29 July 2011


{My girl Beyonce has gone and done it again - she made another amazing album.  Now, I remember when I  was introduced to B (can I call you that?  I feel like we are practically friends) when I first heard Destiny's Child singing "Bills, Bills, Bills".  After many hit singles that have definitely gotten me out on the dance floor (as if I need anyone's help), she has released her new album, "4", and as I posed earlier, I am loving one of the new singles.  I stumbled across this video from another blog and it instantly made my girl crush for B even stronger.  When you have a few minutes, watch how she took off time to really see things around her, made a music video and picked the song order for her new album.  You even get to see her life partner, Jay-Z.  B, if you ever want to visit Tennessee, call me!}

28 July 2011

I Die...for RZ's son's wardrobe

{Rachel Zoe, whom I adore and would totally be friends with if I lived in LA, was featured on an ABC news special  titled "Mommywood".  This program showcased celebrity moms and how they balance their careers and life at home.  Well... Skyler Zoe (RZ's son) has it made.  Check out this clip below where RZ shows off his wardrobe and nursery.  BANANAS!  

I mean, the child has a GUCCI BOMBER JACKET!  Also, RZ, I want, need, have to have that black sequin jacket you have one during the interview.  Just shoot me an email and I will gladly borrow it from you anytime.}

21 July 2011

Tomato Tart

{My dear friend Elizabeth of home sweet blog always has the most appetizing meals and fresh home designs on her blog, be sure to check her out.  She has cooked for me before, and always comes up with some amahhhzing creations.  So, I decided to try out one of her delicious (and easy) recipes, a tomato tart.  

Tomato Tart (adapted from Elizabeth's recipe):
  • 1 refrigerated pie crust
  • 8 ounces fresh mozzarella cheese, sliced
  • 3 - 4 ripe tomatoes, sliced* (any kind, if they are larger tomatoes, three will do)
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • salt and pepper to season
Preheat to 375, put the pie crust into a pie or tart dish, and line with the bottom with the sliced cheese.  Cover the cheese evenly with the tomato slices.  Even if you think you have too many tomatoes, you don't, as they will shrink in the oven.   Season the tomatoes with salt + pepper, then pour the olive oil on top.  Stick in the oven for 40 minutes, it will come out looking like bubbly goodness.  Let it sit for about 5-10 minutes, then enjoy.  A great dish for any meal!  
*Note, E uses basil in her recipe, I am not a huge basil fan, so I left it out.  Just another fun thing to add to the tart.}

20 July 2011

LBD + Jacket

 (Dress - Mary, Jacket - BCBGeneration, Bracelet - Francesca's, Earrings - David Yurman)

 {I follow a lot of fashion blogs where girls frolic around in cute clothes + accessories.  These are some of my favorite things to read because they are always giving me great ideas on how to style my outfit, hair and accessories.  So, in the spirit of these blogs, I decided to use these pictures from a recent photo shoot with my friend Justin Fee.  Justin is a photographer in Knoxville whom I met while doing events for UT.  He is great at what he does, and plus, is so friendly!  Definitely look him up if you need a photographer for whatever life throws your way.  

This look is casual, a simple black cotton dress that can be transitioned from a coffee meeting with your boss to drinks with your friends by using the right accessories.  This blue jacket is my fave purchase from last spring, it instantly adds a pop to any outfit. 

Also, speaking on the point of hair, you can def see my new ombre look in these shots.  I love it because my roots don't come back as much, but I may go with all over blonde highlights at my next coloring appointment, as I am serving as a bridesmaid in some upcoming weddings.  What do you think I should do? 

