30 July 2008


Project Runway was fabulous, of course, last night.  And though I did not agree with who was voted off, I was thrilled that Kenlie won.  She is by far my favorite!  Her dress was so unique with a nifty vintage feel. 

Oh, snap!  Fergie has released a new shoe line.  I love Fergie!  I think that she can do anything because she can act and sing.  And her songs are so creative and catchy.  And her fiancee is sexy.  I do think that we would be friends.  She has so much advice on life and fashion that I would love to discuss over some fabulous wine.  Though her shoes were a little over the top, I will probably buy a pair just so I can feel a little more like her.

Magazine sells have been dropping, and this is something that I find very interesting, because Vogue and Teen Vogue are two titles that have suffered the most in the past year.  Will Anna Wintour's days continue at the fashion staple?  I do believe so, but I am sure that Conde Nast will try to revamp something for the advertising.  However, I do believe that Vogue should not be revamped.  It is wonderful the way it is - a staple in American newsstands.  InStyle is down too, which is sad, however, Vanity Fair is up!  I love Vanity Fair because of the gorgeous photos and poignant stories and interviews.  Hopefully Vogue will just get out of this bad year!  We can't have a fashion faux pas.

Starbucks has announced more closings.  In the metro Memphis area, I believe that there are 6-10 that are closing.  They are just plain stupid.  They have made themselves too big and are ruining the coffee empire from the inside out!  From my house alone, in a two mile radius, there are four Starbucks!  What?!?!  And two are drive-thru, so it really makes my decision hard sometimes.  But what would help simplify this decision is if a Dunkin Donuts opened!  However, there is just something about a skinny vanilla latte from Starbucks.  And I do feel bad for the people that work there sometimes.  You get people in that order crazy things (Venti Double Hot Two Shots Vanilla Sugar Free Soy Latte, with one Splenda) and tons of randoms just sitting around your restaurant.  And I am not going to lie, I used to go to Starbucks to study some.  But there are some characters in there, which does make it interesting for people watching.  And then you have my family who goes and orders four different drinks, some pumpkin bread, and Edgar is barking so loud from the backseat that the person working is probably deaf in her ear piece.  Oh well, that is what they get for wearing the precious green apron.  

Better Late then Never!

So sorry about the tardiness of the post!  But I did give fair warning that I am getting used to my new schedule, thus, we all have to ignore a few glitches.  It has begun, I have entered the work world, and it is pretty fabulous.  Though there are sometimes when I am just like what is going on, I am thoroughly enjoying my new position.  Where else do you get to ride around on golf carts, eat some organic foods, and taste wine?  Well, not all at the same time, but yes, these are some perks of my fabulous new career.  Though today, I did make a strike according to a co-worker.  I was inquiring about a band that is playing at a live series the garden holds, and said I had never heard of them.  Then there it was, everyone was like "Oh Mollie!"  Well I officially did it, proved to everyone that I am the youngest one the in office.  However, I think they have some great things to learn from me, like about blogging, abbrevs, and Brad&Angie.

As I was leaving the gym tonight, my father and I stopped at the grocery to pick up a few things.  He also decided to get some ice cream which is perfect for these scorching temperatures.  However, we both decided to eat some when we got home, which perfectly defeated the reason we even went to the gym.  Oh well.  And speaking of the gym, I have learned that many people you see there are like class friends.  What are class friends, you ask?  Well, these are people that you see in your classes/majors/etc. all the time.  You may have done a group project or just joked about how your lame the teacher is with the back corner.  If you are "better" class friends, you may be Facebook friends, or gasp! have a phone number.  Well, at the gym, there are the same people you see all the time.  You may have held the door open or stood by them at the water fountain.  People like the gym folks or class friends are a true mystery.  You know who they are, they know who you are, but nothing really about you.  However, if you were to run into them at Krogers, would you say hello?  Probably not.  Probably just a smile.  But if you were in line for the bathroom at Cool Beans, you would instantly be best friends, bonding over that terrible test, your likeness for the same mixed drink, and how much you loooooovvvveeee their outfit.  

29 July 2008

TT, some great TV, sharks, etc.

As the month of August approaches, which I consider to be the best month of the year, it also means that football season is shortly upon us. Ah, to be a fan of an SEC school where this sport is just like a religion. Though I am partial to the Vols, I love going to any game where there is tons of spirit, tailgating, and people sharing the same sentiment. Well, a good drink that I have enjoyed in this football season is called a lunchbox, and here is how it is made:
1 1/2 oz Southern Comfort
1 1/2 oz Beer
1 1/2 oz Amaretto
3 oz Orange Juice
Lunchbox Directions
First, pour the orange juice into a highball glass. Add the beer. Take a shot glass, pour the amaretto in, then southern comfort. Drop the shot glass into the highball glass, then chug.
Let me tell you, these are great. You have to try it. Take a break from your beer and whiskey, and you will love it. I wish that I had created this, but learned this from some awesome tailgates.

As I was watching my regular morning TV (my work schedule is still flexible) I ran across a gem of a reality show: Engaged and Underaged. It is a classic. If you have not seen it, you have too. It is amazing. It follows trashy people around who are really young and decide to get married. Usually the parents hate the significant other, they get in a huge fight the night before the wedding, the wife to be is whiny. I love it. You have to check it out. The one I just saw showed the pair getting in a huge fight the night before because he was drinking beers with his bros. I would have been like girl please. Classic entertainment.

Janna texted me this morning to let me know that Ryan Seacrest has been bitten by a shark, AH! I think that it is rather funny, so I decided to google it. He is ok though, but the shark left a tooth in his wound, ah. That is crazy. I mean I love being in the ocean, but don't go so far out.

Another point I am looking forward to this August is of course my birthday. But other than that, it is closer to the premiere of all of our favorite regular dramas. Though these will probably be out in September, the networks will start showing more and more clips of the upcoming seasons. And of course, the 4th season of The Hills begins. Don't act like you are not excited. This show is fabulous. I can't wait to see what happens between Lo and Audrina, and how Whitney adjusts to the Big Apple. LC is just alright though, and will probably do something really dumb. However, it will keep our DVR inbox full until Grey's comes back.

27 July 2008

MM, etc., etc.

As I am starting my first job today - whoa! Glad college was over in a blink - I am reminded that First Impressions are always so important. Remember when you first met your best friend, significant other, or the terrible person in your English class who turned out to be your friend? Yes, yes, you always remember the first time you met someone, well most of the time. Therefore, you should always be presentable. When first meeting someone, stand with confidence and look them straight in they eye. Give a firm handshake and say your name with meaning. I mean, you do own it. And remember, you can't get this back. So make yourself memorable. Aka, sell yourself in a way, but not like in a hooker way. Duh, we are classy here people. I believe that first impressions make a bold impact, and always try to take a deep breath before meeting someone new or going on a new adventure. Just remember, everyone else has been in your footsteps too, and they now what it is like to be new! A good first impression will leave you as a memorable, fabulous person and will give you a boost of confidence!

