31 August 2008

Celeb Sunday Holiday Edition

Attention! Attention! A celebrity was seen in Oxford, Mississippi this weekend. I know, it was amazing what the locals did when a girl with her own blog came into town. Yes, everyone, Oxford welcomed me as a celeb. A local club gave me an open mic night where I read my blog to thrones of fans. Ok, so that was a dream situation. And while the stars did not align for me to run into any "real" celebs this weekend, I def saw some girls trying to be some in The Grove. Ah yes, college football has returned ladies and gentlemen.

My adventures started on Friday when I packed my bags into the back of the Regen's car and headed to Oxford. The Regens (Sloan and Becca) are on their way to becoming pharmacists and are going to be of great help if I ever need any under the counter meds. I decided to ride down with them because I knew that a. they would enjoy my company, b. I don't really like to drive, c. I really don't like to drive on interstates, and d. I feel more like a celeb being chauffeured around. I ventured to Oxford so I could take in some college football and of course see the wonderful Ellison Howle. Elle is a great friend from high school, who loves dancing, children, and Action News 5. We had a wonderful weekend taking in the grove, eating some great southern food, and enjoying the square nightlife. Though I am not the biggest Ole Miss fan, it was the closest way for me to enjoy some SEC football. The Vols are playing in LA tomorrow night, and while I wish I could so be there (I mean, celebs and the Vols in one place?) I just could not get my pilot in time. Oh well, maybe next time.

So, some real celebs have been really busy over the Holiday weekend. The biggest story, in my opinion, is that Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift are dating. They have both been seen at each other's concerts. Swift has also said that she wants someone who understands what she does. I love this couple, they are so precious. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will not become hot messes. If I was ever to be a "cougar" I would def date Joe Jonas. But that is even weird to think about because he is not even 18 yet. So, that thought is borderline illegal.

Even though I do not want them to turn into a has-been, I do love a hot mess. My favorite hot mess is of course, Britney. Second runner-up is Lindsay Lohan. But, let's get back to Miss Spears. Her hot mess status started when she married that loser K-Fed. However, I do pray each night that she will be performing this year at the VMA's. I think if she comes back with a powerhouse performance, she will redeem herself from last year.

Speaking of the VMA's, I know you are all getting just as excited as I am. I always love the performances and of course, love to see the fashion. I am going to need this entire week to get ready for the broadcast. I will provide my picks for some of the categories later on in the week. Please feel free to let me know who you think should win too.

Technology is something that we all depend way too much on. I am guilty. Yesterday, my iphone froze and I thought that my life was over. I mean really, I did survive. And of course when I went to the apple store today very distraught, the guy pressed two buttons and was like "Voila! You are good to go!" I stood in sheer amazement that I almost started crying. I wanted to give him a tip but he was like no, no, this happens to people all the time. And yes, it is always great to get an e-mail or a text from a long lost friend, but remember, we can survive without technology. I did it for an entire 21 hours and am alright.

If you want to be a local celeb this week, please volunteer in any way to help those who have been effected by Gustav. Yesterday, it was all too clear that this is devastating when I saw throngs of Louisiana tags traveling north to Memphis. Even if it is gathering food for the local Red Cross, get out there and help!

29 August 2008

The true meaning of TGIF and Superpowers

Now that I am working, I truly understand the meaning of TGIF. Ahhhh, the day of the week where you know that the next day you can sleep in and do whatever you please. In college, I used to think that I understood this abbrev. And of course, I did love Fridays then too because it was the "official" start of the weekend according to my calendar. However, as we all know, the unofficial start is on Thursday, and if you are in the mood, an occasional Wednesday. (We all know how much Sunspot's Wine Wednesday can get you into trouble. First, you are like, oh yea, I am just going to have a glass or two. Well three hours later you are taking shots at Cool Beans.) Well the moral of the lesson is that I truly value my weekends now. Hard work deserves a break and of course, play time. Now only if my office, along with yours, could get half-days every Friday. That would be super bomb.