I hope to do some more posts of outfits soon - I love fashion and would love to share with you.  So, I told my life partner that he may have to start brushing up on his photography skills.}

14 July 2011

Peanut Butter, Fudge, + Marshmallow...oh my

{I got the sugar bug after looking through my sweets board on pinterest today, so I decided to make not one, but TWO creations.  I made Peanut Butter Fudge Brownies (recipe + photo found here) and S'Mores Cookie Bars (recipe + photo found here).  It was indulgent, so I went ahead and added a glass of white wine to help both go down.  Thank goodness I participated in cyclates today (cycling + pilates).  I am pretty sure that I burned enough to try both of them...right?  I will just keep telling myself that.}

{Seriously, in sugar shock now.  Gotta go lay down.}

12 July 2011

Harry Potter...The End

{“Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?” - Albus Dumbledore

I will admit, I am a HP nerd.  I have read all the books multiple times, seen a few of the movies at midnight, and attended several book release parties.  The story of the boy that lived, that J.K. Rowling first penned when she was homeless, has touched lives around the world.  Confession:  I cried when the seventh book ended.  I might need to bring tissues when I go see the last movie this weekend.  But I guess I should not look at it as the true end... as this story will live on in literary history.  (And I need to ask for the 8 box DVD set for Christmas.)

I have collected a few of my favorite images that have been circling Pinterest  as an homage to the books and movies.  Also, check out the video that highlights each movie and gives a peek into the final movie being released this week.}

11 July 2011

Wedding Laughs

{My dear friend + guest blogger Alicia sent me these two hilarious pictures from a recent wedding.  Really does show that the ladies are ready for the bling...while the men are waiting very hesitant to put a ring on it.}

08 July 2011

Outdoor Rendezvous

{The fact that Victoria Beckham is rocking Louboutins at her son's soccer game shows that she truly is the only person who can rock stilettos while being at a laid back, outdoor event. And though I like to add a certain "Mollieness" to my wardrobe, I don't know if I could fully justify rocking those heels at an outdoor park.  So, I got to thinking about what I would wear to an outdoor rendezvous...}

07 July 2011


{...can't stop listening to this new song by Beyonce.  She sure knows how to make a hit.  Oh, and it helps that she can belt out all those notes.}

05 July 2011


{My life partner and I ventured south to Atlanta to celebrate America's birthday.  It was filled with celebs, yummy food and a hot run.  Hot run?  You might be thinking... that does not sound like the best vacay idea.  However, we decided to run the Peachtree Road Race back in December.  It is an annual 10k with around 60,000 participants.  Yes, you and your 60,000 closest friends can burn off some of the BBQ and beer you plan to eat and drink on America's birthday.  It was...HOT, but we finished.  Next year, I know that I need to train more in the heat, instead of on the treadmill while watching Bravo.

We stayed at the ultra swanky W Hotel in Midtown.  Talk.about.hip.  

 Lobby Lights

 Candy Bar in room - I did not indulge as two oreos were around $6.


So hip in fact...celebs were there.  And I am not just referring to myself.  We saw both Tara Reid and Jason Biggs at the W.  After I googled and twitter stalked both of them, I found out that they are in Atlanta filming a new American Pie movie.  We saw Tara twice, and she was looking a little rough... living proof that airbrushing does happen.  Jason was just a passerby sighting in the lobby.  But both times  I did not have my phone to take a picture!  I may just run down to the W this weekend to find them again.

Since we did workout on our trip, we rewarded ourselves with some great meals.  Murphy's, Flying Biscuit Cafe, and Houston's were just a few of the great places we dined.  As you know, I am a sweet lovah, so the Bonzo Cake at Murphy's was my fave dish from the weekend.  It is a cake made up of a fudge brownie, cheesecake, chocolate mousse and whipped cream.  I die.  Literally, one of the best desserts I have ever tasted.  Here's to hoping it was fat free...

Here are some more photos from our trip:

 Kate Spade shoes I am dying for.  I cried the entire Marta ride home from Lenox because they were outside of my shopping budget.

 Awesome coffee table book that I want + need.  This book was in the W lounge.

 Chic floral arrangement at the W.

And...mgb eating a famous flying biscuit.}

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