31 January 2010

Grammy Awards

Can't wait for the Grammys tonight.  I of course love the fashion and performances equally.  I wonder who will be wearing what -- the Grammys are more daring in the fashion sense and I can't wait to see who is best dressed and who should have just stayed home.  And of course... Lady G is opening with Elton John.  Oh my Gaga.  And of course my man JT will be there, along with T. Swift and Beyonce.  What. A. Night.

Stay tuned tomorrow because I will be bringing you the highlights from the award show.

29 January 2010

New Ad instead of New TV

As many of you know, Thursday night shows were not new last night.  Um...what?!?  I was really looking forward to watching my faves while relaxing after a long day.  Well if you were upset as well, I want to give you something new.  My PR department has finally gotten back on track, and has designed a new logo for the blog.  Let me know your thoughts.  If you want one made for your blog or personal pleasure, contact me and I will get it to the right people.

(Side note, we will probably make T-Shirts as well, will post deets later)

We have also added this to our FB fan page, along with various photos.  If you have something cool or have some fun pics with me, please POST THEM.  Just become a FAN (click here), let me know, and I will put them up.  I def suggest doing this ASAP because you will know all of the latest on the blog.

So, as you all know, I do have a sweet tooth.  I am trying to suppress it this year on a new healthy living kick, but I can never pass up Muddy's Bake Shop.  My boo was in the far land of Memphis this past week, and brought back some cupcakes...yum.  I have already had 3.  Besides Memphis Pizza Cafe, Muddy's is one of my favorite places to eat in the 901.  (Shout out to Miss Lauren Busby, who shares the same affinity to these restaurants.)

The winter storm of 2010 is supposed to hit Knoxville.  So far, no snow has come down but all of the kiddies are out on a snow day.  I highly doubt that a snow storm is going to hit, but if so, I have enough cupcakes and wine to keep me happy if I am snowed in.

I have heard word from our guest blogger, Miss Dean.  She was walking into Caesar's Palace yesterday when we spoke briefly, and promised me an amazing post... so stay tuned.

28 January 2010

Oh and one more thing...

My PR department has been absent lately, but has been busy creating some new logos and marketing materials for the blog.  So stay tuned, it will be revealed very soon.

Guest Blog: Viva Las Vegas

Greetings Monsters.  Ok, you are not monsters, but that is what my girl Lady Gaga calls all her fans on twitter.  You should def follow her.  I have been listening to her all day, and wanted to try out her greeting.  I have also been informed through various sources that Lady G will be opening the Grammy's.  Oh my Gaga.  I can't wait... oh award seasons, you are the only good thing about winter.

Well, back to my guest blogger, Miss Alicia Dean.  Alicia came to me with the idea of blogging about her upcoming trip to Vegas, and of course I was thrilled.  I have known Alicia for years, since we went to the 'Crest together.  She is also an Ole Miss alum, so basically she is Michael Oher's half sister.  Luckily, the King let her have a few days free, and she decided to soak up the sun and fun in Las Vegas.  I have asked her to do a blog series on her trip, so grab a cocktail and check in each day from adventures from Miss Dean.

"Thanks Mollie for letting me be a guest blogger for the Mollie Morgan Blogspot. And for those of you who do not know me, well, all you need to know is that I am a single girl from Memphis and I work for Elvis. Seriously. I live, eat, and breathe the city of Memphis. But for the next couple of days I will not bore you with Memphis facts. I have been assigned to report on the fabulous town of Las Vegas, Nevada. This will be my first time there, next to the time my parents took me when I was about 10 years old (thanks Mom and Dad) so that trip doesn’t count. Needless to say, I am overwhelmed with excitement and nervousness. I am nervous because a) I haven’t flown in years, b) of how much money I am going to spend (because I don’t have any), and c) there is no telling what might happen while I am there. Did I mention I am going with a group of 9 people, a combination of friends from high school and college, and we are no where near the maturity level we are supposed to be on. Now combine that with Las Vegas and you have yourself some stories. If you have seen the movie “The Hangover”, I can only think about the parallel circumstances we might get ourselves into. I am assuming this is why Mollie asked me to blog about this trip.

I started packing 2 days ago. This is just who I am – a planner. I can’t help it. I even planned out the nights in Vegas. I really need to relax. Maybe Vegas is the solution to that problem. Anyway, I have tried to pack as little as possible, but we all know how girls are – that’s just not happening. I have also done my research on how much alcohol you can pack in your checked bag (this is my way of saving money) and you can pack up to 5 liters! Do you realize how much liquor that is? If not, go to a liquor store and find out. It blew me away. So I have the vodka packed, along with my dresses and heels, so I think I am set. Nothing else really matters, right?