Another tip on the Makeover Monday is to spoil yourself. But, do not over indulge. I am talking about doing something within your budget each month that makes your feel fabulous. If you are just starting work, you may have to start small. But as those paychecks keep having zeros added, you can go a little bigger. Buy a new shirt, get some highlights, or get a fabulous entertainment center. Whenever you use this new purchase, it will make you feel just fabulous and proud of all the hard work you have accomplished that month. But, let it be a token of your hard work to remind you to keep up the good work next month!

Celeb Sunday and more...

Ahh, get excited. It is Celeb Sunday! Sorry for the late post, but I was on a super fabulous weekend excursion. However, here are some major and minor celebrity points that have occurred since the last Sunday.

  • For those of you who know a little about reality television, I am sure that you had heard of Legally Blonde: The Search of Elle Woods on MTV. Man, I was glued to my television each Monday as 10 hopefuls vied their way to play Elle on Broadway. However, all my prayers were answered when Bailey Hanks from South Carolina was announced the winner. I mean, the girl was clearly one of the best from the beginning, and was my favorite. I do think that I could be a casting director on Broadway, I know how to pick them. Check this out on mtv.com if you missed it - quality entertainment.
  • Shia LaBeouf was arrested for a DUI - shocking. I mean, really, can a celeb just not hire a driver or at least be like the rest of us and take a taxi cab. Sources are revealing that he is going to be out of commission for an entire month! Delaying the work on Transformers 2! I sure hope that his injury is going to be fine, even though I am glad no one else was hurt. Shia is one of my faves, I do believe we will be friends when I am famous too. And then I will tell him to call a cab!
  • Miley Cyrus rocked the Today Show on Friday. LOVED her top. And her great attitude. And the thousands of fans that were there for her. So I recently read that Miley has to live at home until she is 20, according to a deal that she made with her parentals. I wonder how they convo went. Oh, sure, but then I will get my own place because I am a billionaire. I guess we will just say 20 so the media loves me. I really hope that she does not turn into a hot mess though. I like Miley too much, and don't want her to follow the likes of Britney and Lohan. Even though I do love following hot messes, I am pulling for Miley to make it on the positive side.
This past week I have heard some shocking allegations against cell phones. First from my Mom and then my Grandmother. They both told me how they read about studies that linked cell phones with brain tumors/cancer. Great. Our generation sweats like a prostitute in church if we are without them for a few hours. Well, the study said that it is not good to sleep with your cell phone under your pillow. Great, well I did that for a majority of my college career. And then my grandmother said that it is not good to talk on them. I was like, how am I supposed to keep in contact with my people? Then I will not be able to deliver on the blog! I am stuck in a mess! Well, it is also clear that many people are age do not have land lines either, so it looks as if the cell phone is here to stay - hopefully these studies prove to have some fault. But, I have started leaving my cell phone on my night stand while I get my beauty sleep.

25 July 2008

Good-bye Will, Hello Harry

A travesty has happened in the world of reality television. My favorite dancer, Will, was kicked off from So You Think You Can Dance. As you are reading, this is where you will take your moment of silence. If you have been watching I am sure that you agree with me that Will was the best dancer in the entire competition. If not, just take my opinion. America, you need to learn to pick out a good dancer when you see one. Needless to say, I went to bed very sad last night. And I do believe that Will and Courtney, another dancer, had a thing. I came up with this hypothesis after the two were paired together, and I could just something was up by the way they looked at each other.

However, in good news, I had a sushi roll called the Harry Potter last night! It was nothing less than perfect, I loved it. When I first saw it I barely could contain my excitement at the table and did not even look to see what was in it and ordered it! Thank goodness I liked it. As many of you know, one of my likes is Harry Potter. And I discovered this one without a college degree. Universal is planning to open a theme park dedicated to the amazing stories by Rowling in 2009. The website declares it to be "a theme park within a theme park", and Rowling says that fans will not be disappointed. I can't wait. I fully plan on taking a trip during the year that it opens. Of course I do not want to be there on opening day, or the few months that follow. It will be packed with sweaty people and screaming kids. I want to wait and go when it is in the range of December-February, because the temperatures will be down but still comfortable and the lines will be shorter. The place I want to go most is Hogwarts! Check out the website, you can even take a poll about where you would want to get a snack in Hogsmeade. I choose Honeydukes, but I still hope that they create a butterbeer concoction.

I have had a few concerns about the blog seeing that my fabulous life is taking a new turn. Yes, I have taken a job and am very excited about it. However, there is not a bleak future for the blog. There is actually a bright light! Now, I will have more money to do even more fabulous things and will have stories of my employment for future posts! I thought about hiring a personal assistant, but that was a little overkill right now. I mean, I am just doing an entry-level job. Whatever, that will come one day. But hold tight, I will continue to make posts! Some days maybe later than others as I am getting acquainted into my new schedule, but they will be up! Janna and I are still planning on opening a boutique, so if there are any donors out there, we can just skip the first job part and open our wonderful store.

Brad and Angie have the lock down on high at their chateau. Two paparazzi who were dressed in camouflage were found by the couple's guards and were beaten. Wow. I love how famous they are.

24 July 2008

An 8 year old, Batman, and a terrible Voicemail

Hello All! Sorry about the lack of post yesterday, my fabulous life kept me away from the computer. A lot was happening around the city of Memphis, and I had to be sure that I was there to catch anything that would help influence more posts.

As I mentioned earlier, my weekend was spent with my adorable cousin Sidney, who is 8 going on 18. She is such a hoot and a firecracker. I feel a special connection with her because my Mom said that I was the exact same way when I was her age. I know that she is going to be even more great when she is older. I believe she will follow my footsteps in becoming Sorority President because she has alraedy memorized every name in her grade and lines them up and gives them things to do. Love it. It is amazing what she knows - how to youtube, has an ipod, and thinks boys are super cute. We had a ball in Memphis, doing makeovers, movies, and the zoo.

The Dark Knight did live up to its hype. It was incredible, non-stop action from beginning to end. I went to see it on Tuesday evening, and the shows were still selling out. It is said to become the best opening weekend/highest grossing film of all time. The only thing that I did not understand was why they felt to make Batman's voice all husky. Oh, and you may want to watch Batman Begins, because I found out after the fact, that The Dark Knight is the sequel. Ah, that is why Batman is living in a loft instead of the mansion. Also, Peta is very upset with the Batman movie because of the "cruel dog" scenes. Please, we all know the dogs were fake and were not hurt. And if I was Batman, I would have thrown those dogs off the side too. I do believe in what Peta stands for, just not the extremist sect. I mean, I am all for helping animals, I have the most precious dog sitting next to me right now (Edgar!). But I do believe that when I am a grandmother I will own a fur coat that I will wear when I go to the theater and church.

