 2011

{It's an exciting day here at faux fur and sequins.  One, I just won a giveaway from sweet tea and champagne.  The prize is pictured above, some GORGEOUS Diana Warner earrings.  I already know which outfit I am going to pair with them.  Secondly, I just happened to meet the writer of sweet tea and champagne as I was out and about... such a small world.  You must check out your blog, she has great style tips and advice, it's a must read.  Third, I attended a social media conference today and learned more about facebook and twitter than the average person probably wants to know.  However, I feel a bit hipper now, and look forward to applying some tips to my blog and social media strategies.}

{As you all know, I love T. Swift.  I was talking to my friend Lauren last night, and she thinks it is so funny how obsessed I am with her, whatevvvvs.  Here is Ms. Swift from the ACM awards.  I love this dress, but wish it was a deeper gold color.  I do think my opinion of her dress is funny, because I love wearing pale colors and my skin is Cullen-esque too.  My life partner always tells me that dark colors look better on Cullen-esque skin, and I always agree when I see OTHER people wearing them.  However, on me, it always looks fab (or so I think).}

{The sun is out and spring is here!  Woo hoo!  I never thought this day would come.  I am so glad to be able to frolick in the sunlight, whether I am running outside or sipping drinks on a patio.  I dare say that I do need this hat when I am out and about in this gorgeous weather.  It's perf because it has the right monogram.}

{I need this outfit!  DYING.  Longer post to come...}
{photo via atlantic-pacific}

04 April 2011

{Dear people.com, why do you torture me with just ONE photo from Reese's wedding?  I will def be running to Walgreen's later to pick up your magazine.  You and your tricky ways, you give me one photo and I need more.  On a side note, love Reese's veil... very similar to mine.  I love how all the celebs are using tips from my wedding.}

03 April 2011

{I was getting my hair colored yesterday, and wanted to change things up.  I have been getting highlights for awhile now, but the maintenance of those things are so unbelievable (white girl problem).  So, I told my colorist my concerns and then she asked if I was willing to try a new trend that all the celebs are doing with their hair color now.

As if I needed to even think about that one.  Celebs?  In style?  I said, start coloring!

The trend that she based my hair color on has been called "ombre" and "brondish (brown+blonde)".  It is where your roots are darker then your ends, and highlights are just woven throughout in no specific pattern.  This is how it turned out.  (Please note, this is an iPhone photo and I am not showing my face as I have just woken up.) }

{Here are some of my fave celeb ombre examples.  If you are afraid of bright blonde highlights or dark brown color, I definitely recommend this trend.  It gives you a mix of two great colors and the maintenance is much easier.}

01 April 2011

{I was at a party this past weekend when one of the guests brought up a fab topic... my blog!  It was a male and he said that the post he read was one of my award show posts... therefore he did not understand all the pictures.  Luckily, a girlfriend who is just as obsessed with celebs as I am, said that she loved faux fur and sequins and we talked for about thirty minutes on how rich the Kardashians are for not being famous at all.  The point of this story is that I am going to try to mix a few "male" driven items in the blog, but let's face it people : It's all in the title and, I grew up dancing in sequins, and I have never been a tomboy.}

{Speaking of some celebs... I need to take a trip to New Orleans stat.  BRANGELINA + family sightings daily.  Need I say more?  The fact they just mosey around town makes them that much cooler in my book.  I bet they won't mind if I am sneaking around, following their every move... hey, it's for the blog.}

{To all my twitterers out there...(you must follow me)... you must follow White Girl Problems.  This time line is a perfect description of the many trials I face throughout the day: too many carbs, not enough coffee in the morning or wine in the evening, terrible fashion choices by those around me.  Seriously, it's a miracle I even make it through the day.}

{My white girl problem today?  I don't have time to get a manicure and need some more Yurman so I can look as fab as the above picture.}

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