21 May 2011


{It is such a mystery to me how Gwen Stefani never has roots and always has red lips.  I mean girlfranddd... you must have someone that comes over approximately every three and a half weeks to keep your blonde locks lustrous.  But then I found this photo:

What??? I hope that her son, Kingston, does not partake in the color parties too.  Well, I highly doubt he does, so I guess there are both genetic freaks who have the blondest of the blonde locks.  I wish I could pull off this look:  Gwen Blonde + Red Lips.  Below I am going to post some of my favorite Gwen Looks.}

{I have got to try this headband look ASAP.} 

 {Just being Mom, no roots, perfect lips.  Hopefully, I am this fab if I ever enter into motherhood.}

{Wedding day... seriously, no roots at all.  How is this possible??} 

{Though she is sporting pink lips here, how could I not post a sequins picture?  Love this dress.}

 {Red lips + leopard = FAB}

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