We have a couple things planned for our 4 day, 3 night trip. A couple Cirque shows, shopping, drinking, you know the drill. I am going to try to keep up with is as best as I can, for your entertainment only.

So the bags are packed and I am (hopefully) ready to go and conquer Las Vegas. Wish me luck in Sin City…. and apparently what happens in Vegas…. Gets posted online."
(This is Alicia, as you can see she loves Elvis.)

27 January 2010


So the other night I had a fabulous dream.  Do you dream a lot?  I feel as if I do every night, and that they are very vivid.  My father also has vivid dreams... I wonder if there is a genetic connection?  Anyways, back to my dream .  I had a dream that I was Bella from Twilight, and that Edward Cullen was francitally looking for me.  Of course, Edward was R-Patz in my dream and he was totally into me.  The premise was that I was on a mission to escape the evil vampires and find my new family... the Cullens.  Naturally this dream took place on a cruise ship in the Carribbean, but somehow my vampire family was able to hide their sparkling skin.  Right as Edward (R-Patz) found me and put me in his arms, my alarm went off.  Blast.

Project Runway is off to another great start.  I am so glad that it is back in New York, and love most of the designers so far.  The two that have gone have not been very impressive, but I do believe that Ping should go off next.  She is too out there, even for someone that is cultured.  My favorite right now is Anthony because he is part ghetto, part southern and all diva.  He makes me crack up each episode.  I am still on the look out for my favorite designer, and believe that this is going to be a challenging season.

Great news for all of you Harry Potter fanatics.  The next movie will be released in 3-D.  OMHPG (Oh my Harry Potter Gosh).  I know that I will be there in my 3-D glasses along with my Gryffindor scarf ready to cast some spells.

19 January 2010

Four Day Weeks and the Globes

I wish that we had four day weeks all the time.  It really would add to the well being of our society.  One, you have more time to run errands and would not have employees extending their lunch breaks for manis and pedis.  Two, I believe it would make us healthier because Americans could use this extra time off to spend some time being active.  In the words of my role model Elle Woods, "Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands, they just don't."  Those are just a few reasons why Mr. Obama should do something about legalizing four day work weeks.

I am working on a new hobby - cooking.  Well it is not actually a hobby yet because I really don't enjoy doing it.  But, I decided to pull out my inner Betty Crocker and make a great recipe from Kraft Foods website last week for myself and my boo.  If you are like me and have trouble finding ideas, this website is great because they have minimal ingredients, easy instructions and are really delicious.

Now...a real hobby.  Fashion.  As you know, the Golden Globes happened this past Sunday and I was very impressed with the fashion choices.  I also believe that I even appreciated them more because I was actually on the road back to Knoxville during the red carpet.  Gasp, I know.  I clutched to my iPhone and kept refreshing the blogs so that I was up to date on the arrivals and what they stars were wearing.

My favorites included Emily Blunt.  This gorgeous pink Dolce and Gabbana with the ruffles - so chic.  And her arm candy John Krasinski is not bad either.

I also loved Sandra Bullock's Bottega Venata dress, but not the hair.  I was lucky enough to see her win her Best Actress award for the Blind Side where I immediately screamed "OMG BRIARCREST!"  So, I def feel I have a connection to Sandra and her dress because she won the award.  Refer to my earlier posts on The Blind Side if you are confused.

I also loved Penelope Cruz, in a black Armani.  I also love how she carries her own umbrella, so not a diva.

And though this was different, I really loved Diane Kruger's Christian Lacroix number.

13 January 2010

Breaking up is hard to do... Kiffin Breaks my heart while JT puts it back together

Well, as most of you Vol fans know... Lane Kiffin is gone.  I won't go into detail because one this is not an ESPN blog and two you probably already have all the deets; but this picture is my favorite of all the craziness that has surrounded him leaving. 

I hope that he gets out of Tennessee alive, there are some crazy Vol fans and rednecks around here, I know that I would be scared.

In celeb break-ups, I have never been more happy to report that my man J. Timberlake has FINALLY gotten rid of Jessica Biel.  Hello, what has she been in since 7th Heaven?  Now... who should JT date next?  Well me of course, but that will probably not work out because he lives in California and I have a boo already.  Oh well, a girl can dream and at least we have our hometown's in common - 901 What What!