As a child, I did not read comics or anything like that. However, I do enjoy Batman, Spiderman, Superman movies now. So, I was thinking the other day, what superpower would I want? I mean everyone says to fly, that is lame, I can get on an airplane. I also thought about wanting to have the power of an invisbility cloak like Harry, but I am not running from a dark wizard who is trying to kill me. Then I thought about the power to dissolve into a liquid like substance, but that is way to Alex Mack for me. So, I finally decided - I wish I could just snap my fingers and be anywhere I pleased. Like the other night, I would have snapped my fingers and ended up in North Carolina at a John Mayer concert. I also decided that I could use my power to take people with me. Like, if you are holding my hand, I could snap my fingers and we could both end up at the beach drinking Coronas. I know this kind of sounds dorky, but you should really think about what your power would be.

PR was great this week, and I am so glad that Keith was kicked off. One, he was terrible. And two, he was terrible. When he started to cry I was just rolling my eyes and was like get off the screen. So, thank-you Heidi and Michael for making the show that much better. The Hills of course was drama filled. This season is even more ridiculous than the others, you can tell it is totally scripted. However, I would like to go to the bars/clubs that LC and Lo party it. It seems so glam. And, Lo did try to talk to Audrina again while they were out. Like I said, I am still sticking with Team Lo.

So, I have decided that I really do not like the coffee that we have at work. It is just blah and normal. I am def going to have to buy a huge thing of Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla as my Christmas present to everyone. They may not know it now, but they will thank me in advance. Also, I do not like the fact that many people around me are having celeb sighthings and I am not. Hopefully the stars will align for me and that this weekend I will get to run into someone truly fabulous and then I can blog about it. Ah - that would be the highlight of the weekend.

27 August 2008

When will Izzie return?

As I was standing in line this morning at Target, I was glancing at each of the magazine covers before I paid for my one item. One cover, TV Guide stuck out to me because it had Meredith Grey on the cover. Yes, yes, I am a big Grey's fan. I mean really, I am a girl who likes celebs. And yes, I do get frustrated with the writers and always say "Oh Grey's, why do you play with my emotions?", but I am still hooked. I want to know what is going to happen the next week because the 30 second clip is always so appetizing. I'm like a fat kid who loves cake when it comes to wanting more and more of the drama filled hallways of Seattle Grace. And you all know that I do love Katherine Heigl, so I have to see what Izzie is going to do next. Therefore, I began to think, "When will the next season begin?" Well, you hear it first here on my blog (unless you have googled it before reading this) that it begins Thursday, September 25. I am also going to list some shows that I find relevant and entertaining and their season openers for your conveinence: (If you don't know what a show is, google it. I don't have time to waste explaining things to you people who don't keep up with pop culture)
  • Brothers and Sisters (ABC) - Sunday, September 28
  • Dancing with the Stars (ABC, I know, they only reason I am watching is Lance Bass)- Monday, September 22
  • Lipstick Jungle (NBC) - Wednesday, September 24
  • 30 Rock (NBC) Thursday, October 30
  • The Office (NBC) - Thursday, September 25 - If you are like me, you will have to tivo either Grey's or this one so you can enjoy both. Or just watch one online the next day.
  • Law and Order (NBC) - Returns this fall with all new episodes...bum bum.
  • Kath and Kim (NBC) - This is a new one but looks hilarious! It is based on a BBC comedy and starts Molly Shannon and Selma Blair. - Thursday, October 9

American Idol will be back in January for the 8th season! Wow! I hope the winner will be succesful like Carrie Underwood and not lame like Taylor Hicks. Also, if you are anxiously awaiting these dates (like I am!) you can always turn on The Hills and PR, which will be discussed tomorrow.

Another dislike I have discovered is when people feel the need to yell all about their personal life when they are in line at a store. I mean really, I don't need to know that your daughter had chicken pox last week, you like Ole Miss, and that you have so many things to do today. I mean, I feel as if I know enough about people I really don't want to know about through facebook status updates. Like I have said before, I am not against the status. I just don't need to know that you have a doctors appointment at 5 to remove the mole on your foot.

