01 May 2011

{It came and went faster than I wanted... just like my wedding day.  But believe me, I took in every single detail.  Once my alarm went off at 5:00 a.m. on Friday morning, I stirred a little bit, then ran into our living area and turned on the TV.  Just as I pressed power, Prince William and Harry were leaving Clarence House to head to Westminster Abbey.  From then on, I did not move.  My favorite moment of course, was the revealing of THE DRESS.  I also was dying over the hats, flowers, moments between the bride and groom...  See below for some of my favorite highlights from the Royal Wedding.}

{Though Kate was a vision, her sister was a close second.  Kudos to Pippa for pulling off that form fitting cream colored maid of honor dress.  Pippa - I need to get your white MOH dress workout ASAP.}

{The bouquet was simple and perfect. Lilly of the valley, hyacinth, myrtle, and sweet william (clever, no?) complimented Kate's gown.  And I still DIE over that ring every time I see it.}

{The Queen and Prince Philip, need I say more?  She looked fab in yellow.}

{Even as millions watched, Prince William still managed to joke with Mr. Middleton about how he thought they just wanted to have a small family affair.  Confession:  the only reason I know this is because I read an article by a lip reader for the wedding.  I know, I know, go ahead and laugh, but this was the event of the century!}

{Hats, so into them right now.  Let's get this trend going over in the states!}

{Classic and timeless.  Can I have a one year celebration for my anniversary, just so I can wear a long sleeved lace gown?  I think that this might need to happen...}

{See ya, I am now a Royal!!!!}

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