13 April 2011

{It's an exciting day here at faux fur and sequins.  One, I just won a giveaway from sweet tea and champagne.  The prize is pictured above, some GORGEOUS Diana Warner earrings.  I already know which outfit I am going to pair with them.  Secondly, I just happened to meet the writer of sweet tea and champagne as I was out and about... such a small world.  You must check out your blog, she has great style tips and advice, it's a must read.  Third, I attended a social media conference today and learned more about facebook and twitter than the average person probably wants to know.  However, I feel a bit hipper now, and look forward to applying some tips to my blog and social media strategies.}

{As you all know, I love T. Swift.  I was talking to my friend Lauren last night, and she thinks it is so funny how obsessed I am with her, whatevvvvs.  Here is Ms. Swift from the ACM awards.  I love this dress, but wish it was a deeper gold color.  I do think my opinion of her dress is funny, because I love wearing pale colors and my skin is Cullen-esque too.  My life partner always tells me that dark colors look better on Cullen-esque skin, and I always agree when I see OTHER people wearing them.  However, on me, it always looks fab (or so I think).}

{The sun is out and spring is here!  Woo hoo!  I never thought this day would come.  I am so glad to be able to frolick in the sunlight, whether I am running outside or sipping drinks on a patio.  I dare say that I do need this hat when I am out and about in this gorgeous weather.  It's perf because it has the right monogram.}

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