So there is a new service that makes breaking up with someone via the phone even easier. What?!?! Breaking up over the phone is really cruel, but I guess it is better than a text. This service will let you call someone, but their phone will not ring, and you can go straight to their voice mail. OMG! Why would someone ever think of creating this? If you are going to break up with someone, take them to a new restaurant, just like Warner did for Elle. Because we all know Elle came back and kicked butt!

Well, I must get back to my daily schedule. I am about to watch my DVR'ed section of The Windsors, so fabulous. And that is another thing, you should invest in DVR or Tivo. These programs are life changing. I will never be able to live without it. You can tape anything from TV! I like to start taping a show, wait about 25 minutes, and then start it so I can fast forward through the commercials. Genius, I know. Also, I have to clean today. Since I am still not making the big bucks yet, I have to do chores to keep up my fabulous life, such as my social and hair expenses.

22 July 2008

TT and some other original/unorignal thoughts

Well, it is Tuesday my friends, and time to detail some of the best new drink/drink spots around. I had a wonderful week last week where I got to go meet two great pals for drinks. First, I met dear old Janna at Yia Yia's Germantown last Tuesday. And the bar scene there if so fun! We chose to sit indoors (hello, mosquitoes.) and decided to sample some of their martinis. While I stuck with my favorite, the Yia Yia Cosmopolitan, but Janna opted for the Bahama Tini. There was a great mix of drinks and wine, so I would def recommend going there. Also, on Friday, I had the chance to meet my other dear friend Athena at Do, a sushi restaurant and bar in Cooper Young. While we did eat dinner, we had a wonderful time sitting outside afterwards sipping on wine. I would say that Do is a great place for a girls night, big group, or romantic date, hence it is good for any occasion. The outside patio was just plain perfect.

And don't worry, I have a drink that was even new to my ears. Jenny Gilbert, another wonderful pal, recommended this one. Therefore, we know it will be good. Jenny is very social like me, and is currently working towards her masters. I know, she is big time. She also enjoys reading, the beach, Zumba, and vodka. She does not like it when people have dumb Facebook status updates. The new drink is: Blueberry Bomb! It is made up of: blueberry vodka, cranberry juice, and red bull. Jenny said, "If you are wanting something sweet it is the perfect way to start off your night. It's pretty bomb." If that quote does not make you want to try it, I don't know what will. Jenny said that though she thoroughly enjoys it, she has to give props to the DJ who recommended it and bought her one. Oh Jenny, you go girl!

In other news, Facebook is getting a facelift. I know, I know. Probably going to be more stalkerish. But let's face it, even if we complain about it, we secretly love it. The only main difference is the layout though. Check it out at www.new.facebook.com
The new layout is supposedly coming out in a few days. The New York Times even had a great article about it, check it out:http://www.nytimes.com/idg/IDG_852573C4006938800025748D0064C292.html?scp=3&sq=new%20facebook&st=cse

I guess that we will all have to adjust to the new layout, what do you think about it?
I think that it is different, but Facebook says that they are trying to compete with MySpace and keep people on the site after college. Well first off, if I wanted MySpace, I would have done it. And second, everyone I know that graduates stays on. Great job on your research FB.

21 July 2008

Makeover Monday and An American Girl

Well, yes, it is Monday again, and time for a new tip to help makeover your life! Whether you are looking to be more fabulous or want to add some "oomph" to your step, these tips will help add that little something to your everyday activities. Today's tip is one that can, and should be, made into a habit that you do. Handwritten letters! Yes, we do live in the day of e-mail where you can send anything at the click of a button. And while I do love to send e-mails and keep up with people via technology, you can't put a price on a handwritten letter. They can be for various occasions such as birthday, thinking of you, thank-yous, or a simple hello. Once you take the time to write these, you will not only be satisfied with the final product but also the recipient will have a much brighter day. I am a big proponent for handwritten notes. Some say it maybe a dying art, and I do think this. Let's go back in time when the post was the only way of communication. It could take weeks to get a letter to your loved ones. My favorite are the love letters couples sent to each other during these times. Here are some tips to help shape you into a fabulous writer of notes:
  • Collect all of your friend's addresses. This can be done via e-mail, and takes no time at all. You can either store them in a handwritten book or on your computer.
  • Always have note cards. You can either get personalized ones or pick some up a Target. These are easy to find. And if you always have some handy you are going to be more prone to sit down and write.
  • Send notes with your true feelings. Whether you want to thank a friend for having your over for dinner and drinks or sending your significant other a love note, it will truly get your point across. Sometimes I like to do a rough draft before I send a note, just to make sure I get the wording right and my point across.
So, take a few minutes and write some letters! It is always refreshing to receive "snail mail" amidst all the technology we have at our fingertips. You will then be even more fabulous to those who receive them! I love getting these in the mail, and believe that handwritten notes have the power to be life changing.

I was pleased to read that a few of you had seen The Dark Knight and just loved it. My good friend Sarah Smith commented about how it was filmed in Chicago and that while she was living there last year she saw them filming it! Wow! And while I do plan on seeing this movie very soon, I am also looking forward to Mamma Mia. Meryl Streep is just iconic. But, I did have a chance to hit the box office up this weekend, where I took in a showing of Kit Kittredge: An American Girl. While this may have not been my first choice of a movie (my cousin is visiting) it turned out to be of the best movies I have seen in awhile. Based on one of the American Girl Dolls (If you don't know this your are probably a guy, so just google it) Kit and her family are living in the middle of The Great Depression. She is also an aspiring journalist (I did feel a connection) and helps to solve a crime in her neighborhood. This movie had it all, big names, laughing, crying, and Julia Roberts even helped produce it. Quality theater, right there- the kind we really don't see enough of these days. I give it five stars. I truly hope that they make more American Girl movies in the future. I am keeping my fingers crossed for Molly, because she is the one I had and my favorite. Yes, we do share the same name so that is probably the main reason I wanted her when I was younger, but she also liked to tap dance and collect stickers, which I thought was just great when I was her age.