25 August 2008

Makover and Celebs

There have been some exciting celeb stories that have been brewing throughout this past week. Of course, some are about people I don't really care for, so I will not be discussing those. But, I always want to talk about the celebs who I find super fabulous and those who I know I would be friends with if I was in Hollywood too.
  • Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling are back together. Yes, yes, the on-screen Notebook couple have been seen canoodling around the globe. I am so happy for this because I think that they are very cute together.
  • American Idol is adding a new judge! Whoa - guess Fox wanted to spice something up, even though Idol always tops the Nielsen ratings. The new judge is songwriter Kara DioGuardi, who has written some of Ashlee Simpson's songs. Which I like her already because I am not going to lie, a few of Simpson's songs are on my Workout Playlist. Some are speculating that she may replace Paula Abdul in follwing seasons. BTW, this is the 8th season! And I am going to still watch it - I love Idol. I actually had a dream the other night I was on it and was the 3rd runner up behind the Davids last season. We will have to see if DioGuardi is too nice or mean like Simon.
  • Barack Obama announced Joe Biden as his VP pick. If you did not know this, you must not have been in America.
  • According to my sources, Brad and Angie are still happily living with the kids in France. I can't wait till they return to America. I hope they come off the plane down the stairs wearing sunglasses and chic clothes.

So, as you know, I have not done a Makover Monday in awhile. I have been deep in thought about what to write about. And now, I have actually started to live on a budget, I actually have to "makeunder" some things in my life. Let me tell you, I am still fabulous. But, I have just learned to cut out unecessary expenses so I can still have money for my other fabulous expenses. I am not going to lie, I love sephora and nice make up. So I have decided that I can only treat myself to going out to lunch once a week in order to afford my new lipstick. If you just learn to cut out things that are not critical to keep you super fab star power, then you will still be able to afford those that do.

Well, this is the week before it all starts: College Football! More importantly, southern football. Even though many of my readers did not attend The University of Tennessee ( I know, so sorry) we all know the feeling you get when your home team runs on the field. So, enjoy this week and get excited about your alma mater (or fave team) kicking off to a great season.

22 August 2008

The Hills, PR, and of course, Olympic Fever

Gosh, I have not written since TT! Wow, sorry y'all. Well, it has been such a busy week. Working can just take it out of you, ya know? And then I thought with my new iphone I could update instantly (which I can) but it takes a little bit longer than a regular computer. However, the phone will of course provide the link when an emergency posting is neccessary.

The Hills is back for the 4th season. And bring on the drama. When this show first started I was a huge LC fan. Loved her. Had the theme song for the show as my ringtone (thanks Cory for reminding me about that!). Well, now, I am still addicted to it but think that LC has just gone down the drain. I mean, she is just plain mean. And I know, everyone is now saying that Lo is the bitchy one. I disagree. I have always loved loved loved Lo. Ever since Laguna Beach. I have had a connection with her because she is like me in the way that:
  • She is funny, with a sarcastic and sometimes dry humor.
  • A loyal friend, always there for LC when drama occurred.
  • Keeps in touch with all different friends.
  • Loves to socialize and always looks super fabulous.
  • And this is what I heard from a source : She is a Kappa!

So (for those of you who don't watch, lame) Lo is being blamed for tearing LC and Audrina apart. I mean hello, Lo and LC will of course be closer because they have known each other since birth. Lo was there when LC was having trouble with Steven Colletti. So, I believe that Lo was not being a bitch when she went to confront Audrina - she just wanted to settle the situation. I am also like Lo in that we both do not like confrontation. Therefore, I think she handled herself well, even when Audrina (gasp!) says they can not be friends. Well, whatev. The show is of course fake and scripted, but that is what makes me love it even more.

Project Runway was a scream this week - they had to design for Drag Queens. I loved it because there were tons of sequins, feathers, and bright colors. It took me back to my dance recital days of glitter and hairspray. I loved that Joe won, his pink sailor outfit was to die for. I would def wear it if I was a drag queen, but thank goodness I am not. I guess I would never really wear it then. I was also in agreeance with the judges - Daniel needed to be "out". He neve listens to what the challenges are! However, he is dating a fellow contestant Wesley (who was out week 2) and they plan on creating a line together which I am sure will be super glam. So, I guess that they both won love even though they lost the real prize of being season 5 winner.

Ahhhh - so many allegations are against the Chinese women gymnasts! Sources (both my secret ones and those of the AP kind) are claiming that many of the ladies are not at the legal age of 16. Duh. Like I said in a previous post, they do not look like it. I can't even spend anymore time discussing this because it makes me too upset.

