29 March 2011

{Dear Reese, when will you show us your wedding photos?  I am DYING to see them.  Thanks.  Love, MB.  Oh, and of course I had to use a Legally Blonde photo, one of my fave movies.  Photo via Love Pink.}

24 March 2011

{Note : I did not write the following post, saw it on twitter and found it to be very inspirational.  Via Lilies and Sparrows}

Proverbs 31 (as translated by Pat Wright)
Can you find a good woman? Where is she and who knows how to get there?
A good woman is worth her weight in stars, smiles, and sparkly things.

I’m talking about the kind of woman a man can trust with all his stuff, even the stuff he borrowed from his parents, his ex-girlfriend, and his football coach freshman year. He can hand her the wallet and his keys, its ok.

She brings him goodness and peace, not worry and heartache. She is a creative woman, a thread and needle are her pleasure. You can find her by the fire most nights, creating and crafting.

Her fingers move as swift as his heart when he sees her.

She is the ultimate shopper, a discount bargain hunter. She clips the coupons, gets up early for the sale.

Her kitchen is filled with herbs and spices and all the love and care a good meal needs to make you fat and full. Her family does not got hungry, she feeds them well, and there is always more than enough for a friend, a stranger, or even the nosy neighbor.

She is a competent woman in all areas. Her house is not her only expertise. She can move in the marketplace, she is a businessperson. She sees a good buy and she makes a wise decision. She works hard, she loves harder. She carries hugs and smiles for anyone she meets, even the beggar on the street.

This kind of woman gives, it’s one of the only mottos she holds to.
She clothes her family well. If she cannot find it, she makes it. Not because she has to, because she loves to. She’s a thrifter, the thrill of redeeming what has been thrown away rings purpose to her soul.

But she wears more than fashion, dignity is her shawl, wisdom is her favorite shoe. Strength hold backs her wily cowlick, laughter hangs around her neck.

She finds gossip to have a bitter taste and has better use of her time.
Truth and grace are her perfume, she always smells like beauty. She knows her household well. She rests in timeless words spoken from before there was time.

And because of this, her husband is well respected everywhere he goes. And he does not take this woman for granted or dare treat her with complacency.

At every chance he gets, he sings her name for merely speaking it loses the poetry of her essence.

He praises her in every arena, her children echo his heartsong.

“They are many decent girls, but you my dear, took even the angels by surprise.”
A coy smile from full lips will one day turn into a frown from curled ones. Charm and beauty are but the tendrils of a scented pipe, here and gone in a single breath. But a woman who’s founded in the truth of the everlasting, she is to be cherished with fervor.

Tell her so.

Proverbs 31:10-31

23 March 2011

{Proof that I did leave the in a carriage.  Eat your heart out William and Kate.}

22 March 2011

{I am in a frenzy over the Royal Wedding. Now I know that I did not receive an official invite (teardrops) but you bet that I will be up at 3 a.m. to watch the Today Show's coverage of the event.  Anyone want to join, we can have a breakfast wedding celebration!  I can't wait to see what Kate is wearing, what happens in the ceremony, and William and Kate taking off after in a horse drawn carriage.  I like to think that my wedding compares to this, since my life partner and I left our reception in a horse drawn carriage too.  I bet Kate got the idea from me.  And every time that I get slight jealousy of this wedding (it happens a lot) I just remember that thought William is a Prince, he does have bad teeth.}

21 March 2011

{OMG.  I was perusing my news feed on facebook this morning and saw a friend posted a recipe for chocolate chip cookies stuffed with oreos.  The fat kid inside of me is dying with anticipation to try this sweet concoction.  Basically, you just cover double stuffed oreos (the only kind in my book) with cookie dough and bake.  I will update you all on how they turn out once I try the recipe.  I will not update you on how my skinny jeans will probably note fit after eating these.}

17 March 2011

{"Somebody asked me this morning what I missed about Memphis and I said everything."  - Elvis Presley}

{photo via little bus}

16 March 2011

{Thank goodness Glee was on par last night.  Though I am still partial to season one's regional performance, I really did enjoy the original songs and the fact that (SPOILER ALERT!) New Directions actually won first place.}

{Speaking of celebs - how is it that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes child Suri is better dressed than me?  She has faux fur, tons of Uggs, an Armani Puffer Coat, and the entire new spring line from J.Crew.  Hellloooo Tom and Katie, why don't you let me be her nanny, and then give me the same clothes allowance?  I am a certified Red Cross babysitter.}

{Oh, and JT is finally single again!  Amen!  I am so glad he dumped that C-List celeb.  Rumor has it that he has been flirting via text messaging with Mila Kunis.  And I def endorse this pair, so hot right now.  Though JT, if it does not work out, you can always text me.}

{Other than that, life is pretty fab.  I am so ready for spring weather so I can sit outside and drink lots of wine with my friends and can wear all my spring clothes.  I will entertain with this bar above, which I am dying to purchase.  Now I am wondering if I can call my old stomping ground Cool Beans to see if they will loan me a bartender...}

12 March 2011

{As you know, I am a tad obsessed with Glee.  Though I was hurt when my gal pal Gwyneth's character decided to trash my hometown, I still will be a loyal fan.  I mean, it was just her character talking and only the biggest artist ever, The King, lived in Memphis.  So when I saw this shoot that was done by Teen Vogue I immediately wished I could one, got to prom again and two, take one of my favorite Glee guys.  Check out some of my fave pictures from the shoot, which include the Glee cuties and some great dresses, and a video that gives a behind the scenes look into all that went into capturing the images.} 

{This has to be my favorite picture.  I love Harry Shum, Jr.  He is one of the most talented dancers that is so hot right now.  Hey Mike Chang - can I be your date to William McKinley's prom?  I promise Tina won't mind.} 

{photos and video from Teen Vogue}

10 March 2011

{This ballet inspired wedding shoot is on pointe (get the reference?).  Yan Photography captured elegance in a simplistic way.  Makes we want to do my wedding all over again.  Maybe I will pull a Heidi Klum + Seal and renew my vows each year at a themed party!}

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{I discovered Samantha Hahn Illustration  while perusing the web the other day.  Her work is fantastic and has been featured in various magazines, books and galleries.  I am dying to have some of her work in my home.  Check out her blog, Marquette.}

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