20 July 2008

Celeb Sunday

Hello All! Today is Sunday, and as you know, the regular round-up of all the celeb gossip of the week will now be at your fingertips. Well, the celebrities that I find useful to this world and ones that I care about. Sorry about no post yesterday, I will deliver with another one later today. My little cousin, who is 8 going on 16, is in town visiting. We were so busy having a ball yesterday that I did not have time to write. But, believe me, I now have some future ideas for other posts. I know, I know, you are on the edge of your seats. Ok, let us get into what I think is the most important celeb gossip for the week:
  • After watching the remake of Freaky Friday on TV last night, I decided to see what Lindsay Lohan is up to. So, I googled her name and found out that she is still "just friends" with DJ Samantha Ronson. Yeah, right. They are totally in L-O-V-E. Which is fine for her, but I believe that Lindsay really had a talent and a wonderful career ahead of her. Mean Girls anyone? Well, I still think that she is going to take another downward spiral and then come out of that, start dating J.C. Chasez (formerly of N'Sync and ex of Eva Longoria Parker) and star in a movie about Marilyn Monroe's life and win an Oscar. Classic. I hope that she thanks me in her speech.
  • Brad and Angie have left the building! The new proud parents left the hospital with Knox and Vivienne in unmarked white vans early in the morning on Saturday. No pictures were taken. Thank goodness, because Brad and Angie do not want to ruin their deal with People. They are now going back "home" to a chateau that they have rented in France and will continue to be fabulous with all six of their children under one roof. Then, whenever they feel like it, will return to the States and continue to be fabulous. I wonder how the other children feel about the newborns. I am sure that they just love them. Yesterday, I thought about a way that I could send my resume to them for a nanny position, but I simply could not find their contact info by a simple google.
  • The new Batman movie is breaking all kinds of records. I have personally not seen it, but have heard that it is super bomb. I am very excited about it though, and plan on seeing it this week. Heath Ledger's family was very happy with the movies. It is turning out to be a true summer blockbuster. What did you think? Leave a comment if you have seen it. FYI: This installment of Batman was actually filmed in Chicago, not on a set. Store that away for the next time you play Trivial Pursuit.
  • Jessica Simpson has gone country. Lame. I liked her in Newlyweds because she said so many dumb things. And sometimes I make comments like she did, so it always made me feel alright that I had some of the crazy thoughts like her. I mean, I was not on TV saying them. (Well now I am writing about it, but she is a little more famous than I am.) Back to the point. After she fell out of the limelight (Ashlee has always been cooler anyways) and her record sales dropped, she is trying every way to stay on People.com. So, she recorded a new country song, which is just alright. I love country music, and I don't understand pop stars who want to just turn country. I mean she is from Texas, so that does give her some insight, but she will never be truly accredited in this form of music because she used to bebop around in shorts like a teeny bopper. And it seems as if I am not the only one who shares the same feeling. A crowd boo'ed her off the stage this past weekend. She can see how Ashlee felt a few years ago.
After a conversation I had last night, I got to thinking about what this wise person told me. If you ever are feeling down about your life/situation, just turn on Maury Povich. Then you will instantly see that your problems are not that bad. Yes, you may have flat tire, but at least you may know who you Baby's Daddy is. Then I got to thinking, are these people really out there? During the broadcasts, they always ask you to call if you want to be a stripper, have a 200 pound three year-old, or if you are obsessed with sex. I mean, people possible can't call in with the intent of being filmed? Oh, wait. They do because there are tons of crazies in America. So the next time you are feeling blue, get an instant pick-me up by turning on Maury. And Mr. Povich, please thank me when your ratings have sky rocketed due to my famous blog.

18 July 2008


As I was g-chatting with a great friend, Thomas O'Connor, this morning, we were discussing one of our dreams jobs: to be e-card designers. Thomas and I are friends from UT, and he has the most soothing voice I have ever heard. Just think, we could sit around all day and think of funny sayings to put on these cards. Our office would be equipped with a bar (plus someone to serve us) and a balcony. Off the balcony, we could, as Thomas said, "We could watch all the other people working for the 9-5 man." Our day of course would begin around 10ish and end around 3. I think that is how all jobs should really be. If you are working hard, then you should be paid for the work ethic you put in, not just the hours. And then we could all have about a month for vacay in the summer. And, if we all enjoyed our jobs, we would want to go to work everyday, and not cry on the weeknights if it was not Friday.

For those who decided to take my wonderful advice and turn into "So You Think You Can Dance" were probably just as shocked as I was at the results last night. Comfort stays, but Kherington goes. My sister and I literally screamed out loud. America, what are you thinking? Get out there and vote for someone who has talent. Gev also went home, which is sad, because I like him. Oh well, it is a competition so they all knew what they were getting themselves into.

I have also found another like in my life: volunteering. While I have done this charitable act before, I always find each time that my entire self is renewed when I give back. I believe that every student should be required to volunteer before they graduate college. A mere 20-30 hours a semester would not only open our generation's eyes to helping but will also instill the value of giving back. I had a wonderful time serving dinner at my church last night for a group of students that were participating in a Habitat for Humanity-like project. So, get out there and volunteer. It only makes your look more fabulous. Afterwards, you can really go celebrate at the chicest restaurant with a Cosmo.

17 July 2008

More thoughts, and subscribe!

Well, there is just a lot on my mind today, and I wanted to share with you what is going on in my fabulous life. Maybe it is because I had a Starbuck's Latte instead of my regular cup of coffee this morning, or due to the fact that I have not been talking to anyone all day, so there is just a lot bottled up inside. So a few minutes ago, I received a Possible Spam email in my UT account. I rarely open these, but today, on mere chance, I did. And it was a hoot. It said that I had been chosen by Elena Morris from the Netherlands as the recipient of her will, which was worth $5.7 million. Wow, wouldn't that be amazing if it were true? But the sad thing is you see, is that some crazy out there would probably contact the name of her attorney (Van der Joel Advocaten) and fall victim to this scam. It is shame that some people are that silly.

Last night I was discussing with a fan of the blog my likes for the Dateline specials. He proceeded to tell me about a man that he had heard of who killed someone on the Appalachian Trail, went to prison, got out, and then committed the same act again. I mean, hello local police! But I started to think, even though I do feel terrible for the victim, they are sort of at fault too. I mean, really, why would you go hiking in the wilderness by yourself? Yes, I am sure that you want to enjoy nature and maybe even be like the guy on Man v. Wild. But hello! Have a base camp to go back to. Check in with your boo, or at least your Mom, at night. Be proactive, not dumb. So I started thinking more about camping. And don't get me wrong. I love the great outdoors, and would not mind spending a few nights out in the wilderness. But, I would also like to be in the company of good friends, have a blow up mattress or a cot, and have lots of beer and wine to help make the experience that much better. If these three things were not available, I would love to go hiking with you any day. But you bet that my happy little self would be at the closest Hampton Inn to where we were exploring the great outdoors. The someecard to the left perfectly describes my attitude in that situation.

Last but not least, I have begun a crazy obsession with The Windsors. It is all to do with the PBS specials. I have always loved Princess Di, but have fallen even more in love with the family she was married into. I love Queen Elizabeth even more now than when the movie "The Queen" starring Helen Mirren was released. A must rent. However, I have a great deal of respect for His Majesty George VI. This is Elizabeth's father, and he was in reign during World War 2. He was a "man of the people" and always was visiting troops and families around the country during the hard time. The people loved George, and he loved his people. Elizabeth wrote about her father's crowning, "Once you've been crowned, you are never the same." I think that is simply magical. Though I do like to think that I live a fabulous life, I can't even imagine the privilege and luxury of being a royal. Though it comes with hard times and duty, it would be a thrill to see how they live day to day. I don't know if I would be able to handle everything that goes with it, but I would love to try on the crown for a bit, even if it was just for a few weeks. I highly recommend trying to watch the next installment on PBS next Tuesday. And see if you can order this set from amazon, or check out a book at your local library on the family. They are truly marvelous.