In the world of Harry Potter - I have received some interesting news from a source in Orlando. I can reveal this source's name because she is super fabulous. (Well, all of my sources are, but some just choose to stay secretive which I also love) Miss Abby Wallace, a fellow alum of both UT and Kappa, lives the good life in sunny Orlando. Abby and I really bonded one night when I was a mere Freshmen who got into Cool Beans. After a fun filled blurry night, I do remember going back to her apartment and eating chocolate chip cookies and drinking milk. Abby is so funny and a great friend. She likes southern boys, and gets so excited when she finds them in Orlando. She has always been like a big sister to me and helped show me how to have a fun time at UT . (Sidenote: She also got our hotel room in Nashville VIP treatment so that makes her even more fab because she is like a celeb) So, here is an update straight from Universal in dealing with the HP theme park:

"I just wanted you to know since you are huge HP fan that once the new movie gets released to video (otherwise known as DVD) it will have a sneak peak of the new HP island opening at Universal's Islands of Adventure. Also, the island opening is suppose to coinside with the next movie coming out! (I'm confident the park opening will be later than dec 09 :( but you will eventually make it here!!!"

Thanks Miss Wallce, I know that I, along with all the HP nerds that read my blog, are thrilled by this piece of information.

19 August 2008

Tipsy Tuesday

Ah, back to the good ole TT. This morning, I added a great application to my phone called restaurants. It is a guide to the caloric values of your favorite dishes at some of the most popular restaurants. I was shocked to learn that my favorite salad at Chili's contained three times the calories than I thought it did. Therefore, I decided to do a little research into what drinks are better for you or if there are any healthier tips when you are going out on the town.

I found some interesting information, along with some that was just plain dumb. Though I know it is good to drink water with your vodka tonics, who really wants to look like the loser while all of your other friends are balling? However, I also read that some shots contain more calories than certain glasses of wines.

And while my research did not result in any wonderful sounding recipes ( I mean really, who wants to drink no-carb margaritas?) just remember that if you are making mixed drinks, you can always use Diet Coke, sugar-free juices, or just enjoy light beers. And, if you are healthier while you are enjoying your time from 10 p.m. till 2 a.m., you can always get that bag of chips from Jimmy John's at 2:30 a.m.

I have also been wondering this all summer, or really, my entire life? Why is it that some people get bitten by mosquitoes more than others? I always am a target, even if I am outside for just a few minutes. People used to tell me, oh because you are so sweet. Which I do believe is true, but I wanted a medical explanation. So, I found that mosquitoes are drawn to different smells your body gives off. Also, if you are Type O Blood they are more attracted, and if you have been drinking they are too! Wow! This is the simple explanation I have been searching for.

17 August 2008

Celeb Sunday among other things

Though I feel as if I have dedicated enough about Michael Phelps, I now have my million dollar question answered. So I feel as if this is the perfect way to start off Celeb Sunday. Jenny Bronczek, a wonderful friend from Memphis, answered this for me last night. She knew what he was listening to on his ipod. I asked in amazement - how do you know this? And she simply answered that she googled it, duh. Well, he listens to some song by DMX that pumps him up before each race. And though this is from a third party, we can all pretend that it is true even if it is not.

Otherwise, other happenings in the celeb world:
  • Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer have broken up. Well, this is no surprise to me because I thought they were an odd couple to begin with. I mean really, who thought this was going to last? Poor Aniston, she has had the worst luck with guys ever since her split with Brad, who is now def on Team Jolie.
  • Harry Potter fans had a little piece of them crushed inside this past week. It was announced that the new movie will be opening in June 2009 instead of November 2008. Ah!Ah!Ah! I can't believe it. It is said that Warner Brothers is still feeling the effect of the Writer's Strike and wanted the movie to be a big summer blockbuster, compared to a holiday one. Blah, Blah, Blah is what I have to say. It is also rumored that WB did not want the movie to open in November because that is also when Daniel Radcliffe (who plays Harry) will be in the midst of his Broadway run of Equus. This is because Radcliffe appears nude and the execs don't want this image to mix the one of Harry which they want to chaste and virginal. I think that is just ridiculous. Well, whatever the reason, a little piece of my heart broke when I found the release date had been pushed back.