This got me to thinking... Who should JT date now?  I believe the answer is obvi : Taylor Swift.  Since she spilt with Taylor Lautner (teardrops, thought that was the cutest relationship ev), she needs someone who is bigger and better.  This is where JT comes in.  They can colloborate, then get married, and then have a house full of curly haired children.  What a day that would be.  Hopefully I would get to nanny for a summer when they are touring around the world together.

On a more serious note... I heard that Hound Dogs in Knoxville is donating all of your unwanted Lane Kiffin shirts to earthquake victims in Haiti.  So, get over there and donate them, along with other things that you don't need.  Giving back is oh so hip.

12 January 2010


Last night I was relaxing and reading my new People magazine when I heard the familiar "ping" on my cell phone that signals text messages.  I saw that it was from my sister, and when I opened it I almost fainted.  The simple line read:
"For Glee they are having open auditions!!"

My heart started pounding, my eyes swelling with tears of joy.  Could it be true?  Could my favorite TV show be looking for new talent?  As soon as my sister told me she saw it on E! News I knew it was real.  I quickly googled "Glee Open Casting" and found that in fact, they will be looking for THREE new characters.  I fit the age range, and can still pull off the high school look.  So, I decided within these two and a half whirlwind minutes that I, Mollie, will be sending in a tape.  This is where my loyal readers come in - I need some tips about what to do in the audition video to stand out...  so hit me up via text, gmail, or leave some comments below.  I do have some ideas up my sleeve, but need your input as well.

And of course, once I am cast, I will bring all of you out to LA and we will have a fabulous party.  Can't.Freaking.Wait.

Here is the cast...

Plus my fave...Mr. S...and all they need is:


11 January 2010

Florida, Anyone?

Raise your hand if you are sick of this cold weather.  Both of mine are up now (I know, it's amazing I can do that and type at the same time).  I am wishing that I was here right now:

If you want to try to get a last minute trip together, let me know.  I am sure they are having some "off-season" deals right now.

A new discovery I have found: Redbox.  Ok, well I know these have been around forever, but DVD's for a buck, better than many things at your local Dollar Tree.  And someone told me that you can go online and find coupons to get them for free - wow, that really makes me excited.  Redbox has also helped me see past the fact that I have not had cable for about 3 1/2 months now.  And believe me, I thought I would have freaked out at some point, but I actually can, gulp, live without cable.  I really do miss Bravo and Style, but I can read all about celebs online, so I really don't need E!  And, I get the basic networks, so I can still see Liz Lemon, Michael Scott and Mr. Schuester each week.  Plus, I save more money so I can go on more fabulous vacays!

06 January 2010

So it's 2010...

So, it's 2010.  When did this get here?  I feel like we should all be in flying cars and living like the Jetsons.  But I am very thankful for many of the techonlogical advances we do have now, the number one being my iPhone. 

Well, back to 2010.  I was at the gym the other day and it was noticeably more crowded.  One thought:  new year's resolutions.  Did you make any?  I really did not write mine down per say, but the main one is to be more fabulous and to always know that I am never overdressed for any occasion.  My motto:  It's better to be overdressed than underdressed.  Then, everyone will know how fabulous and cultured you are!

Last night I was watching The Biggest Loser - what a show.  These people are HUGE, but it's great because I think that the show is truly changing lives.  I just can't figure out who I would want as my trainer though... Bob is great but I think that I would want Jillian because she would scare me into working out to the max.  Either way, they both rock.  The only downside about this show is that it takes forever to weigh in... I really just enjoy the first hour watching them sweat and cry while I sit on my couch eating M&Ms and ice cream.

I have recently discovered a new caffienated beverage that I love... Diet Dr. Pepper.  My lovely roomie got me hooked, and now I buy them more than DC.  Don't worry, DC will always hold a special place in my heart, but the sweetness in DDP makes you think that you are (almost) drinking the real thing.

On the celeb front... I am wondering where Tiger Woods is... is anyone else?  If you confirm is whereabouts let me know ASAP so I can tweet the deets.  Also, saw that the Twilight:Eclipse script has been leaked.  Which I really don't get what the big deal is because one, there is already a book and two, the main reason I go is to look at both Team Edward... so dreamy and Team Jacob...so hunky.

Some exciting news in blog world:  I am actually writing for a local Knoxville blog.  The details have not been published yet, but once it is up, I will share it with you all to see. 
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