Last but certainly not least, you can now subscribe to my blog. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you can be informed whenever I make a post. How wonderful. I highly suggest doing this. You never know, you could be the subject of my newest idea.

TV Thursday/Grandmother or Teeny Bopper?

I believe that Thursdays are the perfect time to discuss the kinds of programming that have been on our television screens lately. While I do have my favorite ones (as you know, I believe Law and Order takes the cake over CSI) I am open to trying new suggestions and having your comments up on my blog. Just shoot them to me.

Well, I am thrilled that the new season of Project Runway has started. Yes, season five of crazy adventures all in the name of fashion has returned to your television set. I had heard that they were going to move this season to LA, and am excited to say that it is still in New York. Tim Gunn, the resident mentor, is my favorite. He is always prancing about and giving his two cents to each contestant, while adding his trademark line, "Make it Work". Fabulous. I love people with trademark sayings, it just makes your more unique. However, I hate how Paris says,"That's hot" but love how Victoria Beckham chants, "That's major". Maybe it's the accent, I don't know. Even though I will miss last season's fierce winner, Christian, I am sure that he is enjoying his vacay and making wonderful clothes for all the fabulous people in the world. Hopefully I will own something from his collection one day. You must tune into Bravo on Wednesday nights to see the fifteen competitors duke it out in crazy competitions and see how they use their skills to make anything fashionable. I don't have a clear cut favorite yet, but some of the girls are really talented.
If you are fortunate enough to be like me, and have Tivo/DVR capability on your entertainment system, then you can also enjoy another hit summer show on Fox, So You Think You Can Dance! This is one of my all time favorite shows, and wish that it was shown year round. So, I am always thrilled in the summer when these wonderful dancers appear gracefully on my television screen in full costume doing wonderful choreography. You may not know, but I am also a dancer. I grew up taking classes, choreographed a few musicals, and took a couple classes in college. This is really why I feel a strong connection to the creators, contestants, and of course Cat Deeley. She is one of my likes (previous post) who is the host of this wonderful show. Now, this show has been on for a little while, and we are now down to the top 10 dancers America! My favorite dancer is Will, whom I voted for a few times last night. His lines and technique along with his perfomance value make him a true stand out. If I were to bet on a winner, my money would be on him. I also enjoy Katee, Chelsie, Twitch, Mark, and Courtney. I know, I know, that is pretty much all of the finalists, but hey, I am a sucker for a good performance. However, Comfort has got to go. That is all I am saying.

Last night, after a wonderful day, I got to thinking about my previous post, and began to think that I am starting to sound like an old woman because of my activities from that day. I mean the art museum and quiche for lunch, but then I thought, I have always enjoyed these things, so I tried to push that thought out. As I was ending a phone conversation the person said, Well I better let you get to bed, and I simply replied, darling I have been laying in bed for the majority of this conversation. Which then made me start thinking - wow, I am in bed at 10 ready for my beauty sleep. But, I have been sick, so that covers that point. Then it hit me - I am no longer the girl staying at Cool Beans till 3 a.m. I watched the second portion of the PBS special yesterday on The Windsors. Who am I becoming? However, I just take it up to the fact that I am staying in line with culture and storing up random facts that I can use when playing Trivial Pursuit. And I do love the life that I am living right now, I feel fabulous. Well I would feel even more super fabulous if I was making some money, but whatev. However, I am not going to just trick you into believing that I sit around all day sipping wine and reading Jane Austen. I do, in fact, have a little teeny-bopper inside of me. In middle/high school, I was in love with NSYNC. Especially Lance. Turns out he's gay, which is pretty lame, but believe me I was one of the first ones to buy the People Magazine with his "coming out" story. Once a fan, always a fan. I saw them live three times, once in Jackson, MS. Whoa. However, I have a mild obsession with both Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers. I was shocked to learn that the three Jonas Brothers were all younger than me! Gasp! The oldest is just 20. So know I feel kind of weird thinking that they are cute. And an interesting fact is that both Miley and all three brothers wear purity rings, which I think is a great thing for teenagers. However, we all know when they find some hot new High School Musical star, those morals will probably just go out the window. It is nice to just imagine they are all clean cut. But, I bet they like to do some pretty rebellious things every now and then. Any who, check out the Jonas Brothers new single Burnin' Up. I am not afraid to admit that I am a fan.

16 July 2008

Warhol on a Wednesday/ Crazy Ladies

Today is another scorcher in Memphis, but luckily, I was fortunate enough to spend the morning in a cultural experience. Yes my friends, I spent the morning at the Brooks Museum of Art. This is one of my favorite venues in Memphis because of the beautiful architecture and galleries and I feel so super fabulous when I visit. Today I went to the special Andy Warhol exhibit. Warhol happens to be one of my favorite modern artists, so it was indeed a treat to see his print collection. And then it got me to thinking, what is it about these crazy pictures that we view as art. I do enjoy modern work, even though Impressionists are my favorite, but do not get when a splattered portrait is called visionary. Seriously, I am sure some of my work circa 2nd grade is just the same. And it always seems that these artists have crazy personal lives, I mean Van Gogh cut off the lobe of his left ear. Yet these people are hailed as visionary because of their work. Well, when I am super fabulous and people know my name, it is not going to be because I cut off an ear. It will be because I am just super fabulous. And then I will be able to own my own copy of Warhol's Chanel Screen Print and a Degas.
(If some of these names are not familiar, get cultured. Join a museum. It is a little investment with a life-long guarantee of being superfab. And smart.)

Yet, as I was out on my venture today, I discovered another dislike: screaming children and babies. Well, I knew that this was a dislike, but decided to vent. I mean, I totally understand that children are not always going to be perfect angels, but if they are at that terrible age when all they do is cry, dear goodness, leave them at home or get a baby-sitter. (Call me, I need money for my social and hair expenses) Stay cultured without the annoyance of your child to yourself, and especially to others. It makes you look that much "un-classy", and you would not want to have that faux pas at the Brooks.