16 August 2008

Catching up and why I don't like U-Scans

Well so many things have been happening in my life this past week, it has just been a whirlwind. I am know going to collect my thoughts and share with you the fabulous things that have been happening with of course me, and also with the rest of the world.

Let's get down to it. Michael Phelps is not human. He is a swimming machine. I don't know how he does it. Even when it seems as if he is not going to win he pulls through at the last second. I think he is superfab. I would never date him though because he is either in the pool, eating, swimming. And he is so much more muscular than I am - he would crush me if we were to dry hump. Also, I always wonder, what is he listening to on his ipod before he races? Is it a podcast of motivational words? Or is it some pump up music? Metallica or 3-6 Mafia? Or is it the "so hot right now" Jonas Brothers. That is the million dollar question of the Olympics. Leave comments below on what you think that he is listening to before he takes the plunge. I wonder if Apple paid him to use the ipod? Probably not, but it is a thought.

The women gymnastics did have a silver lining! Both the gold and silver went to the USA. Way to go Nastia and Shawn! Represent the red, white and blue! Even though I was pulling for Shawn to win, only because she was so cute I could put her in my pocket, I am very happy the way things turned out. Nastia delivered a perfect performance, especially on the uneven bars. I did tear up when they received their medals - that is always my favorite part of the Olympics. I only tear up though when an American wins gold because of course, the Star Spangled Banner hits right at home for me.

Speaking of life changing moments, I had one this week. I became an owner of an iphone! I know, I know. Some may say that it is too much for a phone, why do you need it? Let me tell you - it is simply amazing. I can do anything with it. I can even update the blog. So now, I simply don't have an excuse for being behind (Sorry loyal fans). But yes, the phone is amazing. I feel as if I have the world at my fingertips and feel so superfab when I whip it out to send a text or pick up a phone call. I did not know how I would feel about the touch screen, but it is amazing - much better than texting with T9. You must get one! Your life will change! For example, last night over dinner, Janna and I were discussing a trip that we want to take. So, I pulled up the Northwest page and looked at ticket prices. Simply amazing. Another funny story that goes with this phone is that I am going to a class at the apple store to learn how to use it. I understand the basic functions, but I am going to get the Apple guys to show me some tricks of the trade so I can be even more fabulous when I use it. If you think I am dorky for doing this, I don't even care. I have an iphone, do you? (If you do - kudos to you.)

Hm, I found something else the other day that I do not like. U-Scan at the supermarkets. Every time I go to one it is exactly around the second item I am scanning that I think to myself, "Molls, why did you go to this thing? They drive you crazy!" These machines lure you in with their ease and short lines. Plus, you can get out real quick if you have a few items. Well let me tell you, even with a few items, it is so easy to convince the machine you are stealing if you move one pack of DC away from the sensor. Then the lady who works the post near the machines has to click a few buttons and glares your way. Ah, the U-Scan. Even though it does make me mad, I am sure I will still use them in the future. What a double edged sword!

Project Runway was wonderful this week. Brooke Shields was the guest judge and the designers had to create a look for her character, Wendy, on the show Lipstick Jungle. I felt as if I had a fair advantage in watching this show because I also watched Lipstick Jungle. If you missed this show, I am not surprised, but it is coming back for a second season. It is about three powerful women in New York and their lives. It is kind of like Sex and the City, but not really. It is entertaining to say the least and was one of my faves during the Writer's Strike. Ok, back to PR. So, Kelli was kicked off, which I find sad. But her leopard print suit was terrible with a capital t. I thought Blayne's was terrible also, but his personality adds to the humor in the show. The only thing I disagreed with was the winner. I liked Darrel's outfit the best - can I get one? Next week they have to create costumes for drag queens - I can't wait!

So I hope that everyone is having a relaxing weekend. Mine has been great so far. The only lame thing about working is now my body is used to getting up early so I feel as if I can't sleep in. What? I am turning into one of those people. But, like I was telling someone the other day, my 23 year has been the best so far. I know I know, I have only been this age for a week but so many wonderful things have happened I just know it can only get more fabulous from here.

