14 September 2009

VMA's update and Make it Work

Well, well, well - it is now that time of year when you get enough dips, pigs in a blanket and Bud Light to go around. Yes, my friends, it is officially football season. But more importantly, September brings around the annual MTV VMAs! (Side note - I thoroughly enjoy football season, I love the VOLS. But, celebs entertain me more than Crompton's terrible 'stache.)

First, let's talk about the amazing Twilight:New Moon extended trailer. OMG. Taylor and R-Patz together on the stage. Team Jacob and Team Edward in person. I almost fell off the couch with excitement when the trailer was finished showing. And no worries, I have watched the trailer about 10 times again today at work. If you are not a Twilight fan, get on the bandwagon. I will admit, HP is much better, BUT these actors are way better looking. Well minus Bella Swan aka Kristin Stewart because her haircut looks like a mullet that could be spotted in Gatlinburg. I also proceeded to look up facts about each of the actors and feel a little guilty for having a crush on Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black) because I found out that he is only 17. Let me restate - I only feel a little guilty. You must watch it below:

As you all know, Kanye West tried to ruin Taylor Swift's night, but let's talk about what Taylor was wearing. Before she changed into the cute red dress - she was stunning in a silver sequined number. I looked up the dress online, and found out that it was only a few thousand dollars, so I decided not to purchase one for this award season. Maybe the designer would like to send me one for free since I am blogging about it? Hey, a girl can dream.

I would def say that SEQUINS were the main thing to the outfits last night. Leighton looked amazing, Pink and Shakira in the same dress, and Beyonce's performance leotard all had this wonderful fabric. I believe that sequins are always in, maybe this is because I grew up in dance costumes and red lipstick. Whenever I am in a store and I see them shining underneath the lights, I am drawn to that item and then usually have to purchase the article of clothing.
Talking about fabric leads me to another reason I am glad that fall is here - the new season of Project Runway is here. Oh Tim Gunn, I have missed your wonderful style advice. Heidi, how do you get your hair so shiny? Michael and Nina, your judging is always impeccable. The show has only been on for a few weeks, so there is not clear cut favorite yet, but I have been partial to the cute southern Carol Hannah and the blonde blonde blonde Althea. However, there are many challenges to go, so I do believe that we have not seen the best of the best yet. This season is being filmed in LA, compared to the last 5 which have been done in NYC, and sources have revealed that it has been much easier to get celeb judges each week. I can't wait to see what this Thursday has in store.

Another great new TV spot - Glee. This show reminds me of the wonderful days I spent in my high school choir. If you ever want to see tapes or pictures, please contact me via e-mail. Anyways, back to Glee. This quirky show has fun, fun, fun musical performances and I love how they remixed RiRi's hit song "Take a Bow" last week. If you are looking for a new show - I would def recommend this one.
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