09 December 2008

Diet Coke Thief

Well, it has been almost a month, I know, please don't start throwing tomatoes! But I am going to use the age old excuse, the holidays have gotten the best of me. So, I will give you a whirlwind synopsis of what has been going on in my fabulous life.

So, as I said, I have some insider friends at the Country Music Hall of Fame, don't worry about it. But, if you are interested in an event, then you should worry about it, check out a previous post with discount information. They got to see the set up and witness in the delight of the CMA's back in November.

After getting this inside tip, I decided that I wanted to celebrate in the beauty of what is Nashville. So, Janna and I took the long three hour journey to the center of our wonderful state. We also were lucky enough to cheer on the Vols to a victory and come home with some great stories we could share with our families over the holidays. The next time you go to Nashville, I suggest the following:
-Stay at the manor of Ross. The only complaint I had was the cold shower, but hey, you can't get everything.
-Crash a party at a house where you know NO one that lives there. It was one of the best parties and eight hours of my life. Not only did we have best friends by the time the party started to wind down, we also had a new hang out and some great inside jokes. Go Dead Girl.
-When you run into a cop who is about to give you an open container, just casually laugh and say "Oh, you can't walk around with open beers here? We are not from here, we live on Beale Street where this is normal!" Give him a wink and you will be able to continue your journey to the place of 2 for 1's.

So, I conclude that Nashville is a very fun city. Thanks to everyone who helped out in creating one of the best weekends.

I also have been entertaining visitors to the great city of Memphis. When my boo came to town, it was a uniamous decision that we wanted to dance the night away. Let me recommend Alfred's, where the band played everything from Rolling on the River to Vogue. I also recommend a few vodka drinks to really get your body moving!

Now, on to the title of my post - Diet Coke Thief. Like many offices around America, we have a fridge where employees are allowed to store items. I usually use it everyday to store my lunch. And though I have been tempted to try someone else's chocolate pie or take a cold drink when I forgot to pack one, I have always shut this urge down because of common courtesy. So I was shocked today to find out that someone stole my Diet Coke! The audacity! And I had just seen it when I went to get my lunch out of the fridge, and decided to keep it in there and drink it later. Well, when the urge for caffeine came about, I ventured to the breakroom. I was shocked when I could not find it - it had just been there! I had been a vicitim of bad karma, when I had not done anything to deserve it. Well, $.75 later, I was enjoying the taste, but it still was just not as refreshing as the other one would have been. Moral of the story - Always mark your Diet Coke.
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