31 January 2011


Award season is in full swing - and the stars did not dissapoint at the SAG awards last night.  One trend that I am really loving is how stars belted long gowns.  It gives the formal dresses a funky look.  Some of my favorite:

There were plenty of feathers, gold tones, sequins, and belts to go around - I was in heaven looking at these photos.  I also loved the casual hair some of the stars had with their gowns, it gave them a fresh look.  I would have to say Angie Harmon's pink feathered gown {last picture} was to die for, and was my favorite look of the night.

Another point that I want to discuss - why is it that a pill has not been invented to help chocoholics like me?  I need to get with a scientist ASAP and work with them to help create a pill that you take when you are tempted to tear into a bag of M&Ms.  After taking this pill, if you eat chocolate in a four hour period, it would somehow change the taste of sweet coco beans to that of brussel sprouts, thus making you not want to eat delicious sweets every day.  If you have any connections, let me know.  I am thinking that this invention will make it big, even bigger than Snooki's poof.

24 January 2011


On this chilly Monday, I am dreaming of warm days where I can wear these dresses while I sip wine on a restaurant patio.

{photos via Shopbop}

19 January 2011


Though I am Team Taylor Swift all the way, I just had to post this picture of Camilla Belle.

Why you may ask?
1. Her skin is flawless.  Yes, it may be airbrushed, but I need her make-up artist to call me ASAP and tell me which make-up products she is using.  I dream of the day when I can get my make-up professionally done for all of my public appearances.  However, I am sure she is using R+F skincare...
2. The reason I am Team Taylor is because "allegedly" Camilla stole Taylor's main squeeze at the time, Joe Jonas.  Good thing it happened, because the song about Camilla is my fave track on Taylor's new album.

I am loving this Preen dress on Diane Kruger... and it will only set you back a cool $1,500.  The color is great for spring, and I am sooo ready to pull out all my spring wear.  Winter, I am so.over.you.

{photos via the vogue diaries}

18 January 2011


Britney is back.  Thank goodness.  I am sure that you have all heard her new song, and though the title is a little cheesy, I am loving the beat and have already added it to my iPod.  However...

Girlfrienddddd, what are you thinking?  Get to the salon fast and fix that hair.  I guess it is true, no matter how rich and famous you are, you can really never take the south {redneck in this situation} out of the girl.

On to another one of my fave celebs, Rachel McAdams.  Loved her in Mean Girls and the Notebook, but honestly, why did she walk out of the house looking like this?  She should have practiced her "side" shot at home.

Then I got to thinking, what if paparazzi followed me around everyday?  One, I would love it, but two they would catch me doing the craziest things - like wearing my yoga pants, uggs, headbanded ponytail look while sipping on a venti iced latte as I run  into Target.  Yuck, don't want that all over People.com

17 January 2011

monday - golden globes 2011

DYING at all the beautiful pink tones and sequins I saw last night.  I literally was not going to miss one single look, so during the red carpet pre-show, I was on the internet, downloading twitpics from my phone and stationed in front of my television to make sure that I was able to see all the hits (and misses) from the 2011 Golden Globes.

My favorites:
{Anne Hathaway.  Wowza!  This was by far my fave look of the night.  I love the sequins and pale pink color.  Also, it was confirmed via Twitter that Rachel Zoe styled her.  I die.}

{Catherine Zeta-Jones in Monique Lhuillier.  LOVE the skirt and emerald green color.}
{Carrie Underwood in this fab, sequined gown.  I think that she can do no wrong fashion wise.}

{My new fave actress, Emma Stone,  I loved this peach backless gown, and can't wait to see her in the upcoming movie The Help.}

{LOVED this bubblegum pink gown worn by Lea Michelle.  The ruffles really make the dress stand out to me.  I am not crazy about her hair though... I think it would have looked good swept completely back.}

{What can I say?  This dress is gorgeous and I just can't get enough of Sofia Vergara.  If you don't watch Modern Family, go and rent the first season ASAP.}

{Now I know this dress was loved by some and hated by others.  I really love it.  As you can tell, I love the pink trend, and I think that Natalie Portman, who is preggers, looks gorgeous!  I am a big fan of this simple, yet elegant gown.}

{OMSequins.  LOVE this gown, and it totally fits Amber Riley's diva character Mercedes.}

{January Jones.  Another wowza, my life partner really liked this look as well, I wonder why?!?  I love the red color, and think that her hair and makeup is styled beautifully with that dress.  Hey, if I had her body I would rock that dress too.}

{Just because I love GLEE, I wanted to say that all the women looked FAB last night.}

Now, let's take a look at a few looks that made me think, "Who the heck is your sylist?"