13 August 2008

Back to Business

Hello everyone, and yes, I have been out of pocket for awhile. I will call this time off researching, but in all reality I was just being fabulous and working. So, a big day happened in my life this past weekend, I became a year older. It was of course so bomb. I spent it in Nashville with people who I find fabulous and a few other rando's with short skirts. After enjoying a great sushi dinner, my entourage and I decided to go dance on a light up dance floor where I ran into some great friends from both Briarcrest and Tennessee and then ended the night at a piano bar where I decided to get a "little tipsy".

Alot has happened in the celeb world, but I believe that we should all take a moment to remember the lives of both Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes. Two great entertainers. And Hayes was found in his Memphis home, so his death has been a local celeb story. So, have a toast to both Mac and Hayes tonight and remember all of the wonderful things that they donated to the world of entertainment.

It is the Olympics - go USA! It is a time when we should all feel alive with patriotism. (Even though I believe you should always be this way!) Michael Phelps - what a beast. He is amazing. I just want to squeeze his muscles. I heard from an inside source that he has been eating 8,000 - 10,000 calories a day. OMG! If I did that, I would be a contestant for the next season of The Biggest Loser. However, he burns it on up. And congrats to Phelps, who is now the most decorated Olympic athlete in history. I am also pulling for Shawn Johnson to win the all-around Gold. She is so cute, I just want to put her in my pocket! And she also maintains a normal life outside of gymnastics, which is wonderful too. I believe that the women did an excellent job going for the gold, but the Chinese beat them out. I think it is a little ridiculous though because some of the girls on China's team do NOT look 16. A good friend once said, "Hey if she looks old enough, it is alright..." Well this philosophy does not apply to this point, but Olympic officials said all of their passports did check out. Whatev.

08 August 2008

Guest Blog: Janna Tacker on Billy Bob

As mentioned from an earlier post, Janna has graciously lent her writing/blogging skills to my blog about her wonderful meeting with Billy Bob. Janna, like myself, is a wonderful writer. You will find her work hilarious and poignant. Two notes before reading:

1. Janna mentions that I am "lame" for not attending. I want to stand up for myself by saying that I am working hard for the money and had to watch the first half of the finale of So you think you can dance.
2. Billy Bob likes Bud Light. Enough said.

"Being the celeb stalker that I am, as soon as found out that Billy Bob Thornton and his band the Boxmasters were playing in Memphis at the Hi Tone on Wednesday night, I knew that by the end of the night I would be in the front row becoming BFFs with Billy Bob. Side note: For those of you who are unfamiliar with Memphis, the Hi Tone is a bar no bigger than cool beans( I have no doubt that everyone reading this knows the inside of coolbeans). So my sister, brother-in-law, and myself (Mollie was too lame to go) set off for the Hi Tone on Wednesday for a night of good hillbilly fun. Upon arriving at the venue, I realized that it really was going to be a night of hillybilly fun because about 85% of the crowd consisted of drunk rednecks above the age of 40. After scanning the crowd, I immediately knew that Billy Bob would obviously prefer my sister and myself to be in the front row not only because we are cute but for the simple fact that we have teeth unlike many of the diehard fans. After shoving people out of the way ( I show no mercy when it comes to seeing celebs), I situated myself pretty close to the stage. The drunkards in the very front were dropping like flies having to go the bathroom, bar, smoke break, etc. I soon found myself right below Billy Bob's microphone, and I was quite pleased. Of course I, like many others, had no idea that Billy Bob was even in a band until about 10 hours before the concert, so I wasn't going to be able to impress him by knowing every single word to all of his songs ( damn it!); I still had my teeth going for me though. When Billy Bob finally came out, the first thing he did was light up a good ole Marlboro and drop a few f bombs( see picture). I was pleasantly surprised to find out that his songs were really good, sort of a country slash 60s feel; He says he was inspired by artists such as Johnny Cash and the Beatles, so I guess that makes sense. Billy Bob was definitely entertaining and exactly what you expect him to be like; a lot cussing, drinking, chain smoking. Oh, and his beer of choice was Bud Light. About half way through the performance my moment came, I shook Billy Bob Thornton's hand, told him I loved him, and he winked at me. I thought this was definitely the highlight of the performance until he asked the crazy two-teeth redneck ( not kidding about the teeth) next to me where her husband was and then he planted a big fat kiss right on her lips. Needless to say, that lady can die happy now; she screamed constantly for the next 30 minutes. I do think she wanted a little more than a kiss though, if you know what I mean. Sorry I didn't capture this moment on camera, I was too in shock to even lift my finger to push the button on my camera. Overall, the concert was one of the most entertaining I have ever been to and I would definitely recommend seeing Billy Bob and The Boxmasters or buying their CD. I will leave you with this: Billy Bob is my hero. He makes chain smoking, being alarmingly skinny, wearing sleeveless shirts, and being a redneck fashionable and fabulous. If only all of the hillbillies in Tennessee could learn from his example.

