03 April 2011

{I was getting my hair colored yesterday, and wanted to change things up.  I have been getting highlights for awhile now, but the maintenance of those things are so unbelievable (white girl problem).  So, I told my colorist my concerns and then she asked if I was willing to try a new trend that all the celebs are doing with their hair color now.

As if I needed to even think about that one.  Celebs?  In style?  I said, start coloring!

The trend that she based my hair color on has been called "ombre" and "brondish (brown+blonde)".  It is where your roots are darker then your ends, and highlights are just woven throughout in no specific pattern.  This is how it turned out.  (Please note, this is an iPhone photo and I am not showing my face as I have just woken up.) }

{Here are some of my fave celeb ombre examples.  If you are afraid of bright blonde highlights or dark brown color, I definitely recommend this trend.  It gives you a mix of two great colors and the maintenance is much easier.}


  1. Um, Pretty in Pink Megan says ombre is in so I say you're in style. Celebs, Memphis fashion blogger, you're in good company:)

  2. Thanks! Who is pretty in pink megan?


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