This morning, as I was having my morning ritual of breakfast, coffee, and the Today Show, an interesting clip came on. A L.A. judge sentenced two ladies in their 70s to life in prison with no parole after they were accused of befriending two homeless men, getting the men to take out life insurance policies, and then arranging that the men were killed in a hit and run accident. What?!?! This is like finding out your grandmother has been involved in a drug deal. First off, how do you find homeless men and then convince them what life insurance does? Well, at least they have already lived the main portion of their lives outside of prison. This just is a sad story. It gives me the same sad feeling in my stomach just like when I found out that Paula Deen drinks Bud Heavy, smokes Marlboro Reds, curses all the time and can be mean. Ah, Paula, I thought you were just a sweet old lady who ate too much butter and drank White Zinfandel Franzia. The way some people appear in the media. When I am famous, I will be just the same. I will look superfab on TV and in People, and when people meet me they will see I am just the same. And I will drink my Bud Light proudly for all to see.

15 July 2008

Fashion and Men/Court Room Dramas/Brad and Angie con.

Today an American icon, Oprah, had a man talking about fashion. So it got me to thinking about what men really do like on women. Lloyd, the guru, was saying that women always look great in classics. A nice tailored white shirt, cute jeans, or a black pencil skirt. But what about all those crazy trends out there? Especially what the celebs are rocking? I love wearing some of these things, but don't know how others feel about it. I mean, I would never go around looking like a freakin' homeless person (Sorry Mary-Kate) but I think anything that Katherine Heigl wears, I would totally rock.

Ok, let me get to the basis of this point. Even though I love following what the female celebs are wearing, and totally rock some of these things, I am not a fan of what a majority of the men wear. Tight jeans and eyeliner? No thanks. Vintage but new shirts? Sometimes and it depends on the person. Call me old fashioned, but a nice polo and khakis always is great for me. And I love seeing guys in tuxedo's. But, I mean, I don't go to black tie events everyday. However, when I am rich and famous, I can be surrounded by tons of people in tuxedos. And though I do love a great pair of Wrangler's (and cowboy boots) on a guy, I am also a supporter of designer jeans for guys. Just not tight ones.

The other day I was watching Law and Order and got to thinking about how I would love to be an actress on the show. I would want to be the fabulous prosecutor who pushes the envelope. I love Law and Order. CSI, nahhh not so much. I don't like the way it is filmed. And, (DA) Fred Thompson ran for President. Can Gary Sinise boast the same feat? I think not. It is just that feeling you get when you hear bum bum. Yes, CSI, you may keep getting overall great ratings, but that is the only programming CBS survives on. Along with Law and Order (which I could watch on a 24 hour channel) I am a huge sucker for Dateline and 20/20 Investigative Reports. No, not 60 Minutes, I am just in my 20's, not 60's. But let me tell you, these great news reports can be something fun to do on a Friday night. I enjoy a good mystery when we see the soccer mom with a double life or a triple homicide and only the dog is left...who is to blame? The way they are shown adds another element all together. Stone Phillips of NBC is my favorite, his husky voice and eerie music in the background make me jump out of my skin. It also makes me realize that their are some crazies in America. However, I love hearing about all of this courtroom drama, whether it is fictional or real. Another like, which I did know before the degree, but one to add to the list.

Another thought: How are Brad and Angie going to exit (or "escape") from the hospital? My hypothesis is that they will be airlifted to another rooftop, and then escape in a row of 7 black Escalades. And, at the same time, send two decoys to different exits of to hospital to trick the paparazzi. That will teach them, and will guarantee that the $11 million pictures are indeed the real and first ones.

Tipsy Tuesday

Well, as another result of this new blog, and my dear friend Kacey's idea, I have decided that on Tuesdays, I will discuss new drinks, fun places for cocktail hours, great drink specials, etc. As I said, I am going to start small, but I believe that this will go some place. In the wake of the recent purchase of Anheuser-Busch, I decided to ask a dear friend his opinion of the new Bud Light Lime. President Jeff Wilcox has decided that this new drink has taken full force in what he buys before lounging at the pool, or always sends his secret service to get some before a fun-filled night in Knoxville. Here is a direct quote from the President's mouth:

"I love the taste, the look, and the price. It's like Corona with lime but not! And Miller Chill doesn't even come CLOSE to Bud Lime's salavating satisfaction."

Oh, well if that does not make you want to go get one, I don't know what does. Salivating Satisfaction, my mouth is watering. I actually am more a fan of just a Corona, but I believe we can all take the advice of a President and this beer connoisseur. Thanks Mr. Wilcox!

I also had a great conversation with Janna this morning about my last post. And she thinks that this billion dollar deal is great because she pointed out that one day while we are vacationing in Europe (because our boutique has done so well) we will not have to just settle for peach vodka and wine, but will now be able to purchase a cold Bud Light. Miss Tacker promptly then added,

"I mean how in the world could I ever lay out on the beach in the south of France without a cold Bud Light?"

Maybe then, as we are sipping these tasty treats in France, we can also see the doctor who delivered Brad and Angie's babies and send a cheers his way. Someone has to give him props for delivering Hollywood royalty.

14 July 2008

Bud Light is not owned by the USA anymore!

Yes, it is a sad day. Today, Anheuser-Busch was bought out by InBev for $52 billion. I bet those Clydesdale horses are really happy about their brand new pad. Well, I actually did not read that anywhere, but with that money, the world famous horses deserve a new place. I have seen their crib before, it is just mediocre. I mean, these are the Budweiser Horses, not just your regular pony out in the country in your grandmother's backyard. But, it is a little disheartening to think that someone is Belgium owns the right to our beloved Bud Light. I mean, this is the All-American beer. It does not matter how much or little you make each year, a cold Bud Light after a hard day at work, at the baseball field, or out bumping and grinding on the dance floor makes everyone feel a little more patriotic with each sip. (And let me tell you, for a long time all I drank was Miller. Which is still good, but I am glad that I am back to the classic.) And now the people that own that feeling aren't even residents of our country. I believe that even George Washington would have enjoyed a crisp cold one. Yum, this makes me want to put on Lee Greenwood's classic, put my feet in a plastic kiddie pool and have a few cold ones before our beloved company goes into the hands of a foreigner.

The only redeeming factor about this is that InBev has promised to keep the same great products we have grown to love, whether it is plain Budweiser, Bud Light, or Natty and will produce it with the same quality. And InBev makes Stella Artois, my favorite import. But that still will not erase the thought that a little bit of our heritage has been lost today. This post was written while listening to Lee Greenwood. Here is the youtube link, if you listen to is while you read it adds more of an effect: http://youtube.com/watch?v=RssIN3ustUw
And for all the real details on the deal, here is the AP article:

Makeover Monday and the Hollywood Royalty Twins

So, in response to my new direction of the blog, I decided to aptly try some different ideas out on each day. During this time of trial and error, I believe I can make the perfect recipe for adding different elements to the blog.