I forgot to mention that I was hit on by someone from a Memphis news station during the concert. His pick up line was quote: "That's smart that you wear your purse on your shoulder". UHHHH?? WTF? What an idiot. In order to protect the viewing audience; the news channel will remain anonymous."

Thanks Miss Tacker, keep up the blogging skills. Janna will be peridoically appearing in columns talking about her fabulous life. Which believe me, is just as fabulous as mine.

Lotus and More Abbrevs

I was recently informed the other day about The Lotus Code. What is this, you may ask? It is a book filled with texting abbrevs, over 6,000 codes! Of course, I have to have it! But, when I looked to see that you had to buy it I thought that was pretty lame. However, you can enter in YOUR OWN ABBREVS and if they publish it, you get a free copy! I am going to enter some, of course. Dear Jenny sent me the information and we hope to get published. I know, it will be amazing. I have many friends who major in the sciences and are published for studies, but this is my study in abbrevs.

Also, some new abbrevs:
Bump- Bumper Sticker (as in car or facebook)
LNTB - Late Night Taco Bell
DD- Drunk Dial
DT- Drunk Texting
Add these to your vocab and you will be even more fabulous!

Dancing, PR, Contests, more...

As my favorite summer reality series came to an end last night, I started to think about if America got the favorite dancer right. Well, I think that answer is no. However, Joshua, the winner, did do a great job this season. Personally, I wanted Katee to win. And yes, I did vote for her a mulitiple times. When she did not win last night, I yelled at the TV and wished that I had kept voting throughout the two hours. It was obvious that Katee was the best in the Top 4, seeing that she performed the most last night. See, the judges got to choose their favorite dances from the entire season, and Katee was the one who danced the most. Oh well, she will still have an amazing career. As the same with Will, my favorite. When Will and Katee danced to "Imagine" I almost cried, it was beautiful. I love to watch dancing, especially when it tells a story. I will never forget the first time I saw the Nutcracker, what a life changing experience.

Well the reason that I did not keep voting for Katee is because me new reality obsession, Project Runway, was on. Actually I had to watch the dvr version, so the rest of the world knew before me who was kicked off. Oh well, the price you pay when you are just fabulous and having to watch mulitiple shows. This week, Heidi and Tim challenged the designers to make a female outfit for the American Olympic Team. This outfit was supposed to represent what the desginer thought the team should wear in the opening ceremony. And thank goodness that Jennifer went home - she did not even have red in her ensemble. Hello?!?! Our colors are red, white and blue. She just had gold with a navy jacket, and it did not look like the Olympics AT ALL. The skirt was cute, but for cocktails with your girlfriends or your boo. I was not sad to see her leave because her personality was blah and she was just blah blah blah.

Have you ever won a contest you enter online? I sure have not. I always enter them on glamour.com for jeans, make-up, trips, etc. I am not that frequent with entering, however my sister is. She enters everything! Whit is always receiving different samples in the mail and just won a pair of boots. I guess that I just need to be entering in these contests all the time. Today, glamour.com sent me one to win the same diamonds that all the celebs have. Bomb.

So I found the Brad and Angie People. My week is complete. It is just simply wonderful. I also love how there was a pic of Katherine Heigl with her bff TR Knight. (Izzie and George from Grey's for all of you that have been living under a rock.) They were at the mall and she had a bag from Sephora!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, we are going to be best friends, I just feel it.