{Why, Heidi, Why?  You are a supermodel, clothes are given to you.  This looks like a dress someone who was eliminated the first week of Project Runway created.}

{Jennifer Love Hewitt.  Blah, why was she eve there and why is she still famous?}

{Michelle Williams - just because you are supposedly dating Ryan Gosling does NOT mean you can wear sunflowers to the Globes.  Seriously, this looks like a dress I wore in 7th grade from Gap Kids.}

So, do you agree with my fashion picks?  Let me know if I left any of your favorites out, or if you disagree with my top pick choices. 
{photos via yahoo, just jared, glee's facebook page}

16 January 2011

sunday - golden globes

Ah, the start of awards season, I am just too excited for the Golden Globes.  I know that many of my favorite celebs and style icons will look ravishing tonight.  I especially can't wait to see Natalie Portman, Nicole Kidman, Mila Kunis and the girls of Glee.

As a tribute, I am going to give you a glance back at some of my favorite GG styles. 

{Emily Blunt}

{Lea Michelle}

{Sandra Bullock}

{Cameron Diaz}

{Chloe Sevigny}

{Diane Kruger}

{Kate Winslet}

{Olivia Wilde}

{Reese Witherspoon, loving the sequins}

As we look back at some of my favorite looks from the past few years, here is to hoping my favorite celebs do not end up on my "Why the heck did you not hire Rachel Zoe??" list.  I hope you enjoy watching the GG as much as I do.  I can't wait to sit down, sip champagne and eye the latest red carpet looks.

12 January 2011

wednesday, part 2

In the words of my fave Rachel Zoe, "I die" for these gloves:

And this belt:

And this top:

If anyone is feeling generous, you can find these items at J.Crew.  I have the perfect spot for them in my closet and have already envisioned how FAB they will look with many of my outfits.


Besides People, Perez, Facebook and my blog, my other favorite website is Sephora.  I could spend hours scrolling through all the products and adding them to my cart without even thinking.  A problem does occur when I go to check out, as I usually have around $700 worth of product in my cart. (Hey, I get free shipping and free samples)

Since I do have a product addiction, I knew that I needed to find help quick.  I tried to find a Beauty Product Anonymous group at my local community center, but was unsuccessful. 

Insert a new brilliant business I just started, I will sell products and get to talk about them.  OMG, dying.  I love to talk and love products, so why not combine them?

So I decided to partner with Rodan + Fields Dermatologists (the ones behind Proactiv) to market their new business and line that deals with all skin problems.  Let me show you what my skin looked like before I started using my R+F products:

And then after:

Woo Hoo!  I have found something to make my skin red carpet ready everyday.  Check out the Today Show, where my new company was featured as THE skin care product to have in 2011.  So, you want to have celeb skin this new year - comment below with your email and I will let you know how.  Or, just send me an email.  {Ok, this is the end of my shameless plug...but I am excited about my new job and you can be a part of this amazing company too!}


10 January 2011


Growing up with a sister, we never had a gaming system in our house.  Oh, we had enough Barbies and American Girl Dolls to go around, but never a Sega or Nintendo 64.

{Of course, I had Molly, though she spelled her name the wrong way}

One Christmas I asked for a Sega.  All I wanted to do was to play The Lion King game and to get past level one.  My neighbor had this game, and I loved playing it every time I went to her house.  Well Santa decided to get me a bike that year for Christmas.  Though I was disapointed that I never had the chance to make it to level two, I am very thankful that Santa was smart enough to give me a bike so I would get outdoors and play and not become obese.

With that being said, I now am a part owner of a new XBox.  It is an exciting new addition to my abode, but there is one slight problem - I don't know how to use gaming systems.  Yes, it is true, in an age where technology is taking over our lives, I don't know how to use the XBox.  Luckily I am also the part owner of a Kinect - the crazy new addition where your body serves as the controller.  Now, this is something I can learn how to do.

As many of you know, I have an affinity for celebrities.  It may be unhealthy, but we are not here to worry about that today.  The one thing that I am ecstatic to see is that both Suri Cruise and Maddox Jolie Pitt have been spotted wearing faux fur coats.  OMGee.  I need to go and adopt a small child to dress them in this adorable coat.

{Photos from Suri Cruise Fashion Blog}

07 January 2011


As I was surfing around the web the other day, I stumbled upon an amazing blog, The Man Repeller.  The author takes high fashion looks that are not attractive to men, thus known as "man repellers".

Scrolling through the blog, I was almost on the floor because I was laughing so hard at the writer's antics in finding man repelling objects in her closet.  However, my laughter faded when I looked back at some of my older fashion choices.

OMG, I have been a repeat "man repeller" offender.  After looking at ridiculous fashions, I always thought I could pull off anything, even if it did include crazy prints, leggings as pants, or multi-colored headbands.  My life partner even tells a story about one of our first outings.  He recalls that I was wearing this crazy pink 80's inspired outfit.  Of course, I deny it as he was listing items that I have never had in my wardrobe.  But after looking at this website, I probably was trying to be "hip" for a lunch meeting, but in fact, was really "man repelling".

Stay tuned as I try on some "man repelling" items in my closet today and see what the males in my life think of these fashion choices.

And I leave you with two choices that are reflected by my blog title, from my favorite fashion line Tibi.  I can't wait till my new skin care business becomes lucrative and I can buy each piece, even if they are considered "man repellers".

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