Today is Makeover Monday, and I am not talking about a new hair-do and outfit. This will go out to everyone, and will include tips on how to add a little something extra to your life at little cost. Just like how my role model Elle Woods and I love to get a fresh set of highlights to brighten our moods, everyone loves a little boost in confidence every now and then. And why not learn about it from me and I can give you a variety of ideas! The tips for today include:
  • Add something new to your bedroom. We all know that this is "our" room, and as the celeb's on MTV cribs say "It's where the magic happens." Just by adding something new, rearranging furniture, or even cleaning out the closet, you can actually have a new release on life and feel better each morning when you wake up. Some tips that I like to use include:
      1. Update your pictures. I believe that photos are the number one item that make a room more personal. And keep them updated! They will remind you of all the fun times you have been having recently with your fabulous friends. And use ones that you look super hot in to serve as a confidence booster. As you replace the old ones, put those in an album that you can easily access to take a trip down memory lane.
      2. Check out garage sales and thrift stores for interesting pieces of furniture and art. You always find deals and steals, and these unique pieces can add that special touch to your room.
  • Find a new hobby! Let me tell you, I did start this blog as a fluke, but it has really turned into something that I do enjoy writing. Find something that you love doing, and then do it with a purpose. It could be planting a garden, taking a salsa dance class, or joining a recreational sports team. This will boost your confidence because it is something that you will enjoy doing and will also get you involved with other people with the same hobby.

Now, let us go on to a different topic that I briefly touched on yesterday. The twins whose birth rocked the earth. Brad and Angies's two five pound bundles of joy. This morning as I was drinking my daily cup of coffee, I was watching the Today show and there was a special segment dedicated to both Knox and Vivienne. These babies are some of the most famous babies ever. Brad and Angie have four private suites at the hospital which overlooks the breath-taking French Riveria. And of course, along with the Today correspondent, the paprazzi was staked out at every entrance. They all want "that picture". However, Brad and Angie have already said that they are going to sell photos to People Magazine (if it is in People, it is def true) for $11 million. WHAT?!?! I mean, I just wonder how much money I could get by selling pictures of me as a baby, because I was very cute. Well after the doctors fixed my bout with jaundice, it was terrifying, I have still not recovered. However, Brad and Angie of course are dedicating that money to charity, which makes me love Team Jolie even more.

Like I said before, I think that it is super fabulous that the babies were born in France. Another point for Team Jolie. These babies should be eternally happy because they were born with some of the best DNA ever and born into a glamorous lifestyle. However, I feel sorry for their future boyfriends and girlfriends, can you imagine going home to meet the Jolie-Pitts? I can't. I would love to babysit for them. Wow, I am sure that would be a handful with six kids. Congratulations to the new proud parents.

13 July 2008

Facebook Fan

Well, my wonderous friend who was once a Volicious TourGuide with me, Jamie Lonie, has graciously volunteered to make a Fan Page on Facebook for my blog. Join it, believe me, you will not regret this decision one bit. Here is the link:


Where am I going?

After a wonderful conversation with one of my best pals, I have had a new breakthrough on the direction of my blog. My best pal is Kacey Michalke, and as she was driving today, offered some wonderful insight about what I need to do with this piece of work that I have created. Kacey, a true genius, is also a full-time puppy Mom to Lola (her adorable English bulldog) and a designer sunglasses connoisseur. As mentioned in "About Me", Kacey is the one who helped me see the light about Dunkin Donuts coffee. Now, seeing that she showed me the best coffee and gave me this direction for my blog, I owe her my sincerest gratitude and my first born. And in 2007, we ran Panhellenic. It was so amazing. See my friends, this all just started as a fun way to show you what I was doing on a day to day basis. However, I have decided to still keep this element but also go in a new direction. I have decided to have different days based around certain elements, and write reviews on restaurants, products, movies, music, nightlife, etc. I also plan to implement a profile feature, so if you are doing something cool, or know of someone, please contact me - I would love to have you. So stay posted, because each day a new surprise will be in store, and believe me, you won't want to miss out on it.

Celeb Sunday

So, as many of you do know, I am a big fan of celebrities. It is actually quite frightening how much I know about some of them. Oh, so and so was seen wearing this at that club and then got a DUI. Really, I need to get a life. But wait, I already do have one, so I just put this off as a hobby/vice. Whatev. We all have them. It was brought to my attention that I should write all I know about celebrities in my blog. And while this is an amazing idea, other people have monopolized this (i.e. perez, people.com, tmz, etc.) Therefore, I am going to appoint Sundays as "Celeb Sunday". Get excited. So whether you are recovering from a long night or resting after a big Sunday dinner, you can catch up on what I think are the most prevalent stories in the celeb world for the week. Peppered with my opinions, of course.
  • Brad and Angie have twins! A boy and a girl named: Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline. Wonderful, I think these names are brilliant. They are unique, not out there. I mean, why would you name a baby Apple? (Sorry Gwyneth.) What is even more fabulous is that the twins were born in France, which is basically Brad and Angie saying, "Sorry, we are too famous to have our twins in America." These babies are going to be gorgeous, I mean look at their parents. I have always been on Team Jolie. Though some may see her as a "homewrecker" I like to look past that in seeing that she is a brilliant actress, a philanthropist, and just seems so cool. And Jennifer Aniston seems boring. I also love how she named her new son, Knox. because of course, I love Knoxville.
  • Miley Cyrus is in more scantily clad photos. Are they real? Are they fake? Who cares, she is Hannah Montana, and I love her. Yes, she is a role model but also is a teenager. Her new song is on the top of the itunes charts, and she is a billionaire and is 15. Wow. So what she did a racy photo shoot? It was with Annie Leibowitz(if you don't know her, get cultured and buy a Vanity Fair), it was artsy, and her dad used to have a mullet.

  • Katherine Heigl (one of my favorite actresses) is rumored to maybe being kicked off Grey's. What?!?! Dr. Izzie Stevens is one of my favorites. She did say that she felt she should not be nominated for an Emmy because her role was not as strong this past season on the show. Which probably would make the writers mad, but who cares? She has a divaishness to her and I love it. I think that Katherine and I would be great friends because we both love Sephorah, sunless tanner, southern boys, and being blonde. However, she is a chain smoker, which is not healthy, so I believe that is one big difference between us. I agree with her in that her role was lame this season, but don't kick her off. She is racy and we have to see if she gets preggers with Alex's baby next season!
Well, there are some of the most interesting stories for the week. Ah, celebrities. How I wish I was one, but in my own mind, I really think I am one so that is just wonderful too.

12 July 2008

Marketing and First Guest Blog: BumbleBear Stolen!