07 August 2008

Celeb in the 901 and Shrek on Broadway

Yes, there was a celeb sighting in the 901, and no, I was not there to see it. However, featured writer Janna, was there to see it in all the glory. Billy Bob Thornton was playing with his band at Hi-Tone last night. Can you believe that he was married to Angelina Jolie? OMG, I am so glad that she is now with Brad. (By the way, I am still on the hunt for that People mag, send one my way if you get a copy.) Janna will be writing a full length story for the blog in the next few days, but is busy now job searching, planning our new superfab place and of course loving on Bojangles (her dog). However, her is the unreleased quote and picture from her. Get excited, because this is the only place in the world you will see it. Unless of course, it is re-printed in US under "Celeb Quotes of the Week".

Janna said, "Billy Bob is my hero. He makes chain smoking, wearing sleeveless shirts, and being a redneck fashionable and fabulous. If only all of the hillbillies in Tennessee could learn from his example. "

Also, get excited Shrek fans. An anonymous source from LA has told me that a Broadway production of Shrek is planned and in rehearsel. This source told me that it is going to open in Seattle and then go to Broadway. I think that it is going to be wonderful. And yes, this is true. I do have sources now that the blog has gone global. I am not as connected as Perez, but I am working my way torward his level. I wonder what kind of songs will be in the production. I hope that some of the characters fly across the stage, especially Donkey. He is so funny and fabulous.

05 August 2008

TT and Anthrax

As I was drinking my morning cup of coffee, I was startled when reading a certain article in the paper - "Anthrax suspect obsessed with sorority". And of course, my chapter was the one! I kept reading, and turns out, the suspect of the Antrhax scares had an obsession with Kappa. I mean, everyone knows we are awesome and gorgeous, but really. Supposedly he was turned down by a chapter member during his college days, and has been stalking it ever since. Crazy. You have to read this story:

A travesty has happened in my life dealing with the recent People Magazine. I have been to two Walgreens, and neither had the copy with Brad and Angie's baby pics! Ahhh. If some of you have it, I am so jealous. I will have to go to a bookstore to buy it today. And if I can't find one, hopefully a generous fan will be able to send me a copy. Thanks.

My drink tip of the day is not a specific recipe - but just a tip that I find very useful. I believe that you should always have atleast two bottles of wine at your house. One white, one red. This will be great so you can pair it with whatever you are serving for dinner, have a glass after a long day, or if you have a hottie over after the bars, you can offer them just one more drink. Having the wine makes you look just fabulous, and can be a great decoration. When I am more fabulous one day, I plan on having a cellar in my house. It is going to be simply amazing.

For some good news, Morgan Freeman is doing much better! I tried to get into his room last night at The Med but was turned down by the bodyguard. I then explained that I had a fabulous blog and that Morgan would of course want to be in it. I even told him that we share the same name (Morgan is my middle name). However, I did not make it past the barricade. I wanted to get a pic to post, but will just have to talk about the news that he is doing much better.

04 August 2008


Well, I decided to switch Celeb Sunday to Celeb Monday.  After being delayed at the airport, I could not just get my thoughts together.  So here we go:
  • Morgan Freeman has been in a serious car accident and is currently at the Med in Memphis.  He went off the road in Mississippi late Sunday evening and is in serious condition.  We all hope you feel better Mr. Freeman!
  • Brad and Angie have done it - released pictures of the new twins, that is.  The new People came out today with pics of the newborns.  Go get it.  You can think of it as a reward for making it through Monday.  That is what I did, and it was a great gift to myself.  
  • I heard on the radio over the weekend that Lindsay Lohan may be marrying her girlfriend...WHAT?!? This is just insane.  However, this accusation is not true.  But, it did freak me out when I read it!  I just remember the days when she used to date Wilmer Valderemma - wonder if they still poke each other on Facebook.
After flying to my fabulous vacay for the weekend - I realized that sometimes people talk about the craziest things on the flight.  I mean, you are stuck together in a small place and you are telling the random stranger everything about your life?  Puhlease.  I have talked to people before, but sometimes you just want to put on your ipod and pretend like you are sleeping.

01 August 2008


Hello Everyone, Just wanted to let you all know that I am on a fabulous vacay for the weekend, and will not have access to the internet at all times. Don't worry, I will be back in a few days on of course - Celeb Sunday!!! Remember, have a wonderful fabulous weekend and don't put your drink down at a bar, go grind, and then pick it back up - you just never know.
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