29 April 2009

Mall Madness

As you all know, spring has approached and is in full force, especially at my place of work, the Memphis Botanic Garden. Over the past few weeks, I have been running around planting and selling flowers, teaching kids about pollen, and of course, eating some of the great tomato soup.

During my free time though, I had a chance to relive the classic board game - Mall Madness - with my two great friends Alicia and Elizabeth. As we drove to the other side of the world aka the world of Wolfchase, we knew that we were embarking on a journey. So, as a tribute to this journey and to my favorite show, What Not to Wear, Alicia is modeling some things that are so NOT in this season.

One, ponchos. I am sorry, but this trend was here for a hot second when Jessica Simpson paraded around in them on Newlyweds. Well, we saw how that relationship ended and also how ponchos did.

Two, short short shorts. I am not knocking a good pair of shorts, they are a staple for the summer. But please do not be a victim of the way short shorts. I mean, no one wants to see that. Go to JCrew and invest in some that will last for a few seasons. And if JCrew is a little pricey (after all, we are in a recession) Target always has great looks.

However, a great accessory that makes any outfit feel springy is a fun, colorful scarf, just as our model, Alicia, is always wearing in the pictures. The bright colors make you want to go sit on a porch after work and drink some Bud Light.

Now on to something that has made my Monday nights better since the sun has gotten warmer - The Hills. First off, this season is more fake than ever, and I love it. The best part about the season opener was how Heidi could not just leave LC's party, because of course, it was on a boat. I want to give the producer who thought of that idea a high five. And now, gasp, the season finale is already ruined for Hills fanatics. E News reported on Sunday that Heidi and Spencer were truly married this past weekend. Well great, now we all know that they are not going to break up and that their therapy really worked. However, I am anxious to see how it is diced and spliced together...more to come.
My favorite celebs, Brad and Angie, have recently been spotted grocery shopping -- yes you read that right -- GROCERY SHOPPING. I thought that people like them would have at least three nannies to do this for them. If I were that famous, I would also have a famous nanny, then another one to send out to throw off the paparazzi. It seems as if the Jolie-Pitt Clan has settled into a neighborhood in upstate New York, just trying to be regular citizens like the rest of us. For some reason, I don't believe that the recession has hit this family, but maybe they are all budgeting like the rest of us.

This weekend I am going to head across the great state of Tennessee - and end up in my other home, Knoxville. While here I hope to relive some of my great college days and of course, eat some great sushi at Nama...
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