As you can see, my generous supporters and believers have started a marketing campaign for my blog. The new tagline is "Better than Being Blackout" because, frankly, anytime with me is better than that. Even when I am at that point, it is just better. I will be sure to thank Michael Taylor Reynolds when I accept my first Oscar, because he is my newly appointed Marketing/PR/Bad Ass DJ. MTR is a friend who I really did not like at all when I first met him. He claims that he overheard me saying "I can't act like I "like" him by flirting". This was when we had the title roles of Cory and Topanga in Boy Meets UT. If you missed it, you missed one of the best plays of all time. Like I said before, my performance, and probably MTR's, would have earned a Tony nod. Well I don't believe I ever said this until I really thought about it, and you see, at the time, I was cooler than he was, so I probably did say it. But one afternoon we discovered our friendship by riding in the back of a UT van to Gallatin, in which MTR hogged all the room and I almost threw up seven times. We have been pals since. MTR likes sweet tea, Tila Tequila, blondes, and iced teas from long island. He once gave me a concussion, which was magical in the face that he reversed my entire personality for 48 hours. As some like to say "He put a spell on me."

And now...time for my first guest blog: This is an article from an anonymous author, Knowing Knox, who will keep the latest gossip from Knoxville abreast on my blog. The first entry is about the disturbance of the missing Bumble Bear from the library:

I was driving through the University of Tennessee campus the other day and as soon as I got to the Spam Can I felt like something was missing. I made a quick U turn in the Greve Horseshoe and drove back down the rode. Luckily the light was red, so I was able to stop in front of the library. That is when it hit me like a ton of bricks; UT’s ugliest icon was missing. At first, I was a little sad at the Bumble Bear’s disappearance because the icon helped a directionally challenged person, like me, navigate around campus. Did the University of Tennessee finally take it down, or did the city of Knoxville take it away? I decided right then and there to find out what exactly happened, and I was shocked when I learned the truth. The Bumble Bear was stolen! I had two questions when I found this out. The first, why would anyone want the Bumble Bear? And the second, how in the world was someone able to take such a gigantic object from one of the most well lit spots on campus without being caught? That thing was hardcore/ straight up stuck to the side of the library, yet someone managed to lift the object from campus. Congratulations to the culprits. Now that such a UT symbol is missing maybe UT athletics can find some generosity in their hearts and use the revenue that they collect from student football tickets to buy campus a new beloved Bumble Bear. I have heard rumors thought that if you get blackout enough the Bumble Bear will reappear at a random house on campus, and I have even heard rumors that the mysterious owners will let you ride the Bumble Bear for free. I have yet to experience this, but I have heard that a few people have allegedly experienced the joy of riding the Bumble Bear. Maybe after a fun night at Hanna’s and a few “mind erasers” from Cool Beans, I too will get to experience the joy. Until then, props to you mysterious Bumble Bear thieves, and may your legend live on.

Thank-you Knowing Knox. I know some of us may sleep a little better at night, and some a little worse, about knowing that this prized article was stolen. Props to those who did take it, but it scares me a little to think what will fall victim next: Europa and the Bull? The Rock? Crack down on fakes at Hanna's? Only time will tell.

Abbrevs, Small Towns

Though AT&T came up with a wonderful ad campaign dealing with text messages and abbreviations (Idk, my BFF Jill?) I do believe that my friends and I were talking in abbreviations long before. So, I wanted to list some out below so a. you can understand my blog and b. you can start using them in your everyday lingo and sound just as cool as me.

abbrev- abbreviation
DC- diet coke
zza- pizza
Bomb- this just means awesome. You can also spell it out BOMB to prove more awesomeness, like Chad did once. It was simply magical when this occurred.
OOC- out of control
Lylas- love you like a sister
Tom- Tomato Head Nam- Nama sush- sushi
DFMO-dance floor make out
BOMO- black out make out
whatev- whatever
obvi- obvious
miz- miserable
hung- hungover
perf - perfect (Thanks Jenny!)
Molls- me
These are just a sampling of the language my friends and I have been using for years. Sometimes I abbrev more, but usually you can pick up what I am laying down. If not, google it.

Small towns fascinate me, and people who hail from them fascinate me even more. Never had I realized that a movie theater, a Starbuck's, a Target were such luxuries. It was not until I attended UT that I met so many people from this county or that county. I was blown away that there was just one high school per county. But, I love how everyone knows everyone and all of their business. Very Steel Magnolias. I believe that people from small towns have an aura about them, an aura that shows they are always great full, are loyal, and love friend chicken and sweet tea. And I have had some amazing times in what some big city folk may see as "foreign places". This is when I thank God that I am from the south, have friends from small towns, and most importantly, that I was born and raised where I can get a Starbuck's at any time I want. I can always visit these places, but love to hear the city hum as a night time lullaby.

11 July 2008

Memories and Movies

So, I am glad to see the blog has had a wonderful response. I am glad people are interested in what goes on in my head and life daily. It is truly remarkable. I have already had some people ask to be "guest bloggers" and I think that I will allow this to happen soon. If you are interested, please contact me. I think it would be a good way to get other ideas out there. I also think that I am going to do "bio blogs" on my friends who are just as cool as I am so you can see what is going on in there life. Remember, birds of a the same feather flock together, aka I only hang out with cool people.
Today, I started to unpack and repack some items from my college years. I just needed to organize things. So, it got me to thinking about some of the best mems of my four years in Knoxville. Though some are hazy, I have composed a list of some of the best times. I am going to present it in Top 10 Style, just like Dave does.
10. Living on Massey. Though I did live there for three years (I know, I deserve an award) my sophomore year was the most bomb. From waking up with Jimmers next to you to crazy Thursday nights, or just always being in Katie/Kacey's room, it was a blast. All Kappa events included here.
9. The Cube. It was so amazing in its short existence. If you never had the chance to go, I am sorry. One, I met my hairdresser there and two, it had a smoke machine. And three, GAMMA CHI week. Enough said.
8. Would you rather? (If you don't get it, then don't worry, you were not a part of it.)
7. Ambassador Gatlinburg Night Out. We went to a bar that asked "Got Crabs?", saw two divorce parties, and I had a wooden dog named Minnie as a mascot.
6. Trotline Nights. Whether it was at RT's, in Atlanta for the SEC championship (can you play apple bottom jeans) or at late night band parties, this country cover band always proved to be a fun time.
5. Sigma Nu Fowl Fest 2006. Though our team did not win overall, I voted us "Most Fun Team".
4. SB2kRobinson. HHI Spring Break, Freshman/Sophomore year.
3. Summer of 2006 - Orientation. Playing Topanga in the issues skit probably would have earned me a Tony nomination, Yolanda, ripping t-shirts off at SROW(what?), and the infamous Tybee.
2. Spring Semester 2008. Craziness. I am glad I passed and graduated. From Chalet2k8, Cruising (even though now I hate cruise ships), Cancuns, late nights in the horseshoe, Connect, all day drinking Saturday's, and of course, a bomb grad party.
1. Classy Party 2k6. Probably one of the best weekends of my life.
So, those are a conglomerate of memories that I have. Of course, there are many more, but these are some of top ones.

Another thought. Who would you have play you in a movie about your life? I would have Scarlett Johansson or Katherine Heigl for the younger years, and Kate Winslet for later. All great actresses who I think could handle the challenge of playing me. They would def win an